The Moon in Sagittarius Woman: Get to Know Her Better

She is very observant and friendly but doesn’t take deception or lying easily.

Moon in Sagittarius woman

The Moon in Sagittarius woman is a very enthusiastic and happy-go-round individual who is always on the prowl for the next adventure. She just can’t stay put in the same place for too long because the sense of danger and risk are her actual fuel.

Open-minded and free-spirited, this woman will most likely have friends from all over the world, her group of friends will be multicultural, her fiancé will be someone from another culture, and she will travel all around the world as soon as she gets the chance and money.

The Moon in Sagittarius woman in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Observant and meticulous;
  • Negatives: Dogmatic and harsh;
  • Soulmate: Someone who is communicative and understanding;
  • Life lesson: Giving the rightful time to those dear to her.

Her need for freedom is immense

This woman will have to go through a lot of emotional dangers along the way because of the contradiction between her non-conformist desires and the rules and regulations that society imposes on her.

The status quo is one of the most inhibiting factors that she despises. Of course, she’ll want to escape this predicament and do her own thing.

Moreover, compared to her male counterpart, she is more able at socializing, as she seemingly moves freely as she sees fit through the background.

Moreover, she is a very determined and bold woman, emotionally speaking, as she will not hesitate to grasp her dreams and desires once she catches a whiff of them.

Preferably, she will often avoid direct confrontations of interests and arguments, but if these aren’t avoidable, she won’t hesitate to take the initiative to destroy the competition and take what’s hers.

The bottom line is that these women need to be free in order to be really happy. Nothing is more important to them than being able to follow their own desires, achieve a set of goals their own way, without being forced to take a certain approach.

Moreover, they want to explore the world in all its beauty without being constricted by societal conformity and expectations.

This is why you’ll often notice that many of the natives born with the Moon in Sagittarius are aloof, seemingly absent from the present situation.

This is because they are thinking, analyzing, observing, systematically putting together all the clues and data they have gathered to turn the system against the oppressors.

She acts with the presupposition that one shouldn’t lie and deceive because it would contradict certain principles, it would a form of self-demeaning, of falling into a lower sense of self.

Because she is very observant and analytic, she will get to the bottom of things very naturally, and when she does that, she will also discover who’s been deceitful, and who is still a true friend.

These women are very friendly and generous otherwise, but when they find out someone’s been leading them by the nose, they get very angry and retaliate in full force.

Adventure, knowledge, and the search for incredible opportunities are the things that fascinate them the most.

They will always be playful, enthusiastic, and dreamy about doing risky things and attaining their desires. They are curious and inquisitive beyond compare, something which gives them the necessary confidence and strength of character to impress mostly everyone.

The lover who will debate you

During her youth, she will make a lot of mistakes, date all the wrong men, and get into relationships with the worst of the bunch. This happens because she is too impulsive and acts on instinct for the most part, in her search for adrenaline and entertainment.

However, she learns from her mistakes and she soon discovers that she wants a fulfilling relationship based on love and morality, rather than on superficial aspects like muscles, an expensive car, or how good he is in bed.

Don’t even expect this woman to be subservient to you as a man, and that she will depend on you entirely once you establish a relationship.

Her Moon in Sagittarius upbringing instills in her a sense of independence and freedom that you don’t even know about.

She will forge her own path through the world, and she does not need the help of anybody. A mutually supportive partnership based on an open-minded approach is all that she’ll accept.

When a Moon in Sagittarius woman knows that she is right, expect a full-on debate filled with arguments because this stubborn native won’t give up on their ideas, ever.

They will keep on going and talk on endlessly until you either give in to their arguments or flip the tables and get out of there.

And when it actually happens that they are correct, prepare for some otherworldly bragging. She is sometimes surprised by how life can screw with her and put her face to face with insurmountable challenges.

These women won’t accept being mocked or made fun off by anyone, and it’s not through aggressiveness that you’ll reach to their souls. Most people only understand this after stepping on their toes and going too far.

They may be kind and understanding in general, but they also aren’t to be taken for fools, manipulated, and deceived.

They can be very straightforward with their thoughts and emotions, as they won’t let anything stand between their desires and social conformism.

Watch out

Optimism is the greatest flaw that these women have, more specifically the naivete and blind belief that everything’s going to play out just fine without them putting in enough effort.

They fail to look at the whole picture, and for most of the time, they will start analyzing the little details endlessly, forgetting about the problem that first started it all in the first place.

Moreover, their impulsivity and spontaneity aren’t helping them at all. They are easily manipulated by those who want to gain something off their backs.

Also, because they are very strict with themselves and the world with regard to stating things exactly as they are, in other words speaking the truth, they can be real jerks at times.

They may be women, but they can be very insensitive and unempathetic at times because of this trait.

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