Rat Man Rooster Woman Long-Term Compatibility

This relationship is a true depiction of the saying opposites attract so their time together is quite exciting.

Rat man Rooster woman compatibility

If a relationship is formed between a Rat man and a Rooster woman, it has all the chances to succeed, for as long as the partners are ready to work for it. He appreciates her for being enthusiastic and dedicated to make things work between them, she loves the fact that he’s moderate and thoughtful.

CriteriaRat Man Rooster Woman Compatibility Degree
Emotional connectionAverage❤ ❤ ❤
CommunicationStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Trust & DependabilityAverage❤ ❤ ❤
Common valuesStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Intimacy & SexStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

The Rat man and Rooster woman can work together very efficiently and overcome any problem. It’s when things are great between them that problems start appearing, with finances being the main reason for them to fight.

The Rooster woman doesn’t mind working hard for her relationship and has a very positive attitude when it comes to love. She’s mild and doesn’t want romantic dinners under candlelight because she’s more focused on the everyday life.

Therefore, she shouldn’t be approached with romantic gestures, but with more practical activities that seem meaningful. The relationship between her and the Rat man can be very successful because the two understand one another and their goals in life.

The Rat man knows how to talk and can be seen as a schemer, especially seeing that she’s only honest and expects her lover to be the same. She wants to have a traditional lifestyle and to have stability, he’s more interested in freedom and being creative, so they can often disagree.

In the situation in which they’re communicating their wishes and talk about what they need, they can end up being compassionate and supporting each other. Their friends would love to see them as a couple.

They may have problems when not understanding one another. Protective and caring, the Rooster woman can nag the Rat man with the way she cares, not to mention she may tell him that he’s good for nothing in case he doesn’t have success in life.

He may be very bothered by this, as he needs a supportive and affectionate partner. In an ideal world, the saying that opposites attract is the one that suits them best.

The Rat man will always be impressed by the Rooster woman’s beauty and dedication to be responsible for the ones she loves the most. She’s the type to service others, and the Rat can be amazed to see that she’s willing to put others before her.

He can be counted on to make things fun in the relationship and to come up with new ideas, so the Rooster woman can be very happy next to him, seeing she would never get bored, which would have happened if she would have been with a Goat man.

When together with the practical and cautious female Rooster, the Rat man can realize that routine and bringing order into chaos aren’t that bad. If living to together with her, he may be very happy that he doesn’t need to take care of every little detail when it comes to keeping things as they should be.

More than this, she can help him calm down and slow his fast pace that is sometimes annoying and detrimental for their relationship. On the other hand, when around the energetic and vivacious Rat man, the Rooster woman can learn how to no longer be so fastidious. She can discover that lightening up from time to time is a very good thing for her.

But then again, the fact that she’s fastidious can drive him crazy, seeing he’s not interested in the way their him is being decorated and has the tendency to hoard things from time to time.

Appreciating each other more

The Rooster woman doesn’t care too much about what she’s wearing, however, even so, she’s always making sure her home is neat and is very tidy. At the opposite extreme, the Rat man keeps his house in a mess and is bothered when seeing people who aren’t bothered with the way they look.

She’s always arranging things in her surroundings because this is the way she is and can’t stand disorder. He may see her as obsessive-compulsive for this reason. Having different standards when it comes to life, they may fight more than often.

The Rat man is relaxed, charming and sociable, also always protective of his own interests. When it comes to the Rooster woman, she’s obsessed with perfection and very altruistic, which he can’t understand or appreciate.

She doesn’t only have very high standards, she expects others to have them too, which can greatly annoy the Rat man, as he has a very big ego. If they want to have a beautiful relationship, they should appreciate each other’s positive traits.

As soon as he starts to be more caring and she loosens up, the Rooster woman and the Rat man can become the perfect couple and support one another in difficult situations.

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