The Air Element: Love Behaviour of the Air Signs

Geminis, Libras and Aquarians care a lot about the intellectual connection with their loved one.

Air element love

Air element natives may find it quite hard to remain committed to only one partner because they love to flirt and are innately curious about other people. They’re very good artists and communicators, not to mention charming and interesting.

The Air element makes them lighter and changeable, but also sometimes distant and difficult to reach. It’s like they’re one moment here and the other miles way. However, when committed to something or someone, they give their all and don’t hesitate to make an effort.

The Air signs and love

  • The Air signs are Gemini, Libra and Aquarius;
  • The Air element makes one be more adaptable and take things lighter in love;
  • These signs have an incredible power of persuasion and are very loyal.

They’re considered great because they’re usually helping others to intellectually develop and to have more interests. At the same time, they have a rich imagination and are very intelligent, which means they’re looking to have an intellectual connection with their partner rather than a physical one.

The three zodiac signs ruled by the Air element are Gemini, Aquarius and Libra. All people born in these signs have many ideas and love to debate. They don’t have a problem expressing their ideas and opinions. Most of the time, they’re described as analytical, flighty, talkative, ready to collaborate, inquisitive, inventive and friendly.

Even though they’re all Air signs, there are some traits that differentiate them, especially when it comes to relationships.

The Gemini is mutable, Libra cardinal and Aquarius fixed. Mutable signs can adapt to any person or situation. More than this, they can see both sides of any story and don’t mind change.

Geminis love talking and knowing that someone is listening. This is why they thrive in a relationship with someone quiet and inspiring.

When it comes to what these three signs have in common, this is their love for new ideas and abstract thinking. They all enjoy debating and are very creative.

As far as loving them goes, they need to feel the affection of their other half through the mind, which means they wouldn’t be compatible with someone who doesn’t have a love of knowledge.

Of course, compatibility is different for each of them because they’re expressing themselves differently.

Listen to your Gemini

As a mutable Air sign, the Gemini is continuously changing and is very flexible. He or she expresses him or herself openly because Geminis put communication first.

The love for them should be discussed because they love to hear anything, from how emotions feel to how much they’re being appreciated.

Geminis love to talk and to be listened to, which is why they prefer to be with someone who’s more silent, like for example, with a Capricorn or a Scorpio. At the same time, they would appreciate a creative mind like the one of a Leo.

Libra’s need for confidence boosting

Libras are cardinal signs and very diplomatic, gentle and good at leading. These natives prefer to take the initiative and to make changes themselves, especially if others are not hurrying to do it.

They express the Air energy by being intellectuals and having interesting conversations with their friends, also by looking for balance in everything. Not very talkative, they prefer to listen and to calm people down.

When it comes to love, Libras can be quite weak and clingy. The person who’s with them should boost their self-confidence and not depend on them in any manner.

Aquarius and their need for space

Fixed Aquariuses are the purest expression of the Air element because they’re highly intellectual, very logical and the geniuses of the zodiac.

At the same time, they’re aloof and relaxed, also unable to talk about their own emotions. They need to be with someone who’s allowing their freedom to be expressed because they can’t commit until feeing like that have a lot of independence in the relationship.

Their lover will always be fascinated by their ability to remain loyal and the way they bend rules or manage to live the way they want to.

Aquariuses need to be given a lot of freedom and space. More than this, they don’t like being rushed in a relationship.

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