Taurus And Cancer Compatibility In Love, Relationship And Sex

The love story between Taurus and Cancer may not be too exciting but surely is a match made in happen.

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Cautious in life, the Taurus and the Cancer are the same in love. Before they will get to something more serious about their dating, they will spend a lot of time knowing each other. Both these signs are famous for not rushing romance and for wanting to be sure about love.

Both interested in security, tradition and family, they can build a strong, long-lasting relationship on these common points they’re having.

CriteriaTaurus Cancer Compatibility Degree Summary
Emotional connectionVery strong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
CommunicationAverage❤ ❤ ❤
Trust & DependabilityBelow average❤ ❤
Common valuesAverage❤ ❤ ❤
Intimacy & SexVery strong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

Since they are both affectionate and craving a stable home, they will be very happy together. The Taurus lover wishes to indulge in all the life’s pleasures and is a sensual who likes good food and the Cancer partner will follow in their footsteps.

Their first dates will be low-key as they will send subtle signals to one another. But as soon as they’ve determined they can be together, things will become happier and more open. When the Taurus loves, they turn into this artsy person who seeks to establish a home with the person they are with. And the Cancer will love all this, as people born in this sign are nurturing, emotional and also wanting a comfortable home.

When Taurus and Cancer fall in love …

The Taurus can be very careful not to show feelings. It takes quite a while to attract a person in this sign. The Cancer may have to work hard to penetrate their armor. When they want to impress, Cancers usually tell their life story when on a date. They want to melt the partner’s heart, but this may be a bad move with a Taurus.

In general, Taurus and Cancer make a great couple. They are like soulmates who have met in high school and now can no longer be separated.

Domestic satisfaction is what makes them happy and fulfilled. Creative and imaginative, their home could be an art gallery of all the works they have done when they were inspired by one another. The healthiest attraction between them happens when things are no longer platonic for the Cancer and when the Taurus doesn’t worry anymore about where things are going.

They both need to be relaxed and chilled in order to start something more than a friendship. And they will be attracted to one another every step of the way. The Crab will undergo a subtle makeover and the Bull will stop being a couch potato and will hit the gym.

This is how they’ll act when they’ll realize they’re in love. Gestures like staring into each other’s eyes and smiling are signs they are deeply into each other. They may break up a few times, when the Taurus will have the impression that they wish to be independent.

While they will be apart, the Cancer will most likely stalk the Taurus. If you happen to be their friend, let them be and don’t intervene. They will get together on their own. They have a tendency to remain loyal even if they are fighting.

The Taurus and Cancer relationship

A Water sign, the Cancer makes their partner feel things they never thought possible of feeling. Earth signs are known to be emotional only on the side, practicality being their main characteristic. On the other hand, the Bull will help the Cancer be more realistic and down-to-earth. They will be able to build a more solid future together, this way.

Careful and compassionate, these two will take care of each other when they’ll be sick, and they will have an anniversary for the first romantic movie they have watched together. Taurus is usually not this sentimental, but with the Cancer, they become a little bit different.

This Cancer-Taurus couple will last in time and will overcome any difficulty. But the Bull needs to know that the Crab is very influenced by the Moon. The Cancer is moody and can have many different feelings from one moment to the other. It is normal for them to make up their minds easily and to be in a different mood. This can be very tiring for Crabs themselves, so having someone who can understand them is absolutely necessary.

It doesn’t matter if they are men or women, Cancers experience many feminine cycles. They are changing according to the phases of the Moon, and they are very connected with this celestial body. Nostalgic and melancholic, they hold on to things they once cherished or belonged to persons dear to them.

If the Taurus won’t give them affection and love, they will feel abandoned and neglected. The Taurus will sometimes be overwhelmed by the Cancer’s need for attention, and will take some time off to take care of their ego. And the Cancer will be really hurt when something like this will happen.

It is more likely the Taurus won’t think of the couple as much as the Cancer does. The Crab wants to have a perfect family and an untouchable romance. The Taurus may sometimes be confused by the emotional needs of a Cancer.

When they are lovers, Cancer and Taurus are happy and very into each other. Conservative and pragmatic, the Bull doesn’t act on what they are feeling and their partner won’t be able to understand this.

With the Taurus, Cancers will always display their emotions in order to be better understood. They will say what bothers them, what makes them hurt and where they feel like they are lacking something in their life.

Raw and in touch with their feelings, Cancers like to address their problems from the roots. And this will once again confuse the Taurus who’s more practical and not so in tune with their emotions. They both are kind people who will be happy to have one another in their lives.

