Scorpio And Sagittarius Compatibility In Love, Relationship And Sex

The love story between Scorpio and Sagittarius can go either way, depending on how motivated the two are, but overall this is a good match.

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There is quite a potential for something more with this Scorpio Sagittarius combination, because both are attracted to one another, that much is a no-brainer. Scorpios are intense, brimming with energy ready to be released at a moment’s notice, while Sagittarians are lascivious, passionate and take it slow, so as to enjoy every moment of love.

CriteriaScorpio Sagittarius Compatibility Degree Summary
Emotional connectionAverage❤ ❤ ❤
CommunicationStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Trust & DependabilityBelow average❤❤
Common valuesStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Intimacy & SexStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

Is there any question whether a Fire and a Water sign are compatible at all? No doubt, many are wondering if there is anything to them other than the first few dates.

Well, at a glance, there are a few inconsistencies between their temperaments and approaches, but this only manages to create an even stronger bond, steeled by the adversities and unique viewpoints each of them has.

When Scorpio and Sagittarius fall in love …

Keep your eyes peeled for any moans, because you’ll hear them often coming from their house. Scorpio and Sagittarius are incredibly intrigued by the satisfaction of the senses, and it’s more like a game for them, rather than a routine event.

Things literally couldn’t get any better on the romantic aspect, because neither is willing to give up on satisfying the other fully, either by applying the different techniques they’ve recently learnt, or by stepping up their overall game.

Even if we didn’t take sexual life into consideration, there are plenty more characteristics that make them quite compatible, like the fact that, on a professional level, both are incredibly determinate and won’t let any chance pass by them.

All that matters is how much trust they put in each other, because, at the end of the day, that’s all they’ve got, each other.

Sagittarians are bright-looking individuals who don’t take “no” for an answer, and won’t ever give in to a bout of sadness or depression, when things start going awry.

They would rather start looking for a solution, and if one doesn’t immediately appear on the horizon, they are still hopeful that they’ll deal with it somehow.

Honesty and directness are one their core traits, and they could be taken for granted by ignorant and superficial individuals. The truth is, it’s also what makes them so special and worth keeping.

Here’s a secret advice: appreciate the people who tell you when you’re wrong and who try to correct you, because they are the ones who truly care about you. Not the ones who wallow in your sadness and let you sink to the bottom.

Even Scorpios, due to their incredible devotion and loyalty, will never dare to utter a lie, even in the most problematic of situations.

The Scorpio and Sagittarius relationship

Sagittarius Scorpio relationships do have the potential to be great, but due to their quite opposite astrological placing, they will have to work hard on correcting the extremes each of them has.

Luckily, both are incredibly determined, ambitious, and will rather die than give up on a given goal, especially if it’s this important.

Thus, Sagittarius lovers will have to compensate for their partners’ lack of initiative and low self-esteem, through their own enthusiastic and energetic drive.

After all, Scorpio and Sagittarius couples are well-known for how playful and adventurous they can be, and would be a cinch to spice things up in a stagnant and tedious relationship.

Count on them to deliver the much-needed punch to the mix, which will crash the skies, split the seas and move all the mountains.

For the many differences that arise between them, there are also quite a lot of similarities that make them want to continue on, with an iron will and a perseverance unseen in many other couples.

As such, the Sagittarius and the Scorpio lovers thrive through their friends and families. These are the coalescent elements that will help mend and repair their crashing relationship.

All in all, they just have to learn to accept each other for who they are, because some things are just fine the way they are, not worth changing.

Scorpio and Sagittarius marriage compatibility

Marriage is the next step on their existential path, and it can only be accomplished if they manage to make some sacrifices, learn to tolerate what each other brings to the mix.

Not only tolerate, but completely understand, even if it may be something they don’t necessary agree with. After all, it’s what makes each of them unique and special.

Being a Fire and a Water sign, it was only natural that there be some clashes of power, some nullifying reactions between their temperaments and desires, but it’s all fine, as long as the most adaptable of them takes it upon themselves to move the relationship forward.

