The 2nd House in Astrology: All Its Meanings and Influence

The second house governs the financial situation, the pleasures and the things one regards highly in life, revealing in what one finds comfort and stability.

Second house

The 2nd house in the Western zodiac is very much related to the materialistic side of life, so it focuses on possessions, finances and physicality.

This is also the house of what people are valuing and desiring the most. Planets and signs gathered here are operating in the area of material focus and of highly regarded values.

The 2nd house in a nutshell:

  • Represents: Material possessions, physicality and personal values;
  • With positive aspects: Inspiration with money and great taste;
  • With negative aspects: A tendency to spend recklessly;
  • Sun sign in the second house: Someone who finds security in material possessions.

A materialistic view of life

Everything that can be touched, seen and heard belongs to the 2nd house. Furthermore, values of individuals are also featured here, so this sector can pretty much reveal whom people really are.

This is where individuals are preferring to define their own personality by claiming what they want from this world.

It’s a house that reveals how high positions at work are being obtained, what these positions actually are and how people are holding onto them.

Furthermore, planets and signs residing in the second house are indicating how strict individuals are about their own convictions. This is a house of behaviors and strategies meant to make anyone survive in the world.

Many issues the 2nd house deals with are related to belongings and desires, even favorite foods because this is the section of the birth chart that’s the most materialistic.

Regarded from a more practical point of view, it determines how much people are consuming and how this affects their finances. Those with a strong 2nd house should cleanse their body as often as possible, by adopting a healthy diet and avoiding harmful substances.

A cleanse would help them have a clearer mind, which means they’ll make better decisions when it comes to money and won’t steal any energy from the 1st house. This is the recipe for success when it comes to these natives.

The second house is always reminding people to focus their energy on what’s important and right. Whenever failing and feeling unsatisfied from a materialistic point of view, individuals should realize there’s nothing wrong with them, their energy simply hasn’t been properly focused and their body not in sync with their mind.

As soon as starting to make money, human beings are starting to better understand their role in society and to be om sync with their true self.

When unsatisfied about their financial situation, they should think they’re probably not liking what they’re doing for a living and that their true calling needs to be found in order for them to feel whole.

No matter the situation, the second house is all about personal satisfaction when it comes to the materialistic side of life and the ways this is being employed in order to satisfy one’s inner wishes.

Being the home of Taurus, this house has the Earth element associated with it, and features the patience for goals to be achieved, which is given by the Bull.

What people are creating with their talents and efforts can also be included in this house because this section seems to also rule over the happiness experienced after completing projects.

All the planets present here will be focused on material security and physicality. This is the place where the self becomes stronger and where values are highly cherished. The planet ruling this house is Venus, so natives having its strong influence in their chart will always appreciate beauty.

The 2nd house also reveals how people are working on their lives and their sense of belonging. Therefore, as soon as having a home, those with strong placements in the 2nd house will start to become luckier with wealth.

This house also deals with the contribution individuals are bringing to the society, indicating their insights regarding self-sufficiency and how down-to-earth they are.

A second house that’s strong will bring about stability, which means its natives will wisely invest their money and plan for the future. The challenges present here may have something to do with being financially dependent on others and forgetting about values when financial gains are being involved.

All the lessons taught by the 2nd house are supposed to be about honesty and consistency. The 2nd house and its aspects can also influence people to be thorough and realistic. Venus here is at home and therefore, beneficial, while Jupiter can as well have an amazing influence as this planet is known to deal with expansion and has the ability to bring good luck in abundance when it comes to money.

Saturn wouldn’t do a bad job here either, but it needs to be in good aspects in order to bring about wealth, even if it does it when the natives are older and after they’ve accumulated a lot of experience in life.

Uranus and Mars have no place in the second house, especially when in bad aspects, because when placed here, they’re bringing instability and losses of money.

The Sun’s presence in this house is also a bad sign, even if usually known to help with accumulating wealth. However, the same Sun can also influence natives to spend a lot of money and to never think about tomorrow.

A birth chart with plenty of planets in the second house

Possessions and the way people are spending are pretty much matters related to the 2nd house. Those having their birth sign here will exaggerate with these things, but also be very wise when investing their finances.

It’s indicated for them to buy stocks as soon as their sign is in the 2nd house. This would also be a great time for them to buy things that can help them obtain more money.

For example, they could buy a house and rent it, or a car to use it for driving people for money. After all, it’s only up to them how they’re deciding to spend their money, but the 2nd house very much encourages cautiousness.

This is also the house that the rules over how individuals are feeling about themselves. If having no self-respect, those with their sign here will go through very difficult times in life, no matter in which other house their sign is located, during different periods of time.

Being confident doesn’t come easy, but it’s also very possible if people are doing many pleasurable things. This is a situation in which money are very important because they can buy fun and materialistic happiness.

Finances aren’t alone in the second house because this section also deals with the experiences brought on by spending money. Therefore, natives with a strong 2nd house will be influenced to invest wisely, but also to spend on making great memories for themselves their loved ones, and on having fun.

It’s suggested for them to go on expensive vacations and to spoil themselves from time to time, no matter how useless doing these things may seem to them in the beginning.

What to remember about the 2nd house

The 2nd house rules over the income, the financial responsibilities and the possessions of natives. Both losses and gains seem to be gathered in this section of a birth chart, making people wish for financial security and more confident with their money-making methods.

Being ruled by the planet of beauty, love and financial earnings, this is also the home for the stable and practical Taurus. The way individuals are using their possessions and taking care of them are also matters of the 2nd house.

Things are meant to make life easier and to instill a sense of satisfaction in individuals, which brings about value, another important aspect ruled by this house.

Therefore, what people appreciate the most, no matter if about others or materials, is being determined by the dynamic of the 2nd house.

Those believing money can do anything are truly connected with this house because here, personal freedom and success are all about wealth.

To some extent, being rich can define whom people are and bring about pride for what they’ve done in order to accumulate their fortune, not to mention that when used wisely, financial resources can control love, friendships even and others’ opinions.

However, every person in this world should be educated to make a living in an honest way as this is the only way for the society to become better. When possessions are in the hands of many, life becomes more harmonious and people more giving.

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