Cancer Sun Sagittarius Moon: A Decisive Personality

Direct but gentle, the Cancer Sun Sagittarius Moon personality is quick-witted but will also have moments of weakness and melancholy where they will forget and forgive without holding a grudge.

Cancer Sun Sagittarius Moon

Cancer Sun Sagittarius Moon people would set up a home anywhere because they think the entire world can offer them what they need.

This combination of signs brings contradicting traits. The Cancer wants the security of a home, the Sagittarius is all about freedom and adventure.

Cancer Sun Sagittarius Moon combination in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Imaginative, knowledgeable and multi-tasking;
  • Negatives: Resentful, pretentious and impatient;
  • Perfect partner: Someone who will allow them to show how protective they are;
  • Advice: They need to learn how to be more tactful.

A combination of these two signs would translate as people who bring a personal touch to all this wandering around. That’s why they would make great spiritual gurus, teachers and even parents.

Personality traits

Sun Cancers are cautious people who pay attention to almost everything. But when the Moon Sagittarius is in the equation, all this changes for Sagittariuses are independent and expansive.

What’s good about this combination is that Cancers get to become more sociable, open and interested in the new. The influence of the Sag Moon will inspire others to want to be like them.

Cancer Sun Sagittarius Moon individuals can recognize mistakes that others make and hate insincerity. Honourable and loyal, they will work only with their own rules. Not that they don’t have respect for authority, they are just too independent.

Because their Moon and their Sun are in contradiction, they will have many inner struggles. However, a free spirit seems to suit them.

Opinionated, these natives are never afraid of expressing themselves. When it comes to love, they want someone adventurous and passionate. They like to analyze and observe the deeper meanings. Not very affectionate, they are however, loyal to the person they love.

But they get bored very fast. It’s difficult for them to stick to one partner. Not to mention they should be given the space to always roam free.

These are the people who just board trains and airplanes whenever they feel like. They express their thoughts in the most direct way. Normally emotional, everything they will say out loud will be based on their first reactions, impressions and instincts.

They probably regret they have said some things as they need to learn how to be more tactful. Especially if they don’t want to lose many friends.

Sun Cancers have a deep connection with their mother. They will be very close to the person who raised them. Even after she will pass away, they will continue to imagine her. Or some other woman in their life will take her place.

But this could be a problem for their relationships because they would be too attached to a person that no longer exists.

They may even see their mother more important as themselves or their lover. And she wouldn’t mind being the most important person for them either.

If the Moon would be more prominent in their chart, Cancer Sags would only see their mother as someone supportive and always there for them. She will be the person who helped them develop the emotionality.

It’s possible they were born in families where the woman who brought them up is a Cancer or has many planets in this sign. Or perhaps her Moon is in it.

A Moon that that has some adversity would indicate their mother is over sensitive and perhaps exaggeratedly protective.

Some bad aspects of the Moon would also indicate a mother who’s unstable, even hysterical. A person with many mood swings. The type of individual who wants her child to dedicate him or herself completely to her.

Cancer Sun Sagittarius Moon natives grow very emotionally attached to people, so they have problems letting go. Their sign indicates melancholy and jealousy that could lead to obsession.

This can happen especially when Pluto is involved. Such an astrological placement would be responsible for depressive natives. But sometimes, tears can be of joy and not of sadness.

Sun Cancers cannot hide what they are feeling. Even their body reacts when certain emotions are initiated. But they are fragile creatures, so it can be easy to offend them.

At the same time, they forget and forgive without holding a grudge. They will remember events, words and even facial expressions that hurt them, and they will want revenge for short periods of time.

However, if Pluto or Mars would be somewhere in conjunction with the other planets in their chart, they would be much more vengeful and mean.

For these natives, emotional comfort is everything. They like to learn and to gain as much knowledge as possible because it makes them feel safe.

Usually feeling like they have the answers to all of the possible problems, they could be teaching others how to take good care of themselves.

Their life usually encompasses strong emotions and many universal truths. For them to live in a family, it doesn’t matter if the relations are blood or just strong friendships.

They are feeling the most secure inside when their opinions are being listened to and respected. The Fire element makes them intellectuals, passionate, warm and open.

Cancer Sun Sagittarius Moon people need to know the Absolute Truth no matter what. They will often interpret philosophical concepts the way they see them, allowing sensitivity and other perspectives to influence the way they grasp the knowledge of those ideas.

Hesitant and always wanting to be reassured that they’re being loved or appreciated, they may have some problems feeling accepted.

So, most of the time, they will withdraw in their shell, especially when they will feel like their philosophy of life is not taken seriously.

Sensitive lovers

Those born under this Sun Moon combination feel the need for other people to grow dependent on them. That’s why they need a partner who’s open to being taken care of.

It’s not that they want someone helpless, even if they’re feeling more secure when someone depends on them, they just require someone to play the role of their child.

They are domestic creatures who will want a happy family sooner or later. These natives love coming home in the evening and relaxing with the people they love.

Moon Sagittarians have to have many options, no matter if they act on them or not. They can’t be intimate too easily because they always have this need to come and go.

It can be difficult for them to find a partner because they simply hate neediness and are looking for someone who is both open and optimistic but also with their feet firmly on the ground.

The Cancer Sun Sagittarius Moon man

This man combines opposite traits like cautiousness, stability and perseverance with the Sagittarius’ independent and uninhibited nature.

The combination of his signs indicates he’s more open to making friends and more innovative than other Cancers. He will see the big picture and have high ideals. But don’t think he’s impractical. Many people will be inspired by his confidence.

When it comes to his relationships, the Cancer Sun Sagittarius Moon man wants absolute sincerity. As soon as he sees that someone is lying, he becomes irritated and starts to show his defensive side.

This guy hates jealousy and possessiveness. He lives on the rules he set for himself and has mentors that inspire him to do all the crazy things that he usually does.

Inside, this person is a philosopher who takes people into consideration because he’s interested in them. The Cancer Sun Sagittarius Moon man is very free spirited but not brutally honest like most Sagittarians, he will have some boundaries at times.

You can’t have him lying or not wanting to express where he’s standing on an issue. It’s rare for this man to be shy.

The Cancer Sun Sagittarius Moon woman

The Cancer Sun Sagittarius Moon woman has a double personality and is a true Cancer who wants a cozy home, the perfect job and stability. Her Sagittarius side will make her dream of adventure, being independent and falling madly in love.

Whilst she may be traditional and conventional in the everyday life, she will still dream big. Her Moon makes her optimistic and hopeful as Cancers can be too melancholic.

No matter how tough life would be, her smile would be on. Idealistic and spiritual, she will talk about anything. Her goals and several dreams would never be out of a discussion with someone.

She usually likes to have her eyes on the prize because her standards are high. It would be hard for the Cancer Sun Sagittarius Moon woman to choose only one man because she would want them all.

Her dreams would sometimes consume her, especially if she would have a tough life at work or in her family environment. She can often drift away or simply decide to go and chase one of her fantasies.

It’s suggested that instead of doing this, she listens to some music, contemplates or visits a museum. Her friends will think of her as detached and independent. And she’s all this plus trustworthy, positive and open.

Don’t think for a moment that she’s superficial. Every philosophical idea fascinates her. This lady will always dig deeper to understand more meanings to different concepts.

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