Pluto in 3rd House: Key Facts About Its Effect on Your Life and Personality

This placement of Pluto makes people want to solve mysteries, to increase their knowledge and to expand their minds, all of this against the normal flow of society.

Pluto in 3rd house

Pluto in the third house is responsible with how one communicates, how the sharing of ideas goes through in a harmonious and responsible way.

Their social relationships are usually very good and efficient because of this talent for communications. Of course, things could go haywire instantly, without any apparent reason, just because their planet sent too many negative vibes.

Pluto in 3rd House summary:

  • Strengths: Witty, curious and enthusiastic;
  • Challenges: Impulsive, stubborn and indecisive;
  • Advice: They need to be careful with the risks they are taking;
  • Celebrities: Justin Timberlake, Cameron Diaz, Drake, Napoleon I, Céline Dion.

If something attracts their attention, or someone for that matter, it will turn into an obsession right away. With them, it’s either all in or nothing at all.

People of great intellectual depth

One of the things that set these natives apart from the rest of the people is that they never take everything at face value. It seems like skepticism is an innate trait, but it doesn’t matter either way.

They will try to reach their own version of the truth, to investigate and inquire into the nature of things, to find out whether the presented information is accurate or not. It’s no use telling them anything, they won’t listen to you.

The Pluto in 3rd house natives want to solve mysteries, to increase their knowledge and to expand their minds, all of this against the normal flow of society and its members.

They can take on any profession, especially if it has to do with one’s spirit of observation and analysis skills.

They can make an excellent psychologist just as they would shock the world with their ideas as a scientist.

A criminal mastermind as well as a physicist, a mind-reader and a hypnotist, or even a cryptographer, they can become anything they want.

Even if they might appear as distant or disinterested at times, you can be sure that they are actively listening and registering everything.

Depending on the ruling sign in the third house, they can have many different preoccupations and personality types.

These natives are people of great intellectual depth and have a deep curiosity, seething with passion and endless interest in exploring the world.

They want to experience as much of it as possible, learn and accumulate knowledge, establish their own principles and understand their own identity.

This path of initiation, of self-revelation and self-reflection, will create some issues though, mainly related to how they must eliminate the old to receive the new.

This conflict that goes on inside of them is called cognitive dissonance, the contradiction between what the individuals know to be true and new information that goes against his knowledge.

This expansion of the mind translates to an increase in words spouted per second. Just kidding, but the Pluto in 3rd house natives are notorious for ranting and rambling on and on, constantly, until you shut them up forcefully.

Communication and harmonious exchange of information, these are the basic founding principles in their case. The process of assimilation never stops, knowledge keeps pouring in, and their needs get even more substantial.

Inspiration comes from their philosophical method of perceiving the world, what they attribute to being the essential thing in life.

Being in equilibrium with this mindset and with the world itself is the proper path toward the self-illumination that these natives want to achieve.

The goods and the bads

The good thing about Pluto’s influence and energy is that it allows these natives to become better, happier, superior, and to achieve a higher level of existence by accumulating knowledge, by seeking to answer life’s greatest and most profound questions.

Why do we exist? What should a man do in order to be happy? The meaning of life is still a matter a debate, as it has been ever since man had the first thought.

The bad things, on the other hand, have to do with their tendency to search for a dark and sinister answer. Even more, they are naturally attracted to the morbid and mysterious aspect of life, the unknown and the abyssal.

The feeling of empowerment that comes with knowing things that the vast majority of people don’t know is too fulfilling to kick aside.

They have an unbelievable capacity to absorb information, and an endless curiosity to put to good use.

What do you think the Pluto in 3rd house natives do when they’re confronted with difficulties or the path to their objective is fraught with obstacles? Do they stop or retreat?

This is the last thing they would do, in fact. Whatever catches their intrigue and interest is as good as taken, and they will not stop until they have either succeeded or exhausted their potential.

Generally, they become extremely focused and aware of their surroundings, being able to make split-second decisions and deal with anything coming their way.

If it’s about inquiring about the very nature of something, then the Pluto in 3rd house natives are the most profound ones out there.

These natives are very sure on their own thoughts and opinions, so much so that people admire and respect their confidence and let them speak without interrupting.

It’s just like an orator holding a speech with everyone listening to every word, dying to hear the next parts.

They tend to digress and focus on the details, a little too much in fact, and this may detract from the attention and interest that the others give them.

They need to realize that there are a lot of things to be considered on the path toward self-development and evolution. The higher levels of existence are attained through awareness and insight.

In communications, they have to take a step back, pay attention to the topic, and to what they were going to say.

Sometimes, they have to soften it a bit or make it more aggressive, based on the present situation. Anyway, their choice of words and tone must be managed before unleashing the torrent of ideas.

And it is a torrent because the natives with Pluto in the 3rd are overly-dynamic and ecstatic. About what? Anything and everything, really.

The only real problem they will ever encounter is if a subject turns up that they know nothing about. That’s when their confidence drops by a large margin and those existential questions start popping up.

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