Taurus And Gemini Compatibility In Love, Relationship And Sex

The love story between Taurus and Gemini is about accepting one another as this is a tricky combination.

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Neighbors on the zodiac wheel, the chemistry between Taurus and Gemini is possible. The Taurus has a way to lighten up the Gemini, not to mention they both have a thing for the pleasures of life.

When in love, the Gemini is flirtatious, a little bit agitated and fun. The Taurus is different, looking for comfort, sensuality and stability. In their case, you can easily say that opposites attract.

CriteriaTaurus Gemini Compatibility Degree Summary
Emotional connectionAverage❤ ❤ ❤
CommunicationBelow average❤ ❤
Trust & DependabilityDoubtful
Common valuesBelow average❤ ❤
Intimacy & SexStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

Gemini and Taurus complement each other very well. The Bull is strong and determined, while the Gemini is talkative and humorous. The Taurus will either be captivated by what the Gemini is saying, or think they are talking with someone superficial.

Mellow and calm, the Taurus can soothe the Gemini’s agitated spirit and this is how the Gemini can learn how to be sensual. In return, the Gemini can teach the Taurus how to be more open-minded and fun.

When Taurus and Gemini fall in love …

The down-to-earth Taurus lover will be challenged by the enthusiastic and changeable Gemini. On the other hand, the Gemini will get the stability they so much need from the Taurus. It’s not easy to find the balance in this relationship, and this is what makes it so fun.

They will contradict each other very lively. It’s not impossible that they will think of the other as one of the best flirts they ever had.

The Taurus is a person of action and not of words. If he offers to help, it means they really like the person they are offering aid to. It’s in Tauruses’ nature to want to impress, and they will try this with the Gemini too.

Governed by Mercury, the Gemini will take the Taurus on a dance of flirting and light conversations. When Geminis fall in love, it can be said they are giving up their individuality to be on the liking of the person they want.

Ruled by Venus, which is the planet of love, Taurus natives know their way around romance. If they want to be together for a long time, the Taurus and the Gemini need to put a lot of effort into their relationship.

As friends, family or colleagues, they would be very good at doing anything together. But if what they are doing involves money, they would definitely lose it. They can give each other a hand with no problem.

Not to mention they are also good advisers for one another. The money issues always happen because Geminis really don’t know how to save and are famous for running away from hard work. And the Taurus is quite the opposite. So put them together in a business, and you will only have them fighting.

The Taurus and Gemini relationship

As a couple, Gemini and Taurus will either be the ones everyone wants around, or the ones no one likes. It all depends on how intelligent they are on an emotional level. As a fixed sign, the Taurus needs structure and to plan things. The mutable Gemini needs to be allowed to think free and creatively.

If they know how to act around one another, they could be that couple in which one is a dreamer and the other is the one who makes the dreams come true.

If they are not in sync, the Bull becomes grumpy and the Gemini harsh with words. Remember the Taurus wants to get things done, is hard working and likes order. The Gemini is flexible when things are changing, curious and sometimes duplicitous. They will have to work at what makes them different if they want to not annoy one another.

If they accept their differences, they can have a very healthy relationship. Taurus will want to settle, while the Gemini will always be on the move, free and energetic. It’s essential they take turns at who leads in the relationship.

Letting go of preconceptions would also be a good idea for them. They can teach each other many new things as they are both bringing something new to the relationship and in the bedroom. The Taurus’ sensuality will meet the Gemini’s flirtatious side. Interesting to watch, indeed.

With the Taurus, things usually make sense. This sign brings stability and a direction. They are pragmatic and they pretty much see things as they actually are. While the Gemini lives happily, the Taurus will make sure that the life they’re both having is comfortable and satisfying.

Taurians enjoy spring and everything the nature has to offer during this season. They become more flirtatious and romantic when the flowers are blooming and the rivers are flowing.

If Geminis want to understand the Taurus better, they must accept the fact that the Bull is not so talkative. Geminis are famous for the fact that they talk all the time, even when they are not required to. They can annoy the Taurus with their wish to chat, especially when they didn’t do their job because they preferred to have a conversation. It’s difficult for the Gemini to realize how much hard work is sometimes put into things.

The Taurus can get lost thinking of the future and will forget to live in the present. Because their signs follow one another, it is possible for them to let differences aside and work together.

They won’t feel like they are too separate in how they are thinking. The Gemini’s style is to always be ready for something new. Tauruses are not used with change, in fact, they resent it. They only see the practical side of things and if something doesn’t work, they will surely realize it. That’s why the Taurus may think the Gemini is too frenetic. Their relationship is definitely about accepting one another.

