Pluto in 7th House: Key Facts About Its Effect on Your Life and Personality

This placement of Pluto makes people crave deep emotions and to display a sense of responsibility that is rarely seen, plus lead their lives by their own very specific values.

Pluto in 7th house

Those born with Pluto in the seventh house of their birth chart are connected to the concept of a good family, a close and loving atmosphere at home. Relationships are especially emphasized here. After all, they want to fulfill their sense of belonging as well.

If it’s affection and intense emotions that drive them, everything is good and the prospects for a long-standing relationship are blooming.

Pluto in 7th House summary:

  • Strengths: Intuitive, empathic and strong-willed;
  • Challenges: Aggressive, conflictual and distrusting;
  • Advice: They should allow themselves to express their emotions freely;
  • Celebrities: David Bowie, Ryan Gosling, Whitney Houston, Orlando Bloom.

A contradiction often appears, between their need to be in a relationship, an all-consuming one, and the feeling that they’re enclosed in a cage with no breathing space.

Challenging their own identity

There will always be conflicts with them. Whether it’s caused by their incessant rambling and tendency to criticize and annoy the hell out of anyone or their fear to be controlled, it’s going to spark arguments.

The Pluto in 7th house natives are attracted to action-oriented people, to the aggressive and the unusual, the kind that you never know what they’re going to do.

The lack of routine and a revolutionary spirit are the things that intrigue them the most. However, they have a special talent of taking out the most primitive and aggressive part of their partners, driving them crazy.

They have a part to play in this whole charade as well. It’s not that they are the eternal victims upon whom everyone lashes out to. They’re the ones who make everything happen with their attitude.

It’s because they are afraid of losing that special someone, of being left alone and abandoned.

This drives to them to tighten the grip, to take control of the situation and impose their will. This, in turn, wakes up the monster in their partners.

The whole gist of the situation here is that they are still unsure of who exactly they are. An identity crisis, the lack of a spiritual basis, of personal principles to have as guidance. They are attempting to discover themselves through relationships and social contact.

Through experience and the many failures, they will eventually reach a more mature stage where they know what they want and how to appreciate it.

Society and social games are the perfect testing terrain to search for one’s own identity. Involvement in anything too serious could result in serious disappointments and traumatic events if a break-up follows.

The Pluto in 7th house natives look on relationships and romantic contact as being a formative and healing process. They manage to wake up something inside them.

Deep emotions, of the kind that they have never felt before, responsibility and understanding, objective perceptions, firmness of character and a tempered personality.

There are going to be a couple of conflicts happening from time to time, and since Pluto is associated with the extreme aspect of existence, the problems are going to flare up as well.

There will be power struggles especially, conflicts and arguments because both partners are trying to take control.

This is a game of cat and mouse, of who gets to take control and who’s subjugated.

All their relationships are like this, a dominator-dominated battlefield. It happens through emotional manipulation most of the time when one part plays on the other person’s vulnerabilities and needs.

What they have to do is learn how to be calm, patient, just, and treat everyone in an equal manner. It’s a journey toward self-discovery without the need to go to extremes.

Most of the times, the Pluto in 7th house natives end up out of control and filled with feelings of inadequacy because of the sadness and past memories that they bring with them.

And, again, they’re not going to share them any time soon. Left festering deep down, those wounds are just going to become more harmful with time.

To overcome these issues, they need to inspect and investigate these wounds, see them for what they are and try to heal them. If left there, it’s just going to create tension, emotional instability, and grief.

Professionally, the seventh house Pluton natives are especially good at taking care of the monetary situation of a company, calculate and create strategies, plan accordingly based on the existent data.

However, while these lucrative partnerships are emphasized and work flawlessly, emotional ones are in a bind, unfortunately.

Sure, there will be plenty of moments of blissful joy and sensuality that no one will be able to replicate, but those are just the calm before the storm.

Pretty soon, ruckus and screwed up arguments will occupy all their time. However, if they manage to temper themselves and become more understanding as a whole, not only will they be better off, but the relationship will experience a flourishing period.

The goods and the bads

The Pluto in 7th house aspect is strongly affected by one’s interactions with other people and how these relationships affect the future development of these natives.

In the beginning, they will be unfit for any close bonds, unable to understand and act on their feelings.

But, as time goes on and they finally understand how to react and how to express their emotions, a complete transformation will take place.

They will usually find strong-willed partners who will force them to change their ways, to become confident and ambitious, to be better as a whole.

Of course, there will be conflicts where the control of the relationship is concerned. They also feel the need to find someone who’ll become overly attached to them.

They’re also against an open expression of emotions. Rather, they want to solve everything through reason and logic, by analyzing and making plans.

This, unfortunately, is not a healthy way of doing things because, sometimes, there are too many emotions and pressing matters that gather up together.

Moreover, one of the reasons they are so afraid of committing to a long-term relationship is that they might lose themselves, their identity and way of being.

The passion and love for the other person would grow to such a level that it would completely replace their sense of self.

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