Snake Man Pig Woman Long-Term Compatibility

These two form a relationship that is rather tricky to navigate as the differences between them can seem overwhelming.

Snake man Pig woman compatibility

According to the Chinese zodiac, when the Snake man and the Pig woman are romantically involved with each other, it becomes rather difficult to make decisions and stick to plans.

While anyone can convince her of anything, he’s the type to procrastinate. At the same time, he can’t understand her changing moods, so she will play the victim and feel very hurt when he can’t see she’s feeling down.

CriteriaSnake Man Pig Woman Compatibility Degree
Emotional connectionBelow average❤ ❤
CommunicationBelow average❤ ❤
Trust & DependabilityAverage❤ ❤ ❤
Common valuesAverage❤ ❤ ❤
Intimacy & SexAverage❤ ❤ ❤

The Chinese zodiac suggests their level of compatibility is low, especially when it comes to being happy as a couple. This is because they have many differences and need to make compromise for their relationship to work and for them to be together for a long time.

At a first glance, they seem to be very similar and give the impression that they can be a perfect couple. However, their differences can’t be overcome, which means they fight much more often than other couples.

When dating the Snake man, the Pig woman can become very vicious and vengeful if he decides to betray her. She’s most of the time quiet, giving and honourable, but she can’t be done any wrong, for she turns into a completely different person.

The relationship between these two may not go very well because they can’t efficiently communicate with one another, seeing the Snake man relies more on instinct than on logic, meaning he’s rather subjective.

This can cause him to argue with the Pig woman more than often, so he’s not the most compatible with this lady. He wants to be in the centre of attention and can convince her that he deserves to be praised and admired.

She can be quite impressed with him and his games, which means she may be curious enough to remain by his side for a very long time, just to see what he has in plan next.

He may see her as boring, but she’s not at all like that. If he tries to manipulate and to act like someone he’s not, she won’t be fooled twice, no matter how much passionate love she may have for him.

If he decides to leave her and she’s not ready for a breakup, her retaliation can be very aggressive and even loud. It’s important for both to stop wandering if they want to be together for a very long time.

The Snake man can easily seduce the Pig woman, as she finds him to be romantic and charming, also the man who can always surprise in the most pleasant manner.

Being a romantic herself, she likes the finest things in life and has as highly developed tastes as he does. This lady loves to indulge in pleasure, so she needs to pay great attention on how much she’s spending when out shopping.

A sophisticated pair

In the relationship with the Snake man, it would be a good idea for her to let him take care of their finances. However, she has enough to spend as she’s very hardworking, not to mention that when committed to a project, she doesn’t stop until knowing she will get the work done properly and in time.

Even if she overindulges, she’s not at all the type to run away from responsibilities. At the same time, her honesty may cause her some problems, especially when she decides to tell her Snake man that she doesn’t like at all the fact that he’s manipulative and ruthless, especially when he wants something.

This lady is also gullible, which means she can be convinced of anything. However, this doesn’t mean that she’s stupid and can’t catch on when she’s being tricked. If this happens and the Snake man is the one who lied to her, he’s in a great deal of trouble.

It seems she’s not the best match for him, as both the Pig woman and the Snake man need to supress important traits in their personality if they want to stand the test of time as a couple. He will take advantage of her naivety while expecting her to appreciate his talents.

While she may admire him for being clever and sophisticated, she will never like the fact that he lies. In case they happen to be married, he’s very detached and has her hurting as a result, so they may end up breaking up sooner than later. Their situation is not one in which opposites attract. Their chance to be a happy couple is very slim, unfortunately.

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