Saturn in 2nd House: What It Means For Your Personality and Life

This placement of Saturn makes people likely to work hard and tirelessly to achieve the high goals they set for themselves, and also care a lot about money.

Saturn in 2nd hous

People born with Saturn in the second house in their birth chart are pragmatic, serious and dutiful, especially when it comes to wealth. This is not a placement of Saturn that absolutely impedes them for making money, but they will surely need to work hard for their life to be as comfortable as they want it.

There are times when they forget all about enjoying their possessions because the focus on making money becomes too much. It’s good to save and to feel secure that dark times won’t follow, but stressing too much about this issue is never a good thing.

Saturn in 2nd House summary:

  • Strengths: Calculated, imaginative and domestic;
  • Challenges: Pessimistic, materialistic and cautious;
  • Advice: They should refrain themselves from thinking that life is only about money;
  • Celebrities: Jodie Foster, Kanye West, Brad Pitt, Ariana Grande.

Learning how to share would be a great idea for these people because it would bring about true joy and happiness. It’s very possible they also stressed about the material side during their past lives, so a re-evaluation of their own values is absolutely necessary for more peace of mind.

Cautious with their finances

All astrologers are saying natives having Saturn in the 2nd house face difficulties trying to make a living because they want money too ardently.

This can sound harsh because, while Saturn rules over limitations and obstacles, it also has its positive influences too.

When it comes to personalities, the 2nd house deals with the attitude individuals have regarding their possessions.

Saturn here makes them pessimistic about the materialistic side of life, so they should avoid feeling down as far as discussions about their salary go.

Saturn in 2nd house individuals may be too cautious about where they are putting their money. For example, they’d be more open to invest in something that pays back in the long run than in opportunities promising fast results.

This is a good thing because their finances won’t get lost over the years, but at the same time, they won’t earn that much considering not a single risk is being taken.

This is what makes many astrologers believe they’re in fact almost unable to make money and gain as much as they’re dreaming of. However, it is more a matter of attitude and awareness than of inability.

Anything that has something to do with the material world and the process of earning can have Saturn in 2nd house natives’ heart sign with joy.

It’s possible for them to find fulfillment dealing with people or other things like spirituality too, but only if they would feel like owning someone or something.

That’s why they need to always feel secure and also why they’re holding on so tightly to everything that happens to be in their possession.

Some may be traumatized by a childhood in which they didn’t have anything, struggling as adults to have a completely different life.

These people “feel” money like they do electricity and a form of whole new energy meant to make them feel good. Saturn gives them many tough life lessons, but they will never cease to determine their identity based on material gains and financial accomplishments.

That’s why they’re only looking for something to give them direction in the material world and no place else. All the extremes of this planet will cause these natives to be obsessed with having their own money and never wanting to borrow a dime, not even from people in their family.

The least evolved ones will be hoarders, the total opposite of people who prefer a monk’s life and don’t mind sleeping in a bed with no sheets.

Those who can’t understand why society needs to possess all the time make them feel uncomfortable and even scared.

Not that they aren’t be able to notice greed, they just prefer to ignore it or to not admit it may have anything to do with them.

When focusing on making money, they’re calculated and sometimes even imaginative. They have a lucrative mind and are terrified of losing everything they own, so while luck may not come towards them too easily, they will still think of all kind of business ideas.

It’s like gold flows through their veins, not blood like in all other human beings. An attraction towards the occult and even astrology is also possible because they want to know a thing or two about their financial future.

Eager to feel secure about their income, Saturn’s influence will have them working hard and tirelessly and specific to this planet, their progress will be slow but steady and sure.

When it comes to the 2nd house, a stable financial situation gets established after the thirties, this being also the situation with spiritual richness and a sense of accomplishment.

Therefore, people having Saturn here will surely become more opulent and sure of themselves after their middle age, no matter how little others will appreciate and support them.

The goods and the bads

Famous for making people stumble with everything they’re trying to do in life, Saturn is the bully of planets.

When in the 2nd house of wealth and possessions, it’s easy to assume individuals having this placement face many difficulties when it comes to money and business-related issues.

They also wouldn’t dare to take too many risks, this situation being different if they’d have Jupiter neighboring Saturn.

Jupiter around the 2nd house would make more intuitive and thus, talented with business. However, natives with Saturn here and Jupiter far away will not be too lucky and accumulate as much wealth as they want to.

At least they won’t lose their money gambling or doing something reckless either, so their finances are very likely to remain the same throughout their entire life.

It would be smart for them to admit they’re pessimistic and try a more risk-taking approach if they want to get filthy rich.

Saturn rules a lot when it comes to work and the 2nd house of Taurus influences people to want security, so they will persevere and make the necessary sacrifices for success to come their way.

Astrology says these people can recognize true value and good quality, so they’ll most likely invest in real estate and work the land. It’s also possible for them to become artists because they really know what people like when it comes to worldly matters.

Owning a business, being engineers, architects or city planners is also possible because they want to make high-quality things that last for a lifetime and Venus helps them understand forms or colors.

Wanting to build something substantial, no matter if it’s about work-related or family issues, seems to be their strongest point.

Their home will be comfortable and tastefully decorated, but no matter how much it will be invested in it, they will always feel as it’s not enough.

Saturn can make them extremely focused in the tasks they have at hand, so it’s very likely they’ll end up only working and not having fun at all, which can furthermore lead to illness and too much stress.

Feeling they’re all alone and never asking for help is also not in their benefit, so they should share their efforts, even if this means sharing the rewards as well.

The passing from the 1st house of self to the 2nd one of belongings brings an Earthy feeling and a realistic attitude, making them able to see what their resources are and how to create value.

Individuals having Saturn in 2nd house need a strong foundation to build on and don’t like change. They’re terrified of losing everything they have, so they will never relinquish control.

The more they’ll relax, the more they’ll gain their peace of mind. When not being able to predict a situation, they prefer to stay away from it, meaning they can miss on great things in life.

Dropping some of their inhibitions would help them be better persons, but since Taurus rules over the 2nd house, this thing may be the most difficult to be done for them.

Saturn here will always fight their love of beauty and everything that makes their heart beat faster, making them very weak when dealing with aesthetically pleasing things like a great painting or a nice car.

They will do anything to own such things, no matter if this would mean they’d end up ruined. They like feeling comfortable and don’t want to go out that much, so expect their home to always be welcoming.

Many will see their obsession with decorating as something that opposes practicality, so they’ll have to convince some people they’re in fact focused on other things besides pleasurable surroundings.

While Saturn keeps them down-to-earth, it also brings difficulties in advancing further.

That’s why they should let go from time to time and just enjoy the ride. Life will happen as it should anyway, so their efforts would be in vain in certain situations.

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