Pisces And Pisces Compatibility In Love, Relationship And Sex

The love story between two Pisces can be passionate and tender as this is a dreamy and intuitive combination.

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When two Pisces get together, they function perfectly as friends, business partners, and lovers. The fact that they are both imaginative allows them to explore one another more. Sensitive and warm, the Pisces natives have a lot of love and trust to offer others.

CriteriaPisces Pisces Compatibility Degree Summary
Emotional connectionVery strong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
CommunicationStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Trust & DependabilityBelow average❤❤
Common valuesBelow average❤❤
Intimacy & SexAverage❤ ❤ ❤

Two Pisces together are like two universal creatures who are dancing with each other. While this may sound deep, find out Pisces are very spiritual creatures and this of course, translates to their love lives as well.

People born under this sign experience life in a different way, somehow it can’t really be expressed through words. It’s more like a supernatural experience they are having, not something of this world. They will share impressions, listen to each other, and have revelations together. If you really want to know a Pisces, you will first have to know different techniques of unveiling the soul of a person.

When they love, Pisces are open with both their heart and their soul to any new experience. If they are lucky enough to be with another person in the same sign, they will discover something new about the other every day. This is what makes the Pisces and Pisces compatibility interesting and intriguing.

When two Pisces fall in love …

Because they’re passionate and poetic souls, the Pisces with another Pisces will reach whole new levels of intimacy. One day they’ll simply be overwhelmed by emotions, another they will live things as they are.

Because they have genius traits, they will be muses for one another. Their home will look more like an artist’s studio and not like a house for two. Because they both have psychic abilities, this can be helpful or destructive for their relationship.

It’s possible that when one of them will be in sorrow, the other one will have no idea what to do. Passion and tenderness will be what governs their relationship. Both not that practical, they will have problems when they’ll have to be more rational and not think with the heart.

It’s normal for Pisces to be soft and placid, according to what life dictates. Very sensitive, if you take Pisces their dreams, you are sure to have destroyed them.

They rely a lot on intuition and they are often indecisive, thing that sometimes makes them submissive to more determined people.

If, however, we are talking about the union of two Pisces, all the problems are solved. These two will accentuate the good traits in one another, revealing all the creativity, gentleness and imagination.

Compassionate, Pisces get to be deeper on a mental and spiritual level with every day that passes. Complex and dreamy, it’s often normal for them to procrastinate and drive others crazy with their passivity. Because they are indecisive, it will be difficult for them as a couple to settle things properly.

The Pisces and Pisces relationship

It is possible for two Pisces to last in a serious relationship. They will rule themselves more after intuition and not facts. This is why they will have problems with the material world, often losing because they are living in a fantasy.

The horoscope advises them both to take motivational classes. It may be good to feel cozy and safe with someone, but all this must have its limits. They can lose themselves in the relationship and forget all about the surrounding world.

Both Water signs, there is also the risk that they will both become dependent on alcohol or different other substances that seem to help them escape reality.

When they are too deeply involved with their own feelings, Pisces can become too emotional or abusive. Their moods can be in a complete chaos.

Water is beautiful and placid, but let’s not forget it’s also dangerous. Before they get the chance to be jealous or angry with one another, the Pisces involved in the same relationship are advised to see a counselor.

There is the risk they will become possessive and terrified of change with time, and that’s not at all healthy. Pisces don’t like reality. They are all living in a world of their own, to which others don’t have access.

Since they both take pleasure in the same things, Pisces will feel great together. Creative, they would hate having a schedule and they can’t adapt to the pace at which the entire world is living. They will usually retreat from society and dream in peace. They know how much tranquility and peace matters for the other Pisces, so they’ll allow one another moments of loneliness. It can be said the Pisces is finally happy when he has found someone who truly understands them.

Pisces and Pisces marriage compatibility

The relationship between a Pisces and a Pisces will sometimes need a practical approach. When two people are living only in their imagination, everyday tasks can become a problem.

They will understand each other very well, nothing to say here. But they’ll forget to go to work, this meaning they can end up in bankruptcy.

Because they have a telepathic way of communicating with one another, Pisces won’t need to use too many words around their other Pisces partner. Their moods and emotions will pretty much dictate everything that’s going on with them.

