Love Compatibility Between an Earth and an Air Sign

This love is marked by their differences but can flourish in time with some compromise.

Earth and Air

Earth and Air signs could get along very well because the latter would lift the first up, also show him or her what new ideas and imagination can do.

However, if the Air can’t offer Earth something real and palpable, the Earth may lose respect for the Air. Just like it does it with other elements in the zodiac, the Earth can teach Air how to be more practical and to turn ideas into reality.

Earth and Air element love compatibility in a nutshell:

  • This relationship has the benefit of good communication as both signs can relate to each other quite openly.
  • The environment in which both are thriving is the one in which things are changing.
  • When in love, Air signs can be very loyal and committed to their partner and the Earth signs want nothing more but stability and harmony.
  • The ways of thinking of these two natives are very different so there is a definite need for compromise.

The Air element sign may think their partner is too serious and slow, even if the Earth sign would get everything done in a very efficient manner.

Their own contributions

A down-to-earth sign can feel relief around a freethinker like the Air. The Air could show him or her what priorities to have and what to take care of the most.

The Earth element has a strong connection between the mind and the body, being able to make any dream come true, something the Air element surely appreciates.

The relationship between Earth and Air can be very strong if each partner knows his or her role. For example, Air natives can come up with the ideas and the Earth ones can put them into practice.

However, in order for this to happen, the Air needs to be ready to work hard and to be a contributor. Earth signs believe in practicality and want stability more than anything else.

This can make Air signs feel uncomfortable in their presence, seeing that these people tend to dream and only to have ideas.

The ways of thinking of these two natives are very different, so they can have many problems when in a relationship together. What they need to do is combining intellectuality with practicality by working as a team.

In this situation, they can end up being productive and understanding one another very well. If the Air decides to only criticize the Earth, the latter may feel very down. Also, the Air needs to get used with the Earth’s slow pace.

The Air couldn’t exist without the Earth’s gravity, whereas the Earth couldn’t support life without Earth. This means people born under these two elements are very attracted to each other, especially since Air would greatly benefit from having someone to keep him or her grounded.

Earth people would greatly enjoy being presented good ideas from the Air ones. It can be said that in theory, the union between these elements is just perfect, but in practice, there are many problems that can appear.

For example, the Earth could simply explode when the Air decides to be unstable because the Earth needs security and to know that things aren’t going to change very soon.

However, if these risks are avoided, the relationship between them can be one of the most beautiful ones. When happy, the Air is very philosophical and can teach the Earth what being more profound means.

The Earth doesn’t mind creativity for as long as it’s grounded in reality. When feeling at their worst, both these signs are unable to understand one another and start fighting. These are the moments when the Air starts to mention freedom and makes the Earth limited, while the latter calls the former childish.

Staying calm and talking things through

These two elements touch but can’t become one because the Air is all in his or her own head and thinks too much, while the Earth is only analyzing practicality and doesn’t want to waste any time on thinking or working with his or her imagination.

They can be together as a couple, but this doesn’t mean they would understand one another very well. Air signs are usually doing everything in their power in order to avoid conflicts.

They want to communicate and are very sensitive, which means they’re usually calm during an argument. At the same time, they don’t like obeying rules and doing things like some standards dictate them to. This means they can have a troublesome life and be misunderstood.

They shouldn’t stress too much about this because they at least have their clear way of communicating ideas. While relaxed and friendly, they shouldn’t have their freedom threatened because it’s their most precious asset and they want to keep it.

The environment in which they’re thriving is the one in which things are changing. Looking at all the signs in the zodiac, it can be said the Air ones are the most adaptable and exciting. They hate routine and prefer to deal with the unexpected.

When it comes to Earth natives, these are all about facts and want to see that everything they’re doing is strongly connected with reality, no matter how harsh this may be.

These people are very practical and want their relationship to be long lasting. It’s not surprising for Earth people to ask the person they like about their intentions from the very first date.

They’re also materialistic and very straightforward, also focused on the future and plans for a better life. The fact that they prefer to discuss instead of taking action can annoy people in the Fire or Air elements because these last-mentioned ones usually want to hide away from their own problems.

When dealing with an Earth person and his or her arguments, they would say that they don’t have time for anything.

However, when in love, Air signs can be very loyal and committed to their partner. Air people are very communicative and love talking about any subject.

They make a good point when arguing, not to mention they have sensitive ideas. However, they’re not very in tune with their own emotions and can hide away what they’re feeling for long periods of time.

Living in the moment

When it comes to expressing emotions, they don’t seem to know how to do it or where to start. Only when they need to discuss the latest news and solutions to problems, they seem to pay attention and to have something to say.

They focus more on living in the moment and don’t worry too much about the future. When it comes to love, they’re very good at flirting and enjoy chasing the person they like more than they have to.

This means they can forget to appreciate what they already have. Things can change in the way they operate and functions, but only if they love someone enough to no longer act the way they usually do.

The Earth-Air alliance doesn’t have too many dramas or arguments like in the situation in which two Fire signs would be together. This is because Earth and Air signs aren’t emotional and prefer to deal with the materialistic side of life. At the same time, neither of them is too passionate.

What Earth people want the most is to feel stable and secure, also to avoid adventures as much as possible. A relationship between these two would have mutual respect.

While others would go through fights and divorces, they would live in peace and have a happy marriage. In case some problems would appear, they would both use their common sense to solve them. All this means Earth and Air can last for a very long time as a couple.

They’re also compatible in the bedroom because neither of them is emotional. In the situation in which one of them would have more intense emotions, he or she would keep them hidden for the sake of his or her marriage.

They both like romantic gestures and to be spoiled. However, the Earth would never change for someone. At least people born under this element are very loyal and determined to make their relationship work no matter what.

They’re responsible and want to be in a relationship that promises long-term commitment and security.

Air people don’t mind giving them all this, but they need their freedom more than anything else. If these 2 can understand one another, things between them can go on very well.

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Written by Denise

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