Saturn in 6th House: What It Means For Your Personality and Life

This placement of Saturn makes people be hard-working and disciplined, always ready to learn from their own mistakes and weaknesses.

Saturn in 6th house

People born with Saturn in the sixth house in their birth chart may have some problems with their health if they aren’t carefully watching their diet and if they don’t exercise from time to time.

Having an attitude, these natives will most likely confront themselves with all kind of problems in the workplace. Maybe their surroundings are not always the perfect ones or one of their colleagues will make their life a living Hell.

Saturn in 6th House summary:

  • Strengths: Productive, attentive and pragmatic;
  • Challenges: Anxious, criticizing and shy;
  • Advice: They should learn to relax from time to time;
  • Celebrities: Nicole Kidman, Lady Gaga, Keanu Reeves, Jennifer Aniston.

It can be difficult for these people to realize others don’t work as fast as they do, so they should slow down with their workaholic tendencies. But all in all, they’re dependable, practical, hardworking and very good with details. Having a highly developed sense of duty, they still may not be able to respect strict deadlines.

A relentless personality

When in the 6th house, Saturn feels the most comfortable because this placement is all about duty, service to others and the body. This is the house that rules as well over self-denial, influencing natives to not enjoy life’s pleasures.

Individuals having Saturn in the 6th house will sometimes be reluctant to have fun because they’re only dreaming about work. Not that it’s enjoyable for them to do their job, they’re just too responsible not to.

For this reason, it can be said this house belongs completely to Saturn, making people with this placement in their chart true workaholics. They won’t only think work is meant to bring them money as they will simply live for it.

Servicing others and keeping their word comes naturally to them, so many will truly want to be by their side for the many advantages they could gain.

Very worried about their health and what they’re eating, natives with Saturn in 6th house will spend a lot of their time at the organic food market.

Everything this house rules over will be accentuated in them, so expect their conversations to be about work or the everyday responsibilities.

Their own anxiety may all the time be in their way, but at least they’re very disciplined and can put up with any challenge by organizing their forces in the most efficient manner.

The 6th house is all about social responsibility, work, everyday tasks, servicing others and even health.

When Saturn is here, expect people with this placement to feel like they’re being challenged at their workplace and to have amazing skills relating to the practical side of life.

However, in spite of being productive and always pragmatic, they’ll still get anxious about their job or who-knows-what everyday matters.

It seems like they’re never satisfied with themselves and can’t enjoy any of the pleasures life has to offer. There’s no one more interested in health and nutrition than them and it seems that any excess can get them sick in a moment.

Feeling unhappy with their performance at work, they’ll always strive to be better at what they are doing for a living.

Saturn may have them interested in a career in medicine, law or law enforcement as they’d have to be precise and very conscientious doing these jobs.

The position of this planet in the 6th house makes natives with this placement very hard on themselves, all the time criticizing with what they have done or said, and never happy of their own achievements.

They know how to work hard and have probably dealt with responsibilities ever since children. It can be challenging for them to balance their professional and personal lives.

Saturn casts on them a shadow of relentlessness with both others and themselves. They won’t want to work less and usually think they’re not worthy of attention if their tasks are not being done properly.

It’s important for them to appreciate themselves more and to give up a job if they don’t like it because this situation could get them sick.

There may be delays in having their talent recognized because Saturn makes things this way, so they should be patient and not turn into workaholics.

A more relaxed pace and balance should all the time be kept in their life, because this way, recognition won’t fail to come their way as well.

They may face problems like underpayment or work accidents, but this doesn’t mean they won’t get to be later on appreciated for everything they’ve done. Saturn may have influenced their childhood to be chaotic and for them to develop a fear of animals.

Hypochondria and other mental diseases are also influenced to develop when Saturn is involved.

Individuals with Saturn in 6th house will have problems following diets, exercising and feeling secure their professional life is going the right direction.

They may all the time have the need to prove themselves in the workplace because their own thoughts will remind them of their defects and weaknesses. All this can turn them into anxious and isolated people.

Perfectionists, these natives can’t stand sloppiness and chaos. While making promises of a world in which magic rules over everything, Saturn pushes people into all sort of trouble and gives individuals their life lessons.

The goods and the bads

Saturn always places obstacles in people’s path, so in the 6th house, it creates problems when it comes to what people having this placement do for a living.

For example, their efforts at the job may not get recognized for years, which will lead to all sort of frustrations and a wish to do something else that brings the beginning of the same cycle.

Saturn in 6th house natives are hardworking and disciplined, always ready to learn from their own mistakes and what usually makes them weak.

They know their way with money and will always save for a secure future. The position of Saturn in the 6th house indicates they want to be of help and don’t give up until knowing they’ve done things perfectly.

Proud of their analytical mind and the way they can deal with every little detail, these natives expect others to appreciate them for what they’re doing for a living.

However, in their heart, they will feel like their work is pointless and are ashamed for dreaming to get recognized. They deserve to be praised and should never think they’re not good at their job because they tend to do it.

Saturn in 6th house individuals put a lot of pressure on themselves to attain perfection and can even get sick when feeling things are not going their way.

Worrying too much can’t be in any way beneficial, so they should avoid getting upset over little mistakes as other people actually appreciate them for who they are.

It’s also important they don’t take things so seriously and relax from time to time because life can be beautiful. Making sure that things are going the right way can have them missing out on all the fun.

Everyone relaxes from time to time, so they should do the exact same thing and let go of thinking about perfection all the time.

Most of the best times in life happen in the heat of the moment and are messy, so planning everything can’t bring by the most enjoyable moments.

Being all the time in control is not a solution either, so they should just allow people they love to be themselves and situations to unfold in front of them.

While the position of Saturn in the 6th house may cause some health problems because this planet is also responsible with death and aging, they shouldn’t think too much of how everything in their life is meant to make them hurt or get sick.

It’s true they should be a little bit more careful than others when it comes to health, but an independence of mind and body is absolutely necessary for them to feel free.

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