Pluto in 11th House: Key Facts About Its Effect on Your Life and Personality

This placement of Pluto makes people be exceptionally devoted to those dear and not only, ready to throw in a helping hand, whenever needed.

Pluto in 11th house

Those born with Pluto in the eleventh house of their birth chart are at the very extremes in terms of emotional stability. They will rage and wreak havoc on anyone who dares to go against them.

And when confronted with difficult situations that demand a calm approach, they will take out the sword and walk through rivers of blood. Grudges, mostly, are the way these people sink themselves in the swamp.

Pluto in 11th House summary:

  • Strengths: Responsible, kind and caring;
  • Challenges: Dismissive, opportunistic and stubborn;
  • Advice: They should strive towards being objective not judgmental;
  • Celebrities: Paul McCartney, Bruce Willis, Vincent van Gogh, Johnny Hallyday.

The great potential that they’ve been endowed with will always surface, stronger and deeper than ever. Moreover, their intuitive and psychic powers allow them a moment of respite and break from the waging war of the world.

Pathways to success

These natives are going to go through one hell of a harsh time with regard to their social relationships to other people, social events, and the many group projects they’re going to participate in.

Either they’ll listen to the commands of others, adapt and follow orders, ply their trade according to certain regulations.

Or they realize the deep potential lying within their own genes, the great ideas and strong principles that others would simply admire, the game changes completely.

Now, they are the leaders, bringing everyone up to speed with new directives and pathways to success. Even more, now they won’t readily accept to obey or submit themselves to the status quo.

They don’t have that many friends. This happens as a result of the strong tendency to commit unconditionally to a friendship, to put every effort to develop and maintain it.

The Pluto in 11th house natives are literally exceptionally devoted and supportive whenever the case. However, they also expect the same kind of treatment from close people without having to ask for it.

The number of people who are this committed is not that large, to say the least. Moreover, they don’t do well with large groups of people chanting or supporting an idea, simply because they abhor the herd mentality.

Holding something as being true without actually investigating that is blamable and worthy of distrust, ridicule, and mocking in their eyes.

One other reason they can’t quite fit in groups is that they always distance themselves by going against the flow.

Where there is something fishy or suspicious, they will call it out, often against the will of the majority. This makes them the black sheep instantly.

In general, actually, they think in a different way than most, are attracted by things that the majority doesn’t even know about and uses uncommon means to get to their goals.

They want to develop an objective point of view, outside of the confines that a herd mentality retains.

The only real reason why they would ever choose to become involved in any group activities is that they want to hone their skills or learn something. Or perhaps they want to bring a change in the world, help achieve some breakthroughs that would do a lot of good to many people.

Pluto in 11th house people should, however, be extremely careful about who they choose to trust because these groups are home to despicable individuals.

Especially political parties gather people of unspeakable pretense and fakery, snakes that are just waiting to attack you from the back. They are very sensitive to how others react to their ideas, in general.

They will often wonder whether their actions or words affect the people around them, or better yet if they offend anyone.

This is an ill-begotten attitude that should be tempered, taken out of the equation because it only forces them to be subservient and weak.

If they could focus all this rampant energy toward let’s say, humanitarian and altruistic ends, things could be very different. It’s their responsibility to change something.

The goods and the bads

They are offered very lucrative opportunities through their friends and close associates, the kind that they trust with their lives.

The Pluto in 11th house natives are very electrifying and have very intriguing personalities that will attract anyone to them like a magnet.

Because of their principles and generally kind attitude toward the helpless, many people admire them, including their followers. However, they can also have very high expectations. Hatred or admiration, it all depends on how they approach most situations and problems. If they strive to bring everyone out unscathed, then they’ll bask in the glory of victory.

If they give out commands and dish out punishments for insubordination without taking anything else into consideration, then chances are they’re going to be hated.

For them, knowledge and information are two of the most important aspects. Of what? Of everything. One can’t do anything without having the necessary know-how, the basic principles, the logic and the reasonable mindset based on knowledge.

They take it upon themselves to eradicate ignorance, superficiality, to foster a sense of spiritual upliftment, to bring out the best in people.

They are very capable of adapting themselves to people from different social strata, to understand and explain. However, it’s also true that one can’t change the world just like that. Sometimes, most of the times, no matter how much effort you spend, it’s never enough.

They can’t control everything, and they can’t dictate how people will react to certain events. Sure, when there are grander things afoot, bigger odds to play, then sure, the 11th house natives are just the right people for the job.

But when it’s something relatively simple, with no enduring consequences, then they should learn to be more tempered and back off. Otherwise, they will upset a lot of people by being too intrusive.

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