The 6th House in Astrology: All Its Meanings and Influence

The sixth house is that of work and health, revealing how disciplined and organized the individual is and how they work towards overcoming obstacles in their life.

Sixth house

The 6th house in the Western zodiac addresses matters of health, the desire to service others and the atmosphere at work or in the everyday life.

This is also the house of mastering new skills and being a disciple, also the one that influences how people are overcoming obstacles in order to achieve their goals. Therefore, planets and signs gathered here are an indication of health, profession and availability to help others.

The 6th house in a nutshell:

  • Represents: Performance, health and serving others;
  • With positive aspects: Great reactions and decisiveness in times of crisis;
  • With negative aspects: Inability to pursue in life what one is truly interested in;
  • Sun sign in the sixth house: Someone who is very practical and organized.

Perfection and pragmatism

Looking at the sequences on the zodiac wheel, the 6th house is the place where the creativity developed in the 5th is being put into practice and perfected.

As a matter of fact, looking at things from a broader perspective, each and every skill from the 1st to the 5th houses are being used in the 6th.

This is the place in which natives are realizing being an adult also involves being responsible and constantly on guard.

After all, even the human body needs to be cared for, just like homes need to be kept clean, the bills to be paid and domestic responsibilities to be taken seriously.

Those being strongly influenced by the sixth house are very worried to do everything correctly because this is the message this house is transmitting to them.

Obsessed with work and perfection, natives with many placements in the 6th house are also interested in health, the foods they’re eating and how their mind is affecting their body.

According to their sign and the planets ruling them, they can manifest very interesting and fascinating behaviors.

When it comes to relationships, this house determines how people are being practical when taking care of others and how they want to be cared for themselves.

It can be said this house is a little bit challenging because discipline is what matters the most for its influence to be complete. It’s a place where biorhythms are being determined, not to mention it can also show what clothes the natives are going to like.

Being ruled by Virgo and the planet Mercury, people with a strong 6th house will pay very much attention to details. This could be both in their advantage and disadvantage, but either way, it’s essential for them to have an organized life.

When it comes to this house, natives need to be responsible, patient, ready to make an effort in order to achieve what they want and able to handle any problem that’s related to the planets and signs placed here.

If heavy celestial bodies happen to be residing in the 6th house, natives of this placement will be workaholics, also hypochondriacs who are spending a lot of time in the gym.

Furthermore, they can develop eating disorders or have problems with their sleep. Other aspects of life being influenced by the sixth house are rituals of body cleaning and even ways of organizing things around the home, not to mention how much this is a house that makes people more responsible.

More than this, it influences how obsessive they can be over some behaviors and how much they’re willing to help others in a difficult situation.

Last but not least, the planets and signs present here indicate the work environment, the relationships with colleagues and the atmosphere at work in general.

In other words, the 6th house influences how productive natives can be. This is from where thoughts of how they’ve performed and about their results are emerging.

Furthermore, influenced by the sixth house, individuals are wondering what they can do in order to improve their life and to make their days shinier. These are all matters that are being strongly affected by all the transits in the 6th house.

When things here are more dynamic, like when having Mars or the Sun present here, natives become more able to animate things at their workplace, so they’ll end up being very appreciated by their superiors and colleagues.

Saturn and Pluto can bring many challenges to this house, which means natives with such placements may have difficulties finding a job, getting along with their coworkers and being disciplined.

The presence of Venus in the 6th house helps individuals think of life like a party and to get along very well with everyone, especially at work.

The sign being present on the cusp of this house will indicate what kind of atmosphere the natives will create at their workplace and what’s best for them when it comes to their profession.

However, this doesn’t mean the 6th house is all about work because it can also rule over the everyday life, which covers hobbies, actions of charity and even exercising. More than this, it has a lot to do with pets and small animals.

Those with a balanced Sixth house will feel grounded from both a mental and physical point of view. Virgo can influence people to make the most of their life and to have refined tastes. Obviously, the details are important too because they’d be building towards the ideals, step-by-step.

A birth chart with plenty of planets in the sixth house

The 6th house will always inspire people to take care of themselves and to give a lot of importance to their own health.

Therefore, natives with a strong 6th house will do their best to always eat right and to exercise in order for their body weight to remain constant.

However, they should pay attention to other things as well because having the optimal weight is not the only way to remain healthy.

If they want to feel better about themselves and to look good, they can simply go shopping for clothes or get a new haircut. These activities will definitely not influence their physical health, but they’ll be very important for their mental one.

They’ll be very focused on working hard, not only for themselves, but also for the greater good, which is different from the 2nd house of the sign Taurus, where individuals are only working for themselves.

Here, natives are more motivated to collaborate with others and to understand their work environment. Coming back to well-being, the mental health is as important as the physical one, so they should take good care of their mind, especially if they want to feel good in their own body and to not make too many visits to the doctor.

When feeling overwhelmed by stress, they should just take a day off and relax their mind. Natives with a strong 6th house should realize both their physical and mental health are being maintained and working properly when they’re not stressed.

As a matter of fact, many diseases are caused by worrying too much, not to mention how everything can become worse when feeling pressured. Therefore, paying attention to their mental health is as important for them as paying attention to the physical one.

What to remember about the 6th house

The house of health, the 6th house is all about eating good and exercising, being able to cope with adversity and having a discipline.

All human beings are meant to possess a few weaknesses, so the way they’re dealing with problems and situations of crisis will be very much determined by this house.

After all, the existence of humans on Earth is pretty much affected by changes of luck, health and situations. The way they’re confronting such situations will determine whom they’re turning into, step by step.

The planets and signs gathered in the 6th house indicate the daily routine and all the methods natives are using in order to get their work done. This house’s cusp indicates the work environment and what people love doing for living.

Furthermore, the 6th house is about having employees, whether if having a business or being the boss at work. It is the house that rules over the consciousness and the measures people are taking in order to be healthier, not to mention how much of an influence it has over energy levels and vitality.

Visits to the doctor, the diet and the fitness regime are all incorporated here. Poor health can hold many people back, but as soon as diseases have been defeated and completed understood, they can become valuable lessons of how the life of natives should change.

Work and the way individuals are ready to service others are matters of the 6th house as well.

This is where issues of employment, training and collaboration are being determined. In order for individuals to be effective and productive at work, they need to feel healthy, so the 6th house comes into discussion again.

Therefore, it’s not only a house of work and jobs, also one that indicates how people are working on themselves.

Being responsible, dutiful and focused on personal improvement are matters of the 6th house, not to mention it’s not only about what natives are doing for themselves, but also about how they’re servicing others.

When feeling sick or less confident, people with a strong 6th house will have a need to become better in order for them to come back to work and to serve the world surrounding them. Since it’s so much about responsibility, this is also the house of pets and not too big animals.

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