They will carefully listen to each other, and they will grow to be very attached. As friends, colleagues and relatives, they will be close and always ready to crack a joke. As business partners, they will be successful and rich.

Taurus and Cancer marriage compatibility…

To no longer keep you waiting, find out the Taurus and the Cancer are very compatible when it comes to marriage. The Cancer is afraid of getting hurt and the Taurus wants to have security.

Their wedding will probably be traditional, if not rustic. They will have a few friends and their relatives as guests.

Parenthood is something that comes easily for both of them as they are nurturing caretakers and responsible beings. Their parents will be proud of them and of the fact that they are respected by their own children.

Children will appear soon, and these two will change their lifestyles to make room for the new little persons in their lives. It’s not difficult for them to suddenly move to the countryside from the noisy city.

Their home will be welcoming and cozy, people who’ll visit will feel incredible and will want to come visit more often. They will have good food made home, and when they’ll be old, you’ll find them on a bench or on the porch, holding hands.

Their marriage story is written in the stars. They are both affectionate and caring, and they are searching for the same things, which are stability and security. They don’t need anyone else to be happy and that’s very healthy for a Cancer-Taurus relationship.

Sexual compatibility

Both the Taurus and the Cancer are very active sexually. The Bull has a touch that can make the Crab go crazy. If the woman is in Cancer, she will want to be dominated and to be caressed by her Taurus man. And the Taurus man will be the first to offer all this to his lady, as he is very eager to make sexual fantasies come true.

The Taurus’ erogenous zone is the neck, while the Cancer’s are the chest and the belly. Both sensual, they won’t have sex like they are doing a sport. Everything will be passionate and romantic.

The Taurus style of lovemaking will be perfect for the Cancer’s sentimentalism. It will be like they are hearing music when they are making love. Nothing will be rude or hurried. The Cancer will light up candles and put on silky sheets. And the Taurus will love it.

The downsides

The most dangerous thing for the Taurus-Cancer relationship is stagnation. When they are in the comfort zone, it is difficult for them to get up and do anything else. Besides, they can’t see things objectively. And this can lead them to not see the whole picture oftentimes.

They can also be too possessive with one another, as they are both a jealous when they aren’t getting the attention they so much crave.

The Cancer will want to talk so much about feelings that the Taurus will want to just go away and hide. If they want to be happy, the Crab needs to leave the small fights aside, or the Taurus will shut down.

On the other hand, the Taurus has to be more open. The Taurus is known to procrastinate and the Cancer to nag. This will cause them to fight from time to time, so a little bit of effort from the Bull would be more than welcome.

What to remember about Taurus and Cancer

The Taurus-Cancer relationship is a clash between the Lover and the Homemaker, something rare that few other people get to live. Their compatibility lies in the fact that they both need the same things from life. And this doesn’t only make them allies, but also great partners.

However, expect them to be private about their love. Not the most social creatures, they will prefer to spend time together or with their families. Their friends will not be too present on their activities list. Only if they would want to visit. They are very keen on privacy and they won’t share a thing about their relationship with others. Both sensual, they will have a great sex life. But no one will know about it but themselves.

These two signs will love each other deeply. Their connection is a karmic union between their signs. All this topped by the fact that they respect each other very much. They are nurturing and caring people, and neither of them likes to go too far away from home.

They are both possessive. The more time they will spend together, the more they will trust on another. It’s good they are not bothered of spending time in the couple.

But their friends will definitely be upset as they would no longer get enough attention. However, their gang will have to get used with the fact that the Taurus-Cancer couple will be rarely seen out.

Family-oriented, careful with money, homemakers and devoted, Tauruses and Cancers are the same in everything. Their negative traits will not even be noticed anymore, when they’ll be together. The fact that the Bull is calm and down-to-earth is perfect for the Crab, who is very emotional. It’s also good the Cancer will teach the Taurus how to be more in tune with his or her emotions.

The fact that the Cancer is persuasive will be an antidote for the Taurus’ famous stubbornness. It’s great to watch these two people together, if you ever manage to catch them. Perhaps at a festival or something.

One thing’s for sure and that is that they are meant to be. If you happen to be a Taurus or a Cancer, now you know who suits you best. If you already are in a relationship with one of these signs and you are the other, then don’t even think of leaving.

It doesn’t matter what stage the relationship is in, stay put. You will be happy the stars have told you how compatible you two are. It’s true that the relationship is not too exciting or chaotic, but domestic fulfillment is what both these signs are looking for.

While others may think their style is boring, they will be more than happy to not be too explosive or a mess. They will be the ones who, at an old age, will still be holding hands in the park.

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