Love Compatibility Between the Air Signs: Gemini, Libra and Aquarius

Two Air signs together seem to keep their cool and never allow passion to overwhelm them.

2 air signs love

Two Air signs in the zodiac are very compatible with one another, seeing they can understand each other’s logic and ways of thinking. However, this doesn’t mean they can have a long-term relationship because they may have serious problems when their connection doesn’t go so well.

When going through hard times, neither of them knows how to express emotions, which can have them believing there’s no love in their connection. It can be said this is their biggest problem.

Two Air signs love compatibility in a nutshell:

  • These two make up easily after a fight because they are both great at coming up with solutions.
  • They must learn to talk about their emotions openly and listen to their intuition, as a couple.
  • Their love can be just as intense as wind blows sometimes during storms but also peaceful and harmonious, when they have the same goal.

Air signs, no matter what element they may be partnered with, need to be intellectually stimulated and not invaded with emotions, especially if they want to live up to their true potential.

Lightening up the mood, anywhere

When with another Air sign, they can have what they need in the mental plane, not to mention they’d have common interests with their partner, which can be very beneficial for their connection.

These two would all the time exchange ideas and push one another to learn new things. When it comes to emotions, these would be kept under control because they would both be too focused on taking action and physicality.

The problem with Geminis, Aquariuses and Libras is that they can’t express their feelings, even if they’re very good at communicating with others.

When in love, these signs usually keep their cool and never allow passion to overwhelm them. While spontaneous when it comes to other aspects of life, they’re not at all like this with their emotions.

Besides, they seem to have a problem committing to only one person because they always want to explore the unknown and to meet new people.

Air element people want to take action and are always on the move because they need to have things changing for them. It’s impossible for them to stay in only one place for too long, so they can be seen by many as superficial and lightheaded.

When entering a room, they lighten up the mood and don’t allow anyone to get bored. They’re just like a summer breeze because no one can catch them, not to mention it’s almost impossible to guess where they’re going to be next.

Life with them is an adventure. When together in a relationship, they’re doing many things and accumulate knowledge no matter where they may be going.

Because they’re very compatible, they can get along very well, just like beautiful white clouds match the blue summer sky.

Both of them prefer to work with logic and usually make decisions based on their thoughts, not on their emotions.

Air element people do have emotions just like anyone else, but they prefer to keep them under control. When having disagreements, they usually make up very rapidly because they’re both good at finding solutions to problems. Their element represents a world of ideas.

They make themselves known

If together, two Air signs can communicate very efficiently because they would discuss opinions and ideas very openly, which can help them be more intimate and build a strong foundation for their relationship.

In case one of them has the tendency to be more talkative, the other would completely understand. When an Air sign is quiet, it means he or she listens carefully and is open to give advice.

Without talking and communicating, the Air person would feel unloved and unappreciated. However, it’s very important for the two Air signs in a couple to learn how to talk about their emotions too, especially when having to make an important decision.

For example, they should ask their partner where he or she wants to go on vacation and not make the decision themselves.

Given the fact that they’re both adventurous, it’s very likely they’ll agree on something they both want to do. When understanding how their partner feels, they can learn more about what they need to do in the future for the relationship to be smooth. Besides, they would know how to stop fights.

Driven by logic, Air element people usually have the same opinions, but when contradicting one another, their connection can pretty much start resembling a tornado.

They could prevent the intensification of the winds by listening more to their intuition and no longer relying just on facts.

Air and wind can’t be seen, but they surely are felt. What should be learned from this is that Air signs have their own way of making themselves known, even if they don’t reveal too many of their feelings.

Their love can be just as intense as wind blows sometimes during storms. This is because Air people have a kindred spirit and can make anyone feel their influence.

When two people born under the Air element get along very well, their relationship is very beautiful and balanced. In the situation in which they always disagree, they’re pulling in opposite directions and can’t see eye to eye.

This is when their connection starts to resemble a hurricane, especially since neither of them is ready to make compromises or to accept a different opinion than their own.

It’s very likely for them to be together for a very long time and to head nowhere, which means they would only use empty words when saying they love each other.

This combination of energies is not at all beneficial because it can lead to them exhausting one another with too many talks and the most sarcastic observations.

Quite a lot in common

Air element people are the most cerebral and logical natives of the zodiac. This means they never exaggerate with their emotions and most of the time only come up with new ideas.

What they need the most is to be free and to openly express their individuality. Air signs can never be contained. They’re usually detached, which means no one can touch them.

This also means they’re objective and can help many see things more rationally. It can be said they don’t have too many emotions, nor that they’re sensitive.

This is because they give more importance to the power of thought and don’t accept notions that don’t inspire them to be logical.

When it comes to their downside, this is that they can be quite self-centered, which means their mind is often off-balance. These individuals appreciate only intellectual conversations and have a problem dealing with the spiritual side of things.

Just like Air, they can’t be enclosed, not to mention that they change a lot, being calm and settled one moment, stormy and agitated the other. And they do all this without even caring because they’re the most detached natives of the zodiac.

While Geminis, Libras and Aquariuses have many things in common, they’re expressing themselves differently. For example, Geminis manifest their element in love through their desire to always communicate and to observe everything in their surroundings.

Libra expresses the Air elements through intellect and the desire to have balance in relationships, while the Aquarius shows the element of Air through detachment and the ability to understand any concept.

What’s true about all these signs is that they’re passionate about learning new things and having intellectual conversations, which means they can pretty much enjoy one another for a very long time.

Problems may appear when they’re in a love relationship and their emotions are never shown or discussed. However, if they work hard to put what they’re feeling into words, they can make it as a couple.

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