The 11th House in Astrology: All Its Meanings and Influence

The eleventh house governs friendships and occasions to stand out from the crowd and reveals how an individual will contribute to society.

Eleventh house

The 11th house in the Western zodiac has an influence over natives’ goals in life, their friendships and their sense of belonging to different groups.

This is the house that reveals how individuals are working and getting involved in order to bring their contribution to the society.

The 11th house in a nutshell:

  • Represents: Friendships, dreams and social contacts;
  • With positive aspects: Ease of connecting with interesting people;
  • With negative aspects: Aloofness and a suspicious attitude;
  • Sun sign in the eleventh house: Someone who is authentic, warm-hearted and supportive.

The planets and signs present here are indicating what a person’s dreams for the future are and how they’re going to succeed if associating themselves with others.

Friendships at their finest hour

The way natives are defining themselves based on the opinions of others, their position when it comes to standing out from the crowd and what they’re offering society, these are all matters being represented by the signs and planets present in the eleventh house, which also happens to be the destination of interaction with the society as a whole.

Many are thinking their talents are meant to make the world a better place, so they’re focusing on servicing others, but not without their hopes and dreams from the 11th house being addressed as well.

Influencing towards a practical thought process, this is the place where skills are being developed and hopes about being very useful to the world are getting formed.

Many individuals are thinking they’re completely useless if the society can’t make any use of their abilities.

Also known as the house of friends, the 11th one describes what friendships individuals are going to have, how important their loved ones are to them and how large the groups they’re a part of can become.

When it comes to closer relationships and one-on-one interactions, these are matters of the 7th house because the 11th is more focused on friendships between many people and the social setting as a whole.

Therefore, this is the house of networking, the influence natives are having in groups and the way they’re interacting with masses.

A birth chart with plenty of planets in the eleventh house

People with a strong eleventh house tend to only make friends with influential individuals who can bring them many advantages and to avoid those who are making them feel badly about themselves.

When it comes to friendships, it’s better to go with instincts and to trust intuition. Therefore, if these natives are feeling someone isn’t good for them, they should just let that person go.

On the other hand, if they’re thinking a person is making their life better, they mustn’t hesitate to spend as much time as possible with that individual.

Friends can be very important, no matter if it’s about work or the everyday life. There’s nothing wrong with getting along very well with influential people who can, at any time, help anyone get a promotion.

As a matter of fact, many great jobs have been found with the help of awesome friends. Therefore, people should be treated well, not because they may return the favor at some point, but mostly because this is how things should happen.

Just how others can help a person advance in his or her career, he or she can do the same for them in return, of course, but not necessarily with this intention.

The 11th house suggests people should never stop getting along well with others. While some groups may seem complete, for some, the companions they’re having are never enough.

It may sound silly, but there’s nothing wrong in getting together with new people and making other friends. Being included shouldn’t be that difficult, especially for a person who’s sociable and entertaining.

When others want to start new things with an individual, it’s indicated for that person to be as open as possible and not in any way shy.

Acting with confidence and making the best out of how charismatic someone can be is sometimes the solution to many problems.

The Eleventh house indicates what natives are ready to do in order for the world to become a better place, and also whom they’re open to interact with for their goals to be achieved. A society that isn’t based on collaboration and unification can be called unhealthy.

It doesn’t matter if individuals are judging and hurting each other from time to time, just like things are happening in the 9th house, if they can peacefully work with one another more than often, things are sure to get better with time.

All natives more focused on matters belonging to the 11th house have managed to defeat the obstacles presented by the 10th house, which makes them wiser and more insightful.

The 11th house is an intellectual one because it’s associated with the Air element, so natives having many signs and planets here will want to make their knowledge useful to the entire society.

Therefore, they’ll not only focus on themselves, but also on making everything around them better. Believing their wisdom should be shared, they’ll not only think about their career or family because they’ll be worried about life on this planet, not to mention how capable they are of learning from their own mistakes.

Astrologers from ancient Greece talked of the eleventh house as one ruling over the elevated spirit because it’s related a lot with aspirations. Anyone can link this to the presence of the Aquarius and the Air element here.

What makes this house beneficial is the fact that it influences people to be independent and to not care about conventions or judgments.

More than this, natives with a strong 11th house will always have big dreams that others find to be almost impossible. This is also the house of Divinity because it drives natives to be compassionate and to see the big picture when it comes to the entire humanity.

Everything related to the 11th house is about living in the moment and having an open mind. This is the house following the 10th one of career, so ambitions here are very well defined.

However, it can be difficult to place the 11th house somewhere as it belongs to the contradicted Aquarius. It’s a place of individual aspirations and at the same time of collective efforts.

Looking across the zodiac wheel, for the 5th house, here can be found the special talents and the true personality of a person.

The 11th house is only helping skills to improve and to be revealed to the world. As a matter of fact, everything relating to how people are performing in public is related with the 11th house.

Challenges here may have something to do with whom natives are choosing as their audience. In the eleventh house, the hopes and dreams of a person are merging with the ones of others, meaning everything here is related with the efforts of the collective.

People who are focused on helping others by using their own skills will always be great team mates and best friends.

The planets and signs gathered in the 11th house are indicating what kind of companionship natives are seeking, no matter if it’s about their professional or personal lives.

Those with a strong 11th house will be happier when surrounded by individuals having the same way of thinking as theirs.

What to remember about the 11th house

Also known as the house of friends, the 11th one is encouraging people to get together with as many friends as possible and also to feel truly productive and efficient when working in teams.

It wouldn’t matter if belonging to a club, an organization, a volunteering association or a professional network, they’ll always focus to do their best when collaborating with others and to make their voice heard.

This doesn’t mean they won’t be original and individualistic, but their group will very much influence their development and the way they’re expressing themselves.

Studying their 11th house, people can determine what financial opportunities their bosses are ready to offer them. Therefore, they can see how it can be possible for them to make more money, not to mention this is also the house of humanitarian efforts and the need to instill justice.

The 11th house addresses all the opportunities individuals get to have as adults, also what they’re prioritizing in life and how they’ll interact with others in order to make their dreams come true.

It can’t be said this isn’t a house of love as well because friendship has a lot to do with this feeling that adds a lot of substance and gives meaning to life.

Referring to hopes about the future and big dreams, the 11th house is also considered to deal with destiny and what people desire to achieve. It encourages creativity and work at maximum levels.

As said before, the collective and its power are very important for this house because only togetherness can cause great things to happen, especially when it’s all about this placement.

Working with friends can be the most fruitful idea a person could have. The 11th house will determine what type of friends individuals can be, what they’ll wants to do for their loved ones, how they’ll view others and will be viewed themselves.

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