Moon in Sagittarius Personality Traits

Your natal Moon sign reveals that your emotional personality borrows from the Sagittarius’ adventurous side.

Moon in Sagittarius

The one born at a time when the Moon was passing through the sign of the Sagittarius will remain, throughout their life, to a greater or lesser extent, the archetypal adventurer, a risk-taker who tackles danger and peril like they were born with such a destiny.

Moon in Sagittarius in a nutshell:

  • Style: Wise and sociable;
  • Top qualities: Innovative, energetic and approachable;
  • Challenges: Stubbornness and manipulation;
  • Advice: Remain confident during hard times as well.
  • Celebrities: Ludwig van Beethoven, Henri Matisse, Oprah Winfrey, Lenny Kravitz.

It’s in the nature of this individual to take on life’s greatest challenges, to explore the world, and to discover the mysteries hidden within.

They literally remain as little as possible in a single place, because long periods of time spent doing the same thing drain their energy pretty fast. Enthusiasm, intensity, vitality, these are all perked up to the max with this native, and he makes perfect use of them.

Their adventurous personality

One of the main personality traits of the native born with their Moon in Sagittarius refers to their incessant struggle to not get tied down into routines.

They always seek to spice up their lives with trips, excursions, new and innovative elements, which can take many forms, from the refurbishment of their room to making new friends.

Indeed, these natives would never stay cooped up in their homes, unless forced to, either by a medical condition or because they need to do something related to work. Otherwise, they’re going to roam the world, go on shopping sprees, knee deep in parties and other exciting social events.

Travelling is also one of their most favorite past-times, and if you can’t seem to reach them on their phones, or their house is empty, they’re most probably not even in the country.

Instead, they’re out, rock-climbing, exploring the Amazonian jungle, or experiencing deep-sea-diving. Even their personal space reflects the same outgoing personality.

Educational betterment

This native is a seeker of knowledge above all else, and this will be their goal for their entire lifetime, always putting efforts into learning something new, either theoretical or practical.

It is said that a man always has something to learn, irrespective of age, and the Moon Sagittarius takes this as an incentive to gather as much wisdom as possible, all of it if possible.

These natives engage in a lot of activities, out of pure fun, or having to do with work, but all of them have something in common, in that they all have an educative tinge to them.

Under the Sagittarian impulse, they aim to have something to learn from each and every endeavor they take. What they do with that knowledge remains to be seen. Sometimes, under the emotional nature of the Moon, they may feel overwhelmed with what they know, they might keep things to themselves or feel this burning desire to spread their knowledge to the world.

A real charming personality

Because they are very daring and confident in themselves, as well as being very enthusiastic in general, not to mention the romantic influence of the Moon, these natives appear to be very charismatic, individuals who know how to have fun, who are outgoing and a great company.

For this reason, they will always know how to approach people, irrespective of their origins, culture, and no matter the context.

Well, a formal context would probably put their skills to the test, but it’s not something impossible for these social butterflies. It’s actually quite good for them to engage in as many social events as possible because they learn a lot from all the people they interact with.

Romantically, the Moon Sagittarians are looking for someone with the same type of temperament, someone who can appreciate their outgoing and overly-enthusiastic demeanor, as well as their unstable attitude.

Routine is the killjoy, anytime and anywhere, so they would clearly not get with anyone of the archetypal family man or woman kind, who likes to stick to their day-to-day activities, never risking anything.

For the Sagittarius Moon native, only someone who can keep up the pace, and even speed it up, is fitted to be their lifetime partner. Action-oriented individuals who live life to the absolute maximum, they aren’t bound up by anything, including societal regulations, traditions or stereotypes.

The philosopher

Those born in the protective sphere of the Moon in Sagittarius are very deep, the complexity of their minds being comparable only to their need for activity, innovative creativity, excitement, boundless and infinite in other words.

They can spend hours on end talking about life’s greatest mysteries and questions, with no sign of ever getting bored, only an increase in their interest and intrigue.

They are intellectually active at all times, and any outside stimuli can make them fall into a state of contemplation.

In relationships, they won’t like to be confined to any irrational beliefs, or traditional principles that make absolutely no sense. Also, they like to experiment with many partners, preferably from different cultures, just so they can get to understand a variety of perspectives.

Positive highlights

If these natives are given enough space and freedom to exercise their passions and interests, they will forever be enthusiastic and happy. Problems and issues will not phase them in the slightest, because they know they can solve them, and if they can’t, it’s not going to spell disaster anyway.

There’s plenty of time to repair what was undone, and they are very confident that they’re eventually going to succeed.

Optimistic and daring to look towards the future with a bright outlook, the Moon Sagittarians are the kind of individuals who will certainly reach their full potential, both on a personal and professional level.

Moreover, they can really surprise everyone with their creative drive, because they are already very admirable and multi-faceted, to begin with.

The downsides

However, the same optimism that characterizes the one born under the Sagittarian Moon can cause them countless problems, because, when combined with their natural predisposition towards impulsivity, the result can only be something erratic and unpredictable.

Some people will make use of this vulnerability of theirs, this in case they don’t lend themselves to ruin in the first place.

With all that misplaced trust, and the tendency to jump head-long into battle, it’s really a surprise they haven’t yet made a critical mistake until now. Moreover, another problem that their close ones will have to confront is the Sagittarian’s near-naïve idealistic perspectives, which they cling to with stubborn determination, even if the reality is sometimes clearly not on their side.

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