Pisces Sun Sagittarius Moon: A Fiery Personality

Practical and fast, the Pisces Sun Sagittarius Moon personality is not one to shy away from life challenges and will deal with everything as it comes.

Pisces Sun Sagittarius Moon

People born with the Sun in Pisces and the Moon in Sagittarius have a good sense of humor and a fiery temperament. These natives are forever optimistic and can resolve any situation, no matter how annoying.

Other Pisces are not the same, but these ones are lucky with their Moon. It wouldn’t matter if they would have a problem, they would keep thinking positively and even compromise if it would be necessary.

Pisces Sun Sagittarius Moon combination in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Lucky, optimistic and flexible;
  • Negatives: Brutally honest and temperamental;
  • Perfect partner: Someone who is both exciting and dependable;
  • Advice: Take more time to re-invent how things are done.

Personality traits

Those with their Sun in Pisces and their Moon in Sagittarius are opinionated and never afraid to express what they are thinking. However, around new people, they become shy and don’t talk that much.

They are freedom-loving and independent and this is what they most want from life. It’s not common for them to talk about themselves. Their honesty can be brutal and many people can get hurt by their harsh commentaries.

Their mind is always wandering, making them flexible and pretty innovative. Among the most famous Pisces Sagittarians worthy of mentioning are Maxim Gorky and Albert Einstein.

Charming and childish, people with this Sun Moon combination can convince others to be protective with them. Not to mention their love for life and high ideals can’t be seen in people in other signs.

While others may not agree with them, they think the world we are living in is the best we could have. Philosophical and deep thinkers, they are often confused about the everyday life.

Complicated texts are not a problem for them, but balancing their checkbook is. The thing is, there’s nothing practical about them. Their mind is focused on concepts and life impressions.

When it comes to details about what to do for a living, they simply become annoyed and no longer know what to do. Only their intuition can help them in these situations. An intuitive attitude also protects them from danger.

Because they are optimistic and open, it’s easy for them to be happy with any situation and strange people. But it’s possible they end up fooling themselves in thinking their life is better than it actually is.

When they have a problem, they simply hide away and don’t address it directly. And this can generate even more problems. Pisces Sun Sagittarius Moon people are never satisfied with the mundane and material satisfactions, they would rather dig deeper, sail the waves of the unknown and struggle to achieve only the best in life.

Determined, these natives would try anything to fulfill their dreams. It’s both the Pisces and the Sagittarius that influence them to think of high ideals and live on high spirits. They have vision and are concentrated on achieving the impossible.

Very spiritual, they have a religious approach, no matter what they are doing. But it can be pretty uncomfortable for them to live while they are communicating with a different plane of existence.

The Sagittarius is curious about the otherworld and the Pisces wants to express everything related to it. And when people in these signs are sharing their thoughts, expect them to invest a lot of feeling.

But as said before, practicality and constructiveness don’t come easy to them. Their ideas are usually abstract and unrealistic. Their way of thinking is too broad for them to ever put it into practice. Not to mention they can’t bother their mind with too many details.

Energetic, Pisces Sun Sagittarius Moon will try to influence others to be the same as them. Not at all focused on the materialistic aspect, they are happy with a world that makes them think of important things and allows them tosoul-search. Many will see them as naive because they have high ideals and a wisdom that isn’t all the time suitable for this world.

A love to be experienced in the present

Pisces Sun Sagittarius Moon natives are more than determined in their actions, but they often escape in a world of dreams and fantasy. And they don’t always have a sound logic. It doesn’t matter what life throws at them, these guys can’t concentrate and be specific.

They know things can’t always be planned and that’s why they live in the moment. This is the reason why their partner can become exhausted with them. While romantic and great poets, it’s the practical side of the everyday life they can’t deal with. Therefore, they need a partner who’s more organized and clear-thinking.

Sun Pisces are the happiest when they are with a person who shares their emotional side and their interest for adventure. Because they have a keen sense of humor and don’t take life seriously, they need someone who’s the same.

Their view on life is optimistic and youthful, so they won’t be romantically interested in a person who’s negative and nags them all day long. Moon Sagittarius are not at all domestic and want freedom more than anything else.

They are easygoing and expressive when it comes to their feelings towards their other half. Not at all traditionalistic or able to perform domestic chores, they need a lover who allows them to be sloppy and isn’t too needy.

Not the best at guessing what others want, these guys are also hurtful and harsh with words and they are usually only paying attention to their own needs.

The Pisces Sun Sagittarius Moon man

No doubt, everyone will tell you that the Pisces Sun Sagittarius Moon man is a people’s person. It can be difficult to get to know him because he’s always busy. Balanced and fair, this guy knows when to make compromises. He’s never superficial or weak.

Because he likes to go out and travel, he will have many friends. His Moon indicates he will probably go on his adventures and leave his partner alone a lot. The more his lady will want to join him, the better.

This is not the person to have quiet dinners at home, he loves sports and he will probably spend his time playing tennis or studying a new subject. He will leave a relationship as soon as he feels tied down and he won’t mind looking for another partner.

It’s possible he’ll decide to marry in one month because he’s unpredictable. Anyone who falls for him needs to protect their feelings and try not to steal his freedom. He will probably cancel dinner plans because he will be on his way to a far-away country.

And he won’t tell what he’s about to do when he feels like he can’t cooperate with someone. Not to mention he avoids confrontation as much as possible. He likes taking his partner with him if she’s as adventurous as he is.

This is definitely not the husband material some women expect him to be. A thinker and a visionary, the Pisces Sun Sagittarius Moon combination can’t deal with the usual or have a boring life. This man dreams and wants to explore.

Discovering the most profound aspects of life is his main purpose. You will never find him following a routine and a tight schedule. Because he imagines a lot and lives in a fantasy world, he won’t be the best at dealing with everyday issues.

But he has perseverance, so he’ll pretty much accomplish what he sets his mind to. Because he’s creative and an intellectual, he would make a great artist. Especially since he has an abstract mind and can come up with unconventional but smart ideas.

The Pisces Sun Sagittarius Moon woman

The Pisces Sun Sagittarius Moon woman can have problems when going after what she wants from life. Because she’s restless and has an occupied mind, she can become too anxious.

On the other hand, this lady is open, attentive and highly sociable. When she goes on vacation, she’d rather sleep in a tent than at a hotel. Exploring the unknown and going on new adventures are her favorite things to do.

She will probably study strange languages, different cultures and space exploration. Don’t expect her to be the stay-at-home wife who plays with the kitchen drapes. She will do all this, but she won’t make it a priority.

This is the type of woman who will have two jobs and come up with inventive ideas. She’s a strong individual, from both a mental and a physical point of view. And many will admire her for this.

It can happen her partner doesn’t understand her need for freedom and she ends up hurt. She needs a friend and a companion more than a lover because she’s detached when it comes to romance. Not that she won’t accept flowers and chocolate.

She sees sex as a way to experiment, so there is no other woman with whom a man can try new techniques and positions in bed. The woman with this Sun Moon combination has strong opinions and a progressive mind that is open to the new.

Never try to make her play her gender or live a conventional life. Her honesty can sometimes be hurtful because she speaks nothing but the truth. When it comes to friends, she likes people who are like her: hopeful and prepared to take on any challenge.

She likes to think big and to allow her imagination to overcome any limit. While she seems calm, this lady has a restless mind that’s always thinking of philosophical concepts. Trying new things and putting her courageous ideas into practice are two of her favorite occupations.

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