Taurus and Gemini marriage compatibility…

When the couple Taurus-Gemini gets married is when the Gemini will stop being so unsure. Taurus people need to be sure they are going to be with the Gemini forever, while the latter need to have lived their youth. They will both freak out about everything, from the wedding venue to the glasses at the entrance.

If they survive all the planning, it is likely they will be together forever. The Taurus’ possessiveness will haunt the Gemini all of their life. They will argue over money as the Gemini tends to overspend and the Taurus to save for a better future. It wouldn’t be too realistic to say they will last for a long time as a married couple.

As parents, they each have something to offer to their children. The Taurus will come with stability and a comfortable home, and the Gemini will be fun and all games. Their children will be loved, intelligent and well-raised.

Sexual compatibility

The sexual connection between Taurus and Gemini is very hot and passionate. The Taurus is able to teach the Gemini the importance of touching so the sex game won’t be so intellectual anymore, as the Gemini sees it. The Gemini is kinky, which is very much on the Taurus’ liking.

The Taurus and the Gemini will have great mental sex before the physical one. If they’ll continue to date, it will be all because the Taurus is attracted by the Gemini’s imagination and intriguing personality.

Also, because the Gemini appreciates how honest and direct their partner is. From an astrological point of view, the Taurus is a powerful sexual being.

The Taurus-Gemini relationship is sometimes just a fling, something that happens for only one night. Geminis are playful and fun in the beginning, and after they become very passionate.

If the Gemini won’t be serious about their lovemaking, the Taurus will move into someone else’s sheets. They have a sensual and strong connection through their mouths and this is why kissing is extremely pleasurable for both of them.

The downsides of this union

The Taurus wants security too much, while the Gemini has a need for independence and fun. It’s stability versus changeability. Slow versus rapid. The Gemini will always be late, the Taurus thinks it’s very rude to not be in time.

These small things are what will make them fight and contradict each other. If the Gemini would take some time and be more serious, maybe the relationship would have a chance at succeeding. The fact that the Geminis plan two minutes before they’re out the door will annoy the Taurus greatly. Being uncertain is no at all on the Bull’s liking.

On the other hand, the Gemini doesn’t like when things are predictable and too planned. And they would need to take these issues they’re having to counseling. Taurians are people of schedule and routine, Geminis of ideas.

It will be difficult for a conservative and a liberal like the Gemini to communicate. And when they’ll fight, the Taurus will usually be the one defeated as their partners know their way with words.

What to remember about Taurus and Gemini

The Taurus and the Gemini get along if they are not demanding with one another. Even though they are neighbors in the zodiac, these two are opposites in characters and the way they view life. But opposites attract, and they can be together for a long time, especially if they start to understand each other’s differences and learn from what they know about one another.

The success of the Gemini-Taurus relationship depends about ninety percent on how much they really love and care for each other. This may sound like it’s an obvious affirmation, but there are couples in which partners aren’t necessarily in love and they still manage to have a good life together.

However, in the Taurus-Gemini couple, love is absolutely necessary. Without it, the partners would not be able to see life through the other’s eyes. Looking at them, you realize Tauruses and Geminis don’t have too many common traits. The Taurus is strong, slow and very focused on goals one at a time, not to mention stubborn to the end. The Gemini is just an intellectual who can’t see life in a different way than filtered through the mind, they are fast, spontaneous and changeable when it comes to passions and interests.

Tauruses want commitment, Geminis need a lot of space. The former want things to never change and to be secure, the latter love change and want more variety. If they would only be colleagues or friends, things would be much easier, but as lovers… not so much.

A great balance between them can be obtained if they completely forget about what differentiates them, and they remember what made them fall for one another in the beginning. Geminis can learn from Taurians how to focus only on one matter, and Bulls can become more flexible and adaptable around Twins.

The Taurus needs to be a good listener to put up with the Gemini’s stories and their need to be heard. If they are both givers and receivers in the same time, they will be able to build something beautiful together.

What makes them different also offers an insight on how things may happen when everything is perfect in their life. For example, the Gemini can make the Taurus feel more relaxed and happy. It’s like a breath of fresh air in the Bull’s routine.

If they would live happy times, the Taurus would be impressed at the Gemini’s vitality and wit. The Taurus will show their significant other how to put their plans into practice. Taurians are known as faithful and hard working. Also stubborn, they won’t quit relationships even when these no longer have hope. Geminis are sometimes loyal, especially if they are excited and not bored.

When it comes to physical attraction, these two don’t have it that much. While the Taurus may whisper in the Gemini’s ear, the Gemini won’t understand the gesture much. And the Taurus will know something is wrong. The Gemini will look for sex sooner than the slow Taurus expects it. Some patience would be mandatory for the Twin.

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