New Moon in Aquarius: What It Means And How To Channel Its Energy

New Moon in Aquarius invites you to get involved, be there for your peers and accomplish greater goals.

New Moon in Aquarius

The New Moon in Aquarius marks the start of a new emotional cycle and encourages people to leave the past behind and not get hung up on things. Borrow from the coolness and the detachment of the Aquarius and make a clean break for what is to come next.

The Aquarius New Moon shows us that even when we believe ourselves to be alone, with no one to help us when we need it, there are still those who would support us unconditionally, a ray of light at the end of the tunnel.

The unconventional nature of the Aquarius means that during its New Moon, our brain waves are definitely wired differently and perceptions are likely to change.

Nothing is that harsh and grim, not even the worst of situations, and chances are you’ll get through them unscathed, if you only hold fast your optimism, to the belief that it can be solved.

Now is the time to make some good friends, strengthen your relationships with your family, devise a contingency plan in critical situations, and plan accordingly for the future. The New Moon makes it all the more probable that your resolutions will be successful.

During this time period, it’s best for people to focus on team efforts, connecting with people, and trying to complete their projects with the help of close friends, or colleagues at work.

It’s never a good idea to start off as a lone wolf and continue on that road without even trying to enlist the help of other people.

Besides making you feel isolated, this attitude is less efficient, and you will work more than it is necessary.

Aquarians have to find their social sense this month, because now they’re seemingly more open in this regard, than at any other time.

Knowing who they’re dealing with exactly, the abilities and weaknesses of the people in their team will make the Aquarians exponentially more efficient and productive.

Use the energy of the New Moon in Aquarius to:

  • Spread good wishes for everyone;
  • Network with a variety of people;
  • Find time to relax on your own;
  • Join a group or a volunteering organization;
  • Set boundaries in your personal life.

The feelings aspect of this New Moon

It’s never a good idea to exaggerate with the romantic aspect of a relationship, and this means that people, especially during this New Moon, don’t have to always have to put their best efforts in showing the partner the extent of their feelings.

It will eventually become tiring and make you think twice about committing again because it’s incredibly annoying to keep the same agitated pace daily.

The other is probably clearly aware of your feelings, and so you can take it slow from now on, let it all be expressed naturally. And if you are not certain of this, drop some signals but then maintain a healthy attitude.

During the New Moon in Aquarius, natives of all signs will be able to put all of their long-term plans into practice, fulfill every desire they’ve had, and all of this in a seamless, responsible manner.

You don’t have to go out of your way to do that. Just live life without any safety nets, without making countless scenarios when it comes to your romantic life.

It’s your perception that matters

Never wallow in your own sadness or depression, and never despair when a difficult situation comes your way, especially when a New Moon in Aquarius is occurring.

The world isn’t that bleak, and there is always a solution to everything, no matter how dark it may seem at first. All that matters is that you keep on fighting, struggling against the inner reaches of your own self and to show your willpower.

Without these supporting characteristics, all the effort in the world will amount to nothing, because unless you connect to the world around, see what moves it, what makes it run its course, you won’t ever reach your potential.

The Aquarians are very generous and kind individuals who would leave their own responsibilities aside, just to help some friend in need. Sociable and communicative, with big hearts, and an even greater empathy.

And this is exactly the type of character you are inclined to borrow during the New Moon in Aquarius. This is when you should volunteer at an orphanage or help raise funds for the construction of a hospital.

During this lunar aspect, you are invited to make full use of your friends and acquaintances to do good to others, to really get involved and bring your small change to the world.

A greater cause, this is what people will be looking for, and they will find this only after they have fully understood where they’re standing, socially speaking, what principles they have, and how they’re equipped to make a change.

What to do during the New Moon

During a New Moon in Aquarius, you are inclined to take the mantle of the politician, or be in a position where you have enough power and authority to influence the comings and goings of a certain society.

Peace, equality, mutual understanding, the abolition of wars, there are many morally justifiable ideas for one to fight for, and many people will idealize this.

Such a New Moon is a great time to become even more outgoing, to release all the pressure from your shoulders, and go out into the world, meet some new people, make great friends, have some fun, and forget all about the stressful responsibilities of day to day.

Group activities have never been more welcome than this time around, and the influence of this lunar phase is aimed directly at this idea of communion with other people.

Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone, have the courage to put your trust in someone close, make mistakes, laugh, cry, run like crazy, and enjoy life in its earnest.

You don’t have to be impulsive and erratic to have some fun or intrigue your partner. Just come up with new ideas from time to time, and take the initiative, go well beyond your comfort space and how them that there’s much more to you than meets the eye.

Some people are likely to be very interested in sports activities because they want to interact with people in reality, not just online, where you can’t fully experience the wholesomeness of human interaction.

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