Taurus And Libra Compatibility In Love, Relationship And Sex

The love story between Taurus and Libra can be very flirtatious as these two are sensual signs.

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Both ruled by Venus, the Taurus and the Libra will share the love they have for one another through sensuality and by exchanging expensive gifts.

More than this, they both like the idea of being in love. Libra is like a dream for the Taurus who will adore her for being so elegant and graceful. In return, the former will be attracted by the fact that the latter inspires stability and a fulfilling, domestic life.

CriteriaTaurus Libra Compatibility Degree Summary
Emotional connectionStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
CommunicationAverage❤ ❤ ❤
Trust & DependabilityBelow average❤ ❤
Common valuesAverage❤ ❤ ❤
Intimacy & SexStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

The Taurus will be captivated by the Libra’s charm. An Air sign, the Libra lover will be like a fairy from the most beautiful stories, spreading peace and goodwill wherever they will be going.

The Taurus will be the one with a funky haircut, and the Libra will always be elegant and wearing designer clothes. Also a Cardinal sign, the Libra will know everything about art and culture. It will be likely the Taurus partner will get educated in matters of 21st century music and literature.

When Taurus and Libra fall in love …

The Libra is pretty flirtatious, thing that the Bull won’t like and when these lovers feel threatened, they usually don’t hesitate to use their sharp tongue. The Libra will try to soften them with some compliments and it will sometimes work.

Venus is the planet that governs them both, which is the planet of beauty, love and harmony. Together, these two will be charming and nice to watch. There will be flowers and beautiful presents.

If they’ll get married and have a family, their home will be a cozy place that friends will love to visit. They will tease each other often, especially until they decide the roles in the relationship.

The Taurus is usually steady in taste and interests, so the Libra will have a good influence in their life. They will probably make fun and say the Libra is doing the Devil’s work, but secretly they will like all this. Usually, Tauruses are traditionalists and conservative, they just feel like the old rules are better for us.

They will always be active members of the community. Whenever someone will try to convince them they are not in the right place or with the right people, they will refuse to listen. Libra should try and understand this, or the relationship may be lost.

The fact that the Libra has a need for change will make the Taurus feel anxious and unsure. There may be some need for them to understand each other better. If the relationship will work, they will both be happy and satisfied with their lives. If not, it’s best they break up before they hurt one another.

The Taurus and Libra relationship

The Taurus is conservative and stubborn, but the Libra knows how to manipulate him. It’s a miracle the Bull has finally found someone who can make him change his mind. The Taurus will protect the Libra from people who are not so well intentioned. They are a couple that will amuse and make others feel good.

Both romantic and in love with good music and dancing, they will go to festivals and join the choir. The Bull is more into traditional jazz, while the Libra likes everything that’s modern and with a twist.

They both have a love for food. It doesn’t matter what times there are, they will go to restaurants and order the best meals. It’s not impossible they will also cook at home, and invite a few friends over to show their talents.

Their relationship could either be great or terrible. What’s the most important is that they are sincere with one another, and that they won’t give up so easily, no matter how big the differences between them are.

As lovers, they will offer each other a lot of their free time. They have a lot to learn from one another, and none of them minds being a teacher. With such great things to do in life, it can be said the Taurus-Libra couple has a future.

As business partners, they wouldn’t be so great. They would end up disagreeing on money issues and their company may lose a lot. So it would be better if they’d avoid such partnerships.

The ideal romantic relationship between them is when the Taurus is a man and the Libra a woman. The other way around wouldn’t be that bad either, but the elegance and grace of Libras should be left to the women.

The Taurus is not the one to start a fight, neither is the Libra lover. When they will contradict on something, it is very likely they will both retreat in order to avoid a conflict. Only if they would be pushed too far, they would show their argumentative side.

The Taurus is very opinionated and has a lot of courage when it comes to defending the principles they believe in. The Libra is more reserved but this doesn’t mean people in this sign are not right.

On the contrary, they are very good judges of characters and situations. Let’s not forget their symbol is the scales, which means balance and justice.

The Libra is known for studying every aspect of a problem, for weighing in all the pros and cons. It’s just that they don’t like fighting and they are always seeking peace and harmony.

Taurus and Libra marriage compatibility…

While the Taurus wants a big wedding in an exotic destination, the Libra would settle for a paper that says they are married and a party at which everyone will sing and dance. The Bull needs to have this impressive ceremony in order to feel more secure.

Their marriage will happen after years of relationship in which the Taurus would have discovered the soft Libra, and the Libra would have put into practice all of the Taurus’ creative ideas.