As such, the other will have to comply, seeing as they have to be flexible if things are to work as intended.

Also, after having dealt with these compatibility problems, starting up a family is just a small step away, and, honestly, it will be the biggest and most awesome choice they will ever make. Children love them, and will grow up to be cultivated, respectful and successful individuals, having been taught the way of life from these two.

Sexual compatibility

Sex between Sagittarius and Scorpio is like a slow-burning fire, the volcano that monotonously simmers in the depths, just waiting to explode in a fiery cataclysm of untold proportions.

That’s basically what they’re all about, especially because the Sagittarians like to never have to resort to the same thing, and always seek for something new to spice things up.

What they’ll think of next time, only they know, but it’s surely going to be something good, very good. However, too much volatility and explosive impetus, and the possessive and suspicious Scorpios will raise their eyebrows and start ruminating on these things a little too often.

The downsides of this union

Being separate astrological signs, this part was bound to be quite complex and filled with contradictions, things that might pose problems for their couple.

There a few, amongst which the most important is how self-aware and confident each of them is, and how they react to certain circumstances, because, for example, the Sagittarians are very bold and let nothing stand in the way of their desires.

This is something that the calculated and even fearful Scorpios will have to learn to accept, and it is quite a challenge, because it’s not such a good feeling, knowing that the partner is more able and adapted to life than you.

What to remember about Scorpio and Sagittarius

With how honest and innocent the Sagittarians are, there’s no one in the whole world who could resist one of their charming smiles, or that generous and kind attitude. Not even the recluse and gloomy Scorpios can hold a candle to their natural likeable character.

Having Fire and Water as their elements, it might seem like they would repel each other quite fiercely, but the truth is, there are plenty of ways that lead to a relationship together, and even marriage.

Life alongside one another couldn’t be more exciting, as they will surely go along on many adventures and explore the world, thanks to the spirited nature of the Sagittarians.

Whether these natives will succeed or not depends entirely on themselves, on how exactly they’re going to deal with all the distinct characteristics that both of them have, and which struggle endlessly to come out on top.

Granted, they are interested and quite attracted by one another, mainly by the unique personalities and temperaments singular to both, but it’s also true that it will be very hard to pacify all the conflicting sides as well.

However, nothing’s been done as easily as that, especially something that’s valuable and entirely worth it. It’s good that they have a common goal, and that is the overall outlook on life, what they seek for, the main purpose they’ve made for themselves.

Issues start appearing when the Scorpio does what they do best, meaning to act out of possessive impulse and when they try to force the partner to commit, even though they may not be ready or even willing.

The thing is, these natives love in a very intense and passionate way, and they are so far-gone down romanticism lane, that they couldn’t even conceive how the other doesn’t feel the same way.

It should be clear that the feelings are strong, way stronger than in most other cases, and if that’s the case, why don’t the Sagittarians allow themselves to be caught in the flow? The answer’s simple, because the Archers are naturally unrestrained and freedom-lovers, and won’t easily resolve to give up on that.

Now, for the solution to all of these problems of compatibility, it’s a pretty simple and straightforward one, but also forgotten by most people, or not given enough attention.

Communication, understanding, making the effort to truly see what the other feels like, what they think on a certain subject, and trying to come to a consensus. This is “the secret” recipe of a happy marriage, nothing else.

Giving your all to make the partner happy will net in immense benefits, because if you’ve chosen correctly, then the partner will notice the effort you’re putting in and react accordingly. It’s really all dependent on personal effort and the degree of affection they hold for one another.

Their similar upbringing and zodiacal growth ensures that they’ll have plenty of things in common to keep the relationship going. If not many things, then one important, essential goal for both of them to follow.

Therefore, the Scorpios, as well as the Sagittarians are looking for the thrill of going on a world tour, discovering new and exciting things about themselves and about the world.

Being this enthusiastic and spirited means that they won’t be sitting in one place for too long, and that’s how they got their reputation as outcasts. This is one of the things that help build up that emotional and spiritual synergy.

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