Pluto in 6th House: Key Facts About Its Effect on Your Life and Personality

This placement of Pluto makes people care a lot about having some balance in their lives, between their need for introspection and the desire to be social and outgoing.

Pluto in 6th house

Those born with Pluto in the sixth house of their birth chart are exceptionally dedicated to their work, putting in a lot of effort to achieve the best results.

With passion and intensity, they will finish what they have to do, all the responsibilities and obligations, do some over-time as well. And let’s not forget that they are naturally predisposed to work with people, maybe at shelters for the poor, volunteering, humanitarian actions in general.

Pluto in 6th House summary:

  • Strengths: Observant, firm and hardworking;
  • Challenges: Anxious, conflicting and criticizing;
  • Advice: They should refrain from being too competitive with those close;
  • Celebrities: Lana Del Rey, Miley Cyrus, Amy Winehouse, Kristen Stewart.

Pursuing life balance

The sixth house Pluto people are simply workaholics who never rest. They want to feel challenged, to come face to face with problems that require an answer, to put in all their being in order to succeed.

It’s like being filled with energy, with combative spirit and endless enthusiasm when they stumble on such opportunities.

If you have a problem that requires a lot of analysis and thinking, don’t waste any more time and give it to them.

Related to work, they prefer working for themselves or having a personal business. This means that no one’s controlling for telling them what to do.

However, their fear of being criticized and having their ideas contradicted is somewhat paralyzing for them.

These natives are set on choosing the path of humility, thoughtfulness, generosity and self-improvement. In place of thinking about themselves and doing everything to further their own aims, they want to change this way of thinking, to become a functional member of society, to help it grow and develop.

This is done through introspection, searching inside of them for this path, the necessary changes to learn these traits. The small, incremental changes will lead to the complete transformation in due time.

However, being too harsh and criticizing everything will actually be detrimental.

They care a lot about the balance between their outer interactions with the world, the social sphere, and the inner equilibrium given by their aspirations and goals.

If these two are contradictory and conflicting, they will often choose to give up on what others think.

This is why they will often choose to work as freelancers or build their own business. No one’s whip is on their backs, no one’s yelling orders. Moreover, these Pluto in 6th house natives tend to procrastinate and become bored by the routine of their responsibilities.

Nothing is more enjoyable than taking the time to look at a problem from multiple points of view, to analyze it thoroughly and then formulate a plan of attack.

But the process of analysis in and of itself so immensely pleasing and satisfying. It could be because the 6th house is naturally associated with Virgo, a native we all know is notorious for this. Sure, they could look at the whole picture and reach the same conclusion pretty fast, since a lot of the problems they’re dealing with are that simple.

But where’s the fun in that, right? What’s more, this is related to their perfectionist personality.

It’s really strange being a Pluto in 6th house native, and it’s even more difficult having to deal with one and getting to know them.

These people just don’t take any time for themselves, to have fun, relax, be comfortable and just enjoy life.

Instead, they find excuses and implicate themselves in countless activities, take on multiple projects and work overtime, just to have the reason to think like that.

They are very lonely, figuratively speaking, because of this. They exaggerate and take some interests to the extreme, just to motivate their lack of self-interest.

They are especially good at helping people with their problems, fixing what others screwed up. Most of the times, they are able to reconstitute and bring everything back to how it once was.

They bring innovative solutions and bright ideas to the table, completely fresh perspectives and methods that no one could have thought of. It’s truly a marvel to have such friends.

Of course, they will get so focused on put so much effort that it becomes an obsession, and if it fails, through some stroke of immense bad luck, self-loathing is next on the line.

If only these issues could be eliminated or at least kept under control, then they would really shine and touch upon their potential at long last.

Being able to focus is an ability that cannot be overstated, giving one great efficiency and productivity.

If they learned to use it without the side-effects, that would propel them on the top of the social ladder, and they would feel even better with themselves.

Because nothing good comes for free, there are negative aspects as well to be taken into consideration.

It has to do with their general health. Most likely, they will have stomach problems or, the most common, emotional turmoil and distress.

The goods and the bads

The opportunities of a lifetime will come to them if they only choose to be more ambitious and perseverant in their professional careers.

The chances are there for the taking. It’s also a great time to repair what was undone, to be reborn from the ashes of demise and fly freely through the skies.

They are the right person to solve all your problems with efficiency and swiftness. It might appear as though they’re performing magic tricks, but really, logic and reason are the only things they need.

This attention to the details will be the game-changer in their lives. Just think about it for a second.

The Pluto in 6th house natives will do pretty much anything to satisfy that perfectionist streak controlling their thoughts and creating obsessions.

Can it be pleasing and comfortable having to live with that constant itchiness on the back of their minds, with the fear of failure and that compulsive attitude that something’s wrong?

It’s really a problem, one that they have to deal with eventually. It ruins their social relationships and ability to work in a team because of the high expectations they place on other people.

The pressure they put on their own shoulders willingly is immense and will lead to unhappiness, stress, tension, emotional instability, or even physical issues.

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