It is very likely they will have children that will be dressed in hippie clothes by the Libra and in country ones by the Taurus. Their house will always smell of home and of baking goodies. They will have a piano and they will gather around it on holidays.

As parents, they are good caretakers and fun. They both cherish childhood a lot, so there wouldn’t be problems in them understanding their children as they would have memories from they were little themselves.

The Taurus will tell jokes and the Libra will sometimes embarrass the children with the way he or she dresses. Libras are known for compromising when the situation requires them to, and Taurians are very stubborn. Because they both love beauty and having a warm home, they will be happy as a family.

Sexual compatibility

With a high libido, the Taurus is very sensitive when touched. They are known to like role playing and erotic games, while Libras want a good pillow conversation and to be taken to a different realm when making love.

Creative lovers, Libras have sex in a classy way and the Taurus will like it. A poet and an active person in bed, the Libra will make any partner go crazy. When together with a person in this sign, you’ll have to be delicate. If not, he or she will be more than happy to teach you how to.

Both ruled by Venus, the Taurus and the Libra are a match in the bedroom. Unfaithfulness is something out of discussion with these two signs. The Libra wants a truthful marriage and doesn’t like to chase for too long, while the Taurus is the most committed sign.

They are different in terms of kinkiness: the Taurus is naughty and dirty, while the Libra has moral values no one can change.

As far as physicality between them goes, it’s like the relation between Mars and the Moon, the place where Earth meets Air. They like each other a lot, meaning everything that differentiates them will be forgotten in the bedroom.

The downsides of this union

If they want to be happy, the Libra and the Taurus couple should avoid discussions on religion and politics. The Libra is a little bit transcendental, while the Taurus is a traditionalist. They’re not extremists, they can understand each other’s opinions. But it’s better they don’t start such a discussion because they would never end it.

Not the tidiest person in the world, the Libra will annoy the Taurus when he or she won’t put things back to their usual place. It’s better if they hire someone to clean for them. The Taurus is a sensualist, and the Libra an intellectual.

Because the Bull is more instinctual, the Libra will sometimes be unhappy, not to mention that the latter likes to talk, whilst their partner, not so much. When the Libra will notice how inflexible and passive the Taurus is, he or she will try to conquer.

They will often feel like they have nothing to hold on to in their relationship. When the Libra will see the Taurus angry, he or she will be very scared and will want to run away. But things will get better with time, and the Taurus will forget all about the anger, getting the Libra back.

What to remember about Taurus and Libra

The attraction between a Taurus and a Libra is strong. Both charismatic and good looking, they will be on each other’s radar. When they will start to know one another, they will discover that they have many similarities, especially in the way they approach life and love.

Relaxed and balanced, these two will have a great romance together. The Taurus tries to always make things right, while the Libra is searching for balance. The latter analyzes situations carefully before judging, so the former’s stubbornness will be as much as possible understood.

Both Venus signs, these two will seem like a match made in heaven: it’s the lover with the idealist. Instantly compatible and very attracted to one another, you would probably think these two are meant to last as a couple for a lifetime. And you would be right, but only as long as they wouldn’t allow any differences between them to become overwhelming.

There are many different traits in the temperaments of a Libra and a Taurus. Plus, there is also the risk they won’t discuss any problems they may be having. And when problems pile up without a solution, things can take a nasty turn.

The Libra-Taurus couple may be passionate in the beginning, but with time, some resentments may appear. The Libra is unable to discuss what he or she is feeling and this can cause trouble as a relationship needs honesty. The Taurus may understand all this about his or her partner and decide to walk away someday.

Because they are sharing their ruling planet, the magnetism between this two is noticeable and efficient. Venus is the planet of love, beauty and sensuality. The partners of a couple governed by this planet will want to enjoy good food, listen to good music and visit as many art galleries as possible.

In other words, both Tauruses and Libras like the finest in life. Their courtship will be old-fashioned, so the respect between them will be also clear from the beginning.

The Libra Taurus compatibility is pretty much dependent on stability and how secure the relationship is. If the partners are able to offer security to one another, they will be happy together for a very long time.

Another of their weaknesses is the fact that they both like to procrastinate. In case they’ll have to make a decision about money or home, they will take forever. It’s like they will both be paralyzed.

If they want to resist as a couple, they need to compromise sometimes. Earth and Air is a good combination, so they will have something to build on.

The conflict between Earth and Air results in dust, but if these two build on each other’s strengths and their romantic sides, they will minimize what makes them weak. They should plan exciting things too, as this relationship is prone to boredom.

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