The Moon in Aquarius Man: Get to Know Him Better

He enjoys investigating the unknown, because this wakes up inside him the spirit of a challenger.

Moon in Aquarius man

The Moon in Aquarius man has a very interesting and mysterious personality. You can even separate him from all the other zodiac men, because of the ways he does things and of the way he thinks that make him unique.

Sometimes he may feel that he doesn’t belong to this world, because he is very intuitive and he knows himself in a very deep way. He can be called the original native of the zodiac, because he has the ability to create authentic stuff.

The Moon in Aquarius man in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Professional and inventive;
  • Negatives: Suspicious and materialistic;
  • Soulmate: Someone who is gentle and seductive;
  • Life lesson: Listening to the voice of reason in key moments.

His presence can’t be missed

This man was born to be different and independent. You will see that he has a lot of friends and loves to party a lot, so he will cross the border and will try everything to feel the adrenaline into his body.

You can find a funny, a weirdo and a really cool friend in this sign, a permanent friend, but if you look for a partner you should think twice before taking that decision.

He is awesome, but he is not emotional, so he may not see that you love him like a life-partner. Tell him about your intentions, because he is honest and he will probably have the same feelings for you.

If the ones reading this are the parents of a little future Aquarius Moon man, they should know something really important.

Their presence is very substantial when it comes to developing a good, a kind and a respectable human being.

This sign was already born with the condition to be free, to feel the freedom, to have the freedom, and that’s why his parents should control him at least in his childhood.

In this case they will avoid having a child who is capable of hurting the feelings of the person around him, or to behave improperly with the women in his life, or to completely ignore the power of education.

You should not always think that only because he is an Aquarius Moon man, that he is necessarily unfit for any long-term relationship.

This is not true, because everything depends on how much time his family has dedicated on teaching him, how a relationship should work. If he had a positive example, he has all the chances to keep a traditional long-term marriage without any problems.

Having an image of stability coming from his parents, he will look for a lover who has the ability to complete the picture. Once he finds her, he will remain faithful and focus on that relationship even if he will see a lot of attractions around him.

In the opposite way, if he has been educated by a problematic family in which the morality wasn’t impregnated from the beginning, he will have a lot of problems with regards to keeping and sharing the love in his future life.

Because he doesn’t have a positive example, he will behave in a really disagreeable way with his lovers. He will manipulate them to be his personal objects and will treat them like an inferior being.

That means that there is nothing to stop them from being a professional cheater, and a heart breaker.

The men born with the Moon in Aquarius will spend their time on doing voluntary or humanitarian work, because they are rational and they have a special attraction to science.

They enjoy investigating the unknown, because that wakes up inside them the spirit of a challenger.

If he fails this journey of his, you have to be prepared to see a frustrated and nervous man, who will easily fall into negative stuff, and who