Rat and Rooster Love Compatibility: A Strong Relationship

These two are likely to have a lot of fun together and actively try not to be affected by any negative situations.

Rat and Rooster Compatibility

The Rat and the Rooster from the Chinese zodiac are very capable of forming a strong connection.

However, the spirit of the Rat is free and their skills artistic, which means the Rooster may not like this about them. True perfectionists and very honest people, Roosters may think the Rat partner doesn’t live up to their high standards.

CriteriaRat and Rooster Compatibility Degree
Emotional connectionAverage❤ ❤ ❤
CommunicationStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Trust & DependabilityAverage❤ ❤ ❤
Common valuesStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Intimacy & SexStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

When together as lovers, the Rooster and the Rat may have a lot of fun because they both enjoy going out and spending their time with friends.

The positives

These two may end up understanding each other perfectly as soon as they manage to see what motivates the other. The fact that the Rat is a fast-thinker and in love with schemes may not be to the liking of the honest and direct Rooster who has very high standards.

Down-to-earth and conservative, the Rooster prefers to stick to traditions and to follow the paths they’re aware of in life. This is why they may find the artistic and loose Rat very annoying.

It’s possible that in a relationship, the Rooster will always try to make the Rat become as perfectionistic as themselves, so they may end up nagging these natives with seriousness and different responsibilities.

It’s not that the Rat is not caring, however, these people love to have fun, to make new friends and to laugh. They can be serious, but only when loved in a special way and appreciated for whom they are.

In the relationship between these two, the Rooster will not complain too much because the Rat is very generous with the ones he or she loves.

The Rooster has a need to always be admired and complimented, which makes their Rat an ideal partner because these ones don’t mind flattering others.

As a matter of fact, the Rat can make anyone fall in love with them by using their sweet words. It’s like they only need to talk and the person in front of them becomes absorbed by their words and way of thinking.

This means a Rooster would be more than happy to start a relationship with someone who happens to be in the sign of the Rat.

Roosters are beautiful people who can always attract Rats. It wouldn’t matter how many friends are surrounding them, the Rat will fall for the Rooster because they’re very attractive.

It goes the other way around too, so it’s not impossible for a Rooster and a Rat to get to the bedroom from their very first date. The courtship period wouldn’t even matter anymore because they’d forget everything about it.

The best moments in the relationship between a Rooster and a Rat are when they celebrate anniversaries or any type of success one of them may have had as they both love to have fun with their friends and also to live exciting adventures that make their body and mind get stimulated.

All in all, a Rat and a Rooster can end up being in love with the relationship they’re having together. Both want intimacy, so it’s possible for them to be so attracted to each other that they never want to have sex with anyone else besides their partner.

While this may not happen for real, being just an exaggeration, they would still be very happy to know they had the best moments together while everything lasted.

If they’ll be able to forgive the mistakes they’re both making, their connection may last for a lifetime. The Rat can really appreciate the fact that the Rooster is a perfectionist and that they can change them to become better persons.

If tolerant enough, the Rat can understand a lot from the Rooster and get to know their weaknesses before being negatively affected by them.

The Rooster is usually serious and wants to make sure their Rat lover is the same. While this is possible only with compromises from the Rat’s side, the relationship between them would have better chances in this situation.

There are many advantages to how Roosters love because they can make things happen and last. They are the type who are never late and who always respect their schedule.

It’s possible for the Rat to become aware of better opportunities in business when working with the Rooster as these last-mentioned ones can offer great assistance when it comes to the professional life.

Very disciplined as far as finances go, the Rooster would be appreciated by the Rat for not spending too much and for wanting to save money.

In a romantic relationship, the money belonging to both would be well-kept and wisely invested. Others may consider them cheap, but they’d only be wise to always have their financial future secured. Therefore, when it comes to the financial aspect, the Rat and Rooster couple are always on the same page.

The negatives

Just like any other relationship, the one between the Rat and the Rooster can have problems as well. These two would mainly argue because the Rooster wouldn’t be happy with the way the Rat is living their life as these natives are never serious and tend to jump from one idea to another.

Another reason for their arguments would be the fact that the Rooster is very practical and prefers to live a traditional life and the Rat wants their freedom. These would probably get tired of being all the time advised what to do, so when them and the Rooster would have to take the same path in life, they’d decide to go separate ways just to be happy on their own.

The fact that a Rooster is domineering when it comes to sex is also a disadvantage for their relationship. These natives would love to rule in the couple, whilst the Rat would completely hate this situation.

They would fight over unimportant issues and not have enough patience to understand each other. Both bossy, they may not resist for too long because the Rooster wants to impose their traditions and conventional ways, which would never have the Rat agreeing with them.

If they want to work out things, both the Rat and the Rooster need to make compromises and to understand one another.

Because he wants independence, the Rat man will never listen to the Rooster woman. This lady needs attention or she may decide to leave the relationship altogether.

When she longs for attention, she gets to feel inferior and conflicts between them start to appear everyday.

In order for the Rooster and Rat relationship to work, both partners need to establish some rules before starting the affair. Some boundaries are also necessary to be highlighted in order for them to respect each other more.

The Rat should understand this and become more serious when it comes to their life together as a couple.

What to remember about the Rat & Rooster relationship

Because they oppose each other, the Rat and the Rooster would be very attracted by one another from the beginning, only for all this to cool off after a while and for trouble to begin.

These two signs approach life differently as the Rooster is sincere, conventional and direct, while the Rat is creative and love to manipulate. The Rooster will always have a feeling the Rat can’t live up to their expectations and doesn’t mind telling them all this, which makes the Rat very upset and even trying to make their partner jealous.

This kind of situation usually leads to breakups between them. Furthermore, the Rooster needs to be admired all the time and the Rat doesn’t mind flattering as long as they don’t feel nagged.

This couple has a great time in the bedroom and an amazing success in business if the Rooster is able to trust their partner enough. The first ones would take care of the office while Rat would run the business altogether.

When the relationship between the Rooster and the Rat is that of a man and the woman in this order, the affair may need miracles in order to resist because both natives are possessive, impulsive and jealous.

They won’t trust each other and fight over money. She would be terrified of being left out and become very jealous, while he’d have the same feeling of jealousy because he’s insecure.

When the other way around, with the Rooster a woman and the Rat a man, the chances of success increase greatly. However, both partners would need to work hard for things between them to be the way they want them to.

He would appreciate her for being dedicated and enthusiastic, she will love him for not wanting to spend all of their money on useless things. They would even get along in difficult times because it’s good times that usually make them argue.

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