The 9th House in Astrology: All Its Meanings and Influence

The ninth house governs over long-distance travel and educational pursuits, revealing how open one is to new experiences and to discovering the world.

Ninth house

The 9th house in the Western zodiac deals with intuition and with how open people are to study subjects like philosophy and religion. This means that those with a strong ninth house will want to travel in order to become more knowledgeable.

This is the house that hosts the sign of Sagittarius, so it pretty much represents what having an open mind means, and also many matters related to spirituality.

The 9th house in a nutshell:

  • Represents: Long distance travel and self-development;
  • With positive aspects: Opportunities to discover foreign places;
  • With negative aspects: A tendency to take too many risks;
  • Sun sign in the ninth house: Someone with a great desire to experience many things.

Planets and signs gathered in the ninth house may indicate what spiritual pursuits people are having and how open they are to traveling.

A deep knowledge of the world

Being the house of ideas and principles that are ruling society, the 9th house makes natives very curious about why things are happening the way they do.

Being the first universal house, it influences natives to no longer focus on themselves or their relationships with others, but on how they’re interacting with the entire world, how they’re following rules and are governing themselves.

Here, human beings are trying to determine their place in the society by having discussions, acquiring knowledge and traveling.

Even if not possessing all the answers or knowing the questions that need to be asked, natives with a strong 9th house will still be fascinated by adventure and new experiences.

This is also the place that makes writers and publishers excel at what they’re doing, so those with strong planets and signs here should do their best at expressing their ideas to the large public.

This house can determine if writers will be well received by the public, not to mention it also indicates how successful they’ll become after publishing their papers.

It is the house of higher education, so it has an influence over degrees obtained in university and after. Studying the ninth house, people can see if they’ll graduate from higher studies or if they’ll have problems with their exams, thing that can cause them to delay their graduation.

Those having many strong planets and interesting aspects in the 9th house will become the ones who are teaching the masses and end up being professors.

The 9th house rules also over traveling over long distances and moving to different countries because it’s the place where new cultures and religions are being understood and appreciated.

Having a strong 9th house indicates a higher sociability, the power to mingle and to change according to what knowledge has brought new.

Those who are working in other countries than their own and are traveling all over the world for their work could be children of the 9th house.

Furthermore, this is the place of businesses that are dealing with the import/export as well. Many individuals with second spouses have been influenced by the Ninth house to get married again.

The first marriage belongs to the 7th house, while the third is influenced by the 11th one. Some people will be happier with their second marriage because they’ll choose their other half by different criteria and the 9th house will make them more objective in their search for the right partner.

When influenced by this house, natives want a soulmate with whom they can talk philosophy and complex subjects.

Furthermore, the same house deals with the third child, with grandchildren and the relatives of the spouse.

When it comes to the human body, this is the house of the behind and the thighs. But things don’t have to end at this stage because the ninth house influences how people are seeing the world and how far they would travel from both a physical and mental point of view.

Those obsessed with discovering the truth in faraway places should know they’re being highly influenced by this house and Sagittarius.

Together with the 3rd house, the 9th is all about perception and media, but the latter is more focused on international affairs than on local ones, like the former.

People with a strong 9th house will be eternal students of life and adapt their vision to the new knowledge they’ve accumulated.

When studying this house, many things regarding changes in the view about the world can be revealed. This is the place of dynamic intelligence, of intuition when having to deal with the new and of decisions that have to be made fast.

A birth chart with plenty of planets in the ninth house

Many of those having strong planets in the 9th house aren’t focused on achieving something in particular, but they’re fascinated about traveling and learning new things about cultures of faraway countries.

Therefore, these natives will visit places forgotten by the world and volunteer for the military. They’ll be obsessed by the mysteries of the world and by how humans are focused to discover the absolute truth.

If unable to physically go to the places in their mind, it’s possible for them to attend different religious events and lectures that teach about new cultures.

Their loved ones will many times find them searching the web in order to understand why things that are happening on a large scale have a certain direction, not to mention how much they’ll study different philosophies of life.

People with a strong 9th house will always discuss religion and philosophy at any event because such talks will interest them very much. Being so focused on philosophy and higher learning, this house deals with education.

The fact that all the houses present in astrology are encouraging natives to improve themselves and to develop indicates people with a strong 9th house will focus on gathering more knowledge and becoming better selves in order for the world to appreciate them.

In other words, this is the house that influences natives to study as much as possible. Regardless of the age, individuals can always find out about new things and work with them.

Those having their birth sign in the ninth house should do just this because the more they’ll understand the world, the more they’ll know things about themselves.

For example, they could decide to have a brand-new hobby. Everything will work out great for them as long as they’ll be focused on doing what they love, not to mention how much this will help them learn faster and be better at something.

Natives with a strong 9th house who are no longer in school should think of joining a class that teaches them new skills. The ones in school will be able to learn faster than others, but only if sticking to studying and in the same time having a discipline.

As a matter of fact, it’s essential for these people to focus on their schoolwork, especially when their sign is in the 9th house. Therefore, they should take advantage of any opportunity and put their foundation for higher education when their sign is present in this house.

What to remember about the 9th house

Also known as the house of philosophy, the ninth one has a very accurate designation because this theme is very present here. Those with a strong 9th house will want to explore the world and to gain knowledge from everywhere they’re traveling.

For them, it will all come down to understanding their own feelings and opinions, to probing into their hopes for the future and to focusing on their dreams.

Having a higher education, people can easily understand complex ideas and concepts, which makes them more intelligent. It doesn’t matter if studying philosophy, religion or psychology, the 9th house will always be their partner in discovering new things.

On this road to more knowledge, people will discover their own ideals and shape up their work ethic. A different way of understanding life and living with the unknown is by being spiritual.

The 9th house is also about having a grasp of what’s larger-than-life. This is also the house that rules over an open mind and how people are expanding their knowledge, so traveling and interacting with others from different cultures are matters present here.

This is where dreams about the future and conclusions about the past are meeting in order to mold personalities and to develop new relationships.

Psychics who are receiving more information from the Universe happen to possess a very strong 9th house.

As said before, this house also deals with international businesses and publishing, with grandchildren and the family of the spouse.

However, more than anything else, it is the house of philosophy and the search for the absolute truth.

It encourages natives to dream big and to be courageous, but not reckless because it also prepares everyone for new opportunities and especially for more knowledge.

Travels to faraway places, international interactions, partnerships with foreigners, relatives from different countries and the in-laws together with a higher education, are all key aspects of the 9th house.

Furthermore, this house rules over opinions and attitudes towards new ideas, not to mention how much it helps people understand very complex concepts of morality and also ethics.

All the discussions about religion, philosophy and academia are held in this house because it’s the place of higher education and intellectual pursuits.

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