Water signs are all known to be good healers and talented teachers. As the last sign in the Western zodiac, the Pisces will be a mentor for many who want to understand the world more deeply. They are people who need to understand not only themselves, but also others around them.

They like to see the positivity, to bring out what’s best in others through their imagination and creativity. Whenever the Pisces will be involved in a relationship of any kind, the other part of that relationship will have only good things to say about him or her.

When two Pisces are together, they respect one another, and they are aware of the fact that they need to give each other space for a better development.

You will never see a Pisces compete with anyone. They are too self-sacrificing to ever want the first place. It’s important that two Pisces motivate each other more often, or they’ll end up being the last ones at everything. When they love each other, two Pisces will have a long-term relationship that will develop spiritually.

Sexual Compatibility

Because they are dreamy and imaginative, the Pisceans in bed will enjoy role playing and all kind of games. They will explore each other’s fantasies, loving what the other has come up with in terms of eroticism.

Their erogenous zone is their feet. So playing with toes is something they will definitely use in their foreplay. Because they know what the other wants in the bedroom without having to say anything, they will be more connected and attached to one another.

But there is one thing they should take into consideration if they want their relationship to last. And that is being a little bit more realistic. If they manage to achieve this, they will be happy as a couple for many years.

The downsides of this intuitive combination

Pisces often need to be private if they are to reveal their most positive traits. The fact that they are often inclined to dream with their eyes open can be detrimental for their wellbeing.

A Pisces in a relationship with another Pisces may cause them both to live in a fantasy world, which is not at all practical. Not only their day-to-day life will be destroyed but so will their relationship.

Avoiding reality and what’s true, Pisces can often end up convincing the other that what they’re imagining is real. And this is not at all helpful.

People may think they are sneaky and manipulative, but they are only looking to maintain peace and avoid any kind of confrontation. It’s not their way to be aggressive with words when they are being attacked.

Don’t think that in a Pisces-Pisces relationship there are no problems. Because they need someone to make a plan and prepare them for the future, or they won’t be capable to maintain a healthy relationship with one another.

They rely too much on intuition and not on real, palpable things. It’s true that spiritually they will connect like no other couple, but this is not necessarily helpful when you have bills to pay and mouths to feed.

It’s possible the Pisces-Pisces will live aimlessly and without a purpose. If they want to be together for a long time, they need to be more realistic and care for one another.

What to remember about Pisces and Pisces

The relationship between two Pisces is complex. They will have a lot of passion for one another, and they will be attentive to each other’s needs. But there are some conflicts that will arise between them, sometimes.

When they will meet, the two Pisces will feel certain that they have found their soulmate. They will hide what makes them different as Pisces tend to make an ideal out of their love.

The moment reality will hit them, they will be disappointed. Pisces are empathic and compassionate. When they’ll fall in love with one another, everything about their connection will turn into something of a different world.

They will build a different reality, a dream realm where they’ll retreat into each other’s arms each time the world will seem too harsh. Two Pisces in a relationship could be everything these two have ever dreamed of, or it could be the most disastrous and horrible match ever.

The thing is, when two people of the same sign are together, there is a strong feeling of unreality that surrounds them. The fact that they are so alike will make them believe nothing can touch their relationship. But with time, they will realize things aren’t like this, and they will end up hurt.

While they have the same views on life and share similar traits, two Pisces as a couple can be overwhelmed by their emotions. And these people are prone to become very upset, even depressed.

If they would be independent and have their own separate lives, things would be fine as co-dependency destroys them. This relationship is beautiful but at the same time risky.

As a Water sign, the Pisces will recognize another Pisces immediately because this is what Water people do. The most caring and empathetic signs in the zodiac, Pisces will understand what their partner’s feeling and thinking.

While lucky to be together, they would need to have a smooth sail, so no one should interfere with their union. As parents, they will be loving and sensitive. Their children will know that love should come first in life.

These two will defend themselves against reality with a world in which they will all the time retreat to relax and be together. But this illusion of theirs can get destroyed when life is too harsh and doesn’t take their love into consideration. It’s this thing that will ultimately destroy the relationship between two Pisces.

They would need to be more realistic and logical if they want to survive and have a long-lasting relationship. If they manage to be more down-to-earth, these two have a chance at living a great life together.

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