Saturn in 7th House: What It Means For Your Personality and Life

This placement of Saturn makes people take their relationships of all kinds very seriously and also be the most loyal and dependable out there.

Saturn in 7th house

People born with Saturn in the seventh house in their birth chart may romantically attract individuals who are older because they take love seriously and work hard for their relationships.

It’s possible for them to have karmic influences from their past lives when it comes to choosing their lover. While very careful to not get married with the wrong person, they still can commit to the point of no return, even if unhappy in the relationship.

Saturn in 7th House summary:

  • Strengths: Diplomatic, loyal and caring;
  • Challenges: Nasty, shy and judgmental;
  • Advice: They need to stop looking for other’s validation;
  • Celebrities: Johnny Depp, Selena Gomez, Christina Aguilera, Eminem.

These people will want a disciplined type of love and can marry because they need the sense of security this type of connection offers. It’s like every partnership in their life has been calculated and they’re searching for a lover to help them be more responsible and at the same time purposeful or successful.

Often looking for some kind of validation

Marriage and any other type of partnerships are among the areas influenced by the 7th house, which means this structure determines how people feel about both their closed ones and enemies.

Opposing the first house, the 7th is all about the energies natives project onto other individuals, and also about what they’re looking for in a relationship.

It can be seen as the ruler of the feelings people want to get back from the ones that they love the most. It’s related to Libra and its ruling planet Venus, which governs over love and kindness.

Saturn in 7th house people can be many things because this planet influences them in many directions, as a result of the energy it resonates.

They could be the type who only has a few meaningful relationships because the responsibility that comes with being involved overwhelms them.

It’s also possible they may find it difficult to form connections with others, which can keep them as far away as possible from any kind of attachment.

They shouldn’t let all these things rule their life and keep an eye on their predilections.

Taking relationships seriously and being responsible of another person can turn them into great partners if they just make an effort. Not to mention many would be very happy to be a part of their life.

They should be the type who doesn’t hurry to commit but who does it seriously. Natives having Saturn in 7th house are very loyal and devoted, looking to only be with their lovers for a lifetime.

This is the house where Libra resides and which rules over marriages, enemies, friendships, business partnerships and romantic encounters.

It can be difficult for these people to find love, but at least Saturn influences them to be committed and never easygoing in matters of love.

They will question the way they care about their other half and feel inadequate for a relationship, but at least they’d never cheat.

When it comes to their social life, they’re anxious and not at all themselves in the company of people. It’s like they’re always building up walls between themselves and others, deciding what to do about their relationships according to an irrational type of fear they have and never trusting the ones they love the most.

Individuals having Saturn in 7th house are always looking for the validation of their commitments and want a partner who’s practical, stable or very calm.

That’s why they may marry someone older and with a good social position, sometimes after their thirties. The orb of Saturn when it comes to relationships here suggests they may go through some desperate situations in which their partners are being abusive or not at all in love with them.

When it comes to work, they’d do a great job as politicians, business people, lawyers and brokers. They will connect with others just to repress the fact that they’re feeling inadequate or inferior.

The cosmic alignment may force them to repeat the same mistakes until learning the most important life lessons and to always have a feeling of emptiness.

That’s why they want someone who can deal with their inner life and at the same time dream of solitude.

They will probably have failed marriages until Saturn will do its first return, which is around their thirties. They’re attracted to fixed and Earth signs and can encounter delays when it comes to love. These people will most likely be alone and feel like there’s no one out there who can be called their other half, for a very long period of time.

The goods and the bads

Saturn is the bully of all planets, the one who always comes with nasty obstacles and makes people think they can’t make it in life.

When in the 7th house of partnerships, legal matters and marriage, it influences natives with this placement to get married later in life or even to never experience a serious relationship until their thirties.

They may be the type that marries for money and is later on haunted by this decision, only to decide at some point to end the relationship.

If Saturn in the 7th house is in good aspects, people who have this in their chart may become motivated to turn into responsible individuals as soon as married.

The same planet can also influence them to choose the wrong relationships and to be inhibited, stressing over things that others wouldn’t even think of.

They will feel paralyzed when things become too intense or close to completion, so the solution for them is to develop strong connections in which others are willing to help them when feeling this way.

Some of the people with the Saturn in 7th house placement are too shy to just sit and have an one-on-one talk. They’re also too reserved to make a new friend or to start a relationship because Saturn asks them for patience and wisdom.

If this planet would oppose some other that are related to personal issues, the natives of this opposition would have to face many obstacles when it comes to the way they interact with others.

Saturn is about going over the line and learning some lessons the hard way. It influences people to test their ground before romances and to not want something too “normal” because they’re looking for originality and what’s real, not in any way abstract.

It can be said this planet makes people wiser when it comes to love. All the natives having Saturn in 7th house are good at mitigating conflicts and know the difference between what’s right and what’s wrong.

They think justice is the most important thing in the world and are able to see both sides of a situation or the compromise that should be made when two people are arguing.

These natives are looking to bring peace and balance because Saturn keeps them in the right mindset. Their relationships will always be harmonious and stable, and they’ll have partners who trust their sense of justice and the decisions they make.

The 7th house dictates how people get along with their public, while Saturn determines their level of commitment and responses, be it about emotions or just curiosity.

The public opinions of Saturn in 7th house individuals are strongly influenced by this planet, making them able to deal with their fear of speaking in public and always telling the truth.

They wouldn’t get married with someone who doesn’t match their personality and their love would be a lot about loyalty.

They should, however, realize there isn’t such thing as a perfect relationship and rely more on the person who can help them be a better version of themselves.

Saturn may influence them to feel burdened about making a partnership working and at the same time too shy to get close to a person they like.

These people should know what give-and-take is and also how any union should be built, while allowing their other half to carry the responsibility of making things work, with their help.

Taking love seriously, they should believe in collaboration and enjoy their lover’s company. It’s also suggested that they rely more on feeling than on logic when choosing someone because happiness can only be attained by involving emotions.

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