Scorpio Man and Libra Woman Long-Term Compatibility

A Scorpio man and a Libra woman can have a karmic relationship, but they need time to get to know and understand each other.

Scorpio Man Libra Woman

The Scorpio man and the Libra woman can be a good couple, because she compensates for his intensity. Attracted to power, this lady will like that her Scorpio man wants to control everything.

While he will be the alpha male, she will be the well-mannered lady that stands next to him through good and bad times. It’s good she’s sociable, because it can be very tough for him to make new friends.

CriteriaScorpio Man Libra Woman Compatibility Degree
Emotional connectionStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
CommunicationBelow average❤ ❤
Trust & DependabilityBelow average❤ ❤
Common valuesAverage❤ ❤ ❤
Intimacy & SexAverage❤ ❤ ❤

The Positives

A Scorpio man will always understand the life of a Libra woman has its ups and downs. While both of them will be cautious about getting to know each other better in the beginning, soon they will forget all about any insecurity and will start to be fascinated by their personality traits.

She may use all her charm and versatility, but it won’t work with him. However, he may try to manipulate her, too, only he’ll be pushier. If his strategies don’t catch, he won’t admit he has been defeated. Rejection is very hurtful for a Scorpio man.

When the Libra woman doesn’t care about something, there’s nothing anyone can do. She will be so attracted to him, she’ll almost feel weak and uncomfortable. He’s not the man with whom she’ll want romantic lovemaking. With this guy, she’ll have the urge for more physical sex.

He will immediately guess what goes on in her mind. While he’s not as sociable and open as her, he’ll still be able to stimulate her intellectually, so she enjoys their dates.

It doesn’t matter if they’ll be friends, siblings or lovers, these two will have a relationship full of warmth. All this will make them forget about any mood swings or misunderstandings.

The Scorpio man will be calm and accept the fact that his Libra woman is indecisive. He will wait for her to get her creativity together and make decisions.

She’s like the genuine representation of charm and grace. This girl can captivate anyone’s attention, which is why she’ll have many admirers. She wants peace and harmony more than anything else. If he ever pressures or tries to manipulate her, she’ll run away.

This is a lady who likes being admired. She only appreciates people who give her sincere compliments. The man of her dreams takes good care of himself and is equally charming. But, more than anything else, she needs a friend. She can’t fall in love if she’s not buddies with her man.

The Negatives

The chemistry between the Libra woman and the Scorpio man is undeniable. But this doesn’t matter when they will fight, as they are very different characters.

Libras love to be out in the company of family and friends. Scorpios are the exact opposite: they want to spend as much time as possible inside.

A Libra woman sees nothing wrong with a flirtatious behavior. The Scorpio is very possessive. The more time she spends in the company of others, the more jealous he’ll become.

The Scorpio man is not at all the type to change for the sake of his relationship. So, in this situation, it’s the Libra woman who needs to control her behavior.

She’ll have to let herself be dominated by him. While she hates conflict more than anything else, he’ll manage to push her to her limits.

Their connection will still be strong, but they will have disagreements. Because he’s too possessive and she’s too indecisive, these two will have problems in their relationship.

He will not believe she’s being sincere or that her optimism is helpful, and she’ll be hurt by this attitude. Moreover, the Scorpio man can be aggressive when he doesn’t get his way.

Long-Term Relationship and Marriage Prospects

The connection in the Scorpio man Libra woman couple is karmic. They have a good chance at marrying each other, since they are very good together. Their relationship will always be intense, and they’ll understand each other better than anyone else.

She is graceful and charming. Her calmness and loyalty will make him fall in love with her. The more he proves his loyalty and dedication to her, the more she’ll admire and respect him. He will be there for her no matter the time or the situation. She will be a princess who’s being spoiled and appreciated.

Every moment these two will share is going to be special. When the Scorpio man and the Libra woman are together, you can be sure of deep bonds.

Respectful and admiring with each other, they will not only be good lovers, but also best friends. All in all, as husband and wife, they will be very happy.

Scorpios are very focused on educating their children properly. If they choose to also become business partners, these two are both good money makers.

If the Libra gets too tired, the Scorpio will come in and handle the situation. Because they are both active and interesting, they will never get bored in each other’s company. As they both believe in love and loyalty, they’ll have a relationship based on true feelings and similar goals.

The more time they are together, the more they’ll be able to understand each other. She will learn how to deal with his domineering attitude, while he will teach her how to be less nagging.

Final Advice for the Scorpio Man and the Libra Woman

The Scorpio man is a fixed Water sign, the Libra woman a cardinal Air one. This means they are different. But in the long run, they will learn how to deal with their differences and be a happy couple.

He can satisfy her most passionate desires, but if he grows angry or too stubborn, she’ll be very upset. It’s possible their relationship will become too agitated for the Libra to be involved anymore. It’s suggested he’s gentle if he wants to be with her in the long run.

Anger control would be more than welcome. It can be difficult to be angry with a Libra, anyway. This is a sign ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty, not to mention its symbol is the scales, which is the sign of justice.

If he listens to her more often, he might realize she’s right most of the time. In case she’s wrong, though, he needs to advise her calmly and rationally. Being angry wouldn’t improve anything.

She can spend a lot of money on extravagant things. So, it’s suggested he’s the one to take care of their money.

She can also make changes for this relationship. For example, she should never flirt with other men. He’s too possessive and jealous to overlook such a thing. Not to mention the Scorpio man can be pretty insecure sometimes, so she needs to make sure he knows he’s being loved.

It doesn’t matter how busy he may be with other things, she must give him all of her attention. Anything to chase away his suspicions would be welcome.

There is something about extremes in the relationship between these two. If they are to survive as a couple, expect them to have a few break-ups.

If the Scorpio man is the one who wants the Libra woman’s attention, he should listen to everything she has to say. This lady likes to be accepted and liked by all the social circles.

He will have to be more open. This girl likes it when someone asks for her opinion. So, asking her to join him for a work project would be great, and she would be more than happy to help.

If she’s the one who wants his attention, she should be very supportive. He likes to share his goals and he will always go back to the person who listens to him.

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