Saturn in 3rd House: What It Means For Your Personality and Life

This placement of Saturn makes people have highly analytical and precise minds, love to dwell in many different interests and often impress others.

Saturn in 3rd house

People born with Saturn in the third house in their birth chart are precise, resilient and capable of seeing things in depth. They can organize very efficiently and deal with life in the most traditional and conservative way.

It’s possible they’ll have an inclination towards mathematics and logic, their mind being very capable of developing great strategies when put in such a situation.

Saturn in 3rd House summary:

  • Strengths: Knowledgeable, dependable and kind;
  • Challenges: Insecure, shy and distant;
  • Advice: They should be braver about their opinions;
  • Celebrities: Kylie Jenner, Justin Bieber, David Beckham, Naomi Campbell.

These people don’t like to waste too much time with a project and prefer to be alone because they sometimes feel like people can only bring them trouble. This is because they may encounter problems with communication and can’t find the way to express themselves clearly all the time.

A dislike for superficiality

The main purpose of the 3rd house sits in the subconscious functioning of the natives’ mind, when these are dealing with their most comfortable surroundings.

This house refers to the purest way people behave and communicate or how they function when interacting, so with that in mind, it’s obvious that it doesn’t deal with the unconscious.

It seems the small things people say and do unconsciously are the ones that present who they actually are!

Saturn in 3rd house natives may seem shy and distant. Some can be turned off by them, so they should listen and actually use what they have learned.

This way, they won’t need to do a lot of talking, still their loved ones will adore them for listening.

Saturn in 3rd house individuals have some serious difficulties when communicating.

These natives believe their opinions will get seriously criticized, therefore, they’re insecure and wouldn’t even think of trying to talk about their feelings or thoughts.

Because of this, they’re unwilling to communicate and are scared of making a mistake. It’s normal for them to be shy and always concerned with others’ opinion of them.

Talking is frequently a challenge for them and they could have dealt with some kind of speech impairment when young.

Saturn in 3rd house people aren’t necessarily spontaneous as far as learning goes, small-talk and day-to-day discussions about the latest news.

They simply don’t have a lot of interest in simple subjects and are all the time serious because they dislike superficiality in all its forms.

They may be very good when it comes to research, but are often scared or not at all bold enough to deal with the new and the methods that haven’t been tested.

With Saturn here, things generally refer to a highly analytical and precise mind, which can be the effect of many principles taught to them during their first years of school.

From a young age, some of them have been educated to respect every rule, so they may seem insecure when dealing with the unknown as they take their time to act and are cautious.

Many of them have only studied and thought of nothing else, while others were denied to attend a college with strict regulations, where they’d have felt really good.

As children, they probably felt unappreciated for their way of thinking and even called dumb. If disregarded and told their opinions don’t matter, it’s possible they may have learned to remain silent and to open only when thinking they have something very interesting to say.

The psychological buildup of people usually depends upon what’s known, tested and appreciated.

Saturn in 3rd house individuals deal with cognitive activities by insisting and striving for perfection, security for them being attained only when the truth is understood and every little detail has been studied.

If not, any form of advice coming from others can intimidate them. The slow movement of Saturn supplies many problems in matters relating to home and family members.

Natives having Saturn in 3rd house typically start speaking at an older age than other children, could have a somewhat sluggish and fearful speech or can be exaggeratedly timid to talk about their own ideas.

They may take a while to process all the information coming towards them, and while their intelligence isn’t lower when compared to others’, Saturn often makes them seem less smart.

Even if they may possess a high intellect, their surroundings would make them feel too scared to talk, which they accept as a reality until seeing what their speech can do.

It doesn’t matter if men or women, they could be late bloomers who use only their own pace. Saturn makes these natives extremely stable when it comes to the knowledge they’ve obtained throughout the years.

What they have heard is strongly fixated in their mind and generates new ideas, which can produce an even more developed mind in the long run, a greater understanding than the one of somebody who absorbs data fast, yet in a chaotic manner.

The goods and the bads

Saturn is the bully of all planets, making people with it in the 3rd house seem distant or too shy. Situations in which communication is needed can make them feel uneasy, but since they don’t necessarily say too many things, they have this great way of listening.

And it’s not that they want to be this way, they just are! Don’t even think they will ever speak in public, yet Saturn in the 3rd house makes them silent and ready to develop great observational skills that eventually lead them to success.

They prefer to work in the shadows, sometimes as journalists or scientists and are disciplined or very well coordinated, finding those who happen talkative and unorganized very bothersome.

They have probably been discouraged to talk when young, possibly because their parents considered some things should never be discussed.

Saturn in the 3rd house can even briefly disrupt them in school as well, however, they will surely devote a lot of their time and efforts to the aspects of life related to education.

They may need to study twice as harder, but at least they have their own strategies when it comes to working towards reaching their objectives.

It’s possible they’ll want to achieve great successes in research, but for this to happen, fighting their own anxieties would become very important.

It’s good that Saturn provides patience and endurance, so these would be two of their advantage when it comes to accomplishing any type of task.

Their communication is lacking a lot of heart and soul, therefore, they won’t call or text a person until initially determining what they want to say.

This can be terrific for some professions, especially those that require the employees to be as discreet as possible.

Natives with Saturn in the 3rd house are fantastic at managing confidential information and working for newspapers, or for tasks where they don’t need to interact that much with their colleagues and superiors.

They’re also cautious and manage to obtain results faster than others because they’re always minding their own business.

It’s suggested they spend some more time examining other individuals and their desires because this can help them determine what they want too and they surely are capable of good relationships.

They should use their instincts and have significant talks with both their family and friends.

Relaxing and letting their few communication abilities unfold will put them in the ideal direction, so they’ll eventually learn how to talk more openly, which can be their life’s challenge.

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