Pluto in 9th House: Key Facts About Its Effect on Your Life and Personality

This placement of Pluto makes people strive to always be perfect, to achieve better results with each attempt and capitalize on their advantages.

Pluto in 9th house

Those born with Pluto in the ninth house of their birth chart have a very extreme and rigid outlook, in the sense that it’s either going to go down their way or no way at all. They don’t accept any compromises at all, and you can be damn sure that they have the arguments and knowledge to argue the logic of their ideas.

These natives want to find out the truth of this world, to explore and accumulate knowledge, to engage in debates, and to defend their beliefs with near-zealotic aggressiveness.

Pluto in 9th House summary:

  • Strengths: Curious, profound and creative;
  • Challenges: Self-absorbed, sloppy and criticizing;
  • Advice: They should aspire to higher ideals;
  • Celebrities: Megan Fox, Nicki Minaj, Grace Kelly, John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

In spite of their aggressive and impetuous nature to enforce their beliefs and argue with anyone who dares to contradict them, the ninth house natives are very aware of their own limitations. They want to become better, to right their wrongs and to change the whole world, actually.

Inspirational personalities

Intelligent and curious individuals who are enlivened by the prospect of learning and accumulating knowledge, making every effort to see beyond the natural veil of the world, these natives can also be incredibly stubborn and firm in their beliefs.

Pluto in 9th house native will not back away from any confrontation, even if the adversary is a well-known public figure. So what? Ideas are ideas, people are people.

They argue the ideas, not the person. They will even try to convince the other person to drop any defense and follow their principles.

Others look up to them as being very profound and creative, a trait of intelligent individuals. They come up with great ideas and may have had truly mind-blowing experiences in the past.

They inspire everyone else to aspire for more, to become better, superior. You can’t have one of them as friends and not be incentivized to read more, to want to know more.

They have an eagle’s eye on the world, a larger perspective that takes everything into consideration at face value.

In this sense, they are generally isolated and alienated from the rest of society, in a world of their own, trying to find their own identity and purpose, to strengthen their views and principles.

Pluto in 9th house natives take great joy and find it to be very relieving to change minds, to show others the truth and to explain things about the world that most couldn’t even think of.

At least, this is one of their main goals in this life, to contribute to a new enlightenment period.

However, things are different in reality because of their deep intuition and insight which supplies them with answers and solutions to problems, coming out of the blue, with no logical explanations.

It’s obviously harder to argue the veracity and reasonableness of these ideas. This creates a feeling of inadequacy and isolation.

They strive to be perfect, to achieve better and better results, and with each constant attempt, they are fixing their flaws, capitalizing on the advantages.

This also throws them into a lot of psychological tension. Stress, exhaustion, both physical and psychological. Moreover, there is also the tendency to criticize their own work and become self-absorbed with the mistakes, the flaws.

Lack of satisfaction with personal implication, the lack of pure joy when things go the right way. This is already a critical point in their lives which would take drastic action to come back from.

They can’t stand fake and pretentious people, superficiality or ignorance in any forms. These people are the few ones out there that are truly interested in learning and gaining knowledge for the sake of evolving alone.

It’s a passion, mostly. Anything, from philosophy to religion, science and the plethora of cultures around the world, are worth a close perusal.

The Pluto in 9th house aspect instills an insatiable desire to know in these natives. They want to explore the multitude of existential branches, the underlying senses that man makes of the world.

They want to deeply observe and analyze man’s experiences in accord with his tendency to act on his impulses, on the basis of immediate gratification, to expand their mind way beyond the normal potential.

This calls for incessant contemplation of the complex and nearly incomprehensible forces that govern life and death, the humongous mechanism that drives the Universe, the laws of the cosmos itself.

The goods and the bads

Chances are they will change their viewpoints quite drastically following a series of spiritual experiences. Religious events and happenings will act on their base natures, affect the very core of their beliefs, metamorphose the way of thinking that most people work with.

The higher domains of philosophy and learning are extremely likely to cause a game-changing transformation, to put them in a state of constant enthusiasm, ecstasy, communion with the other side.

They can use this knowledge and spiritual affinity to teach and spread this healing mindset to others, to transmit the ancestral knowledge to generations in the future.

However, they can also stray away from their path with the flick of a finger, just like that. It’s good to know that they have a safe haven to come back to in the form of their close friends and family.

The Pluto in ninth house natives are really terrified when confronted with other valid ideas that contradict their own.

In some sense, even though they are very open-minded and keen on expanding their minds, cognitive dissonance still makes its presence known.

However, learning from mistakes and having one’s argument taken down can only serve as a form of knowledge in and of itself.

Moreover, they tend to be very egotistic and arrogantly stubborn with their viewpoints. They might even mock or take other people into derision for supporting stupid ideas.

They think themselves to be the very apex of human intelligence and curiosity, that no one can possibly know as many things as they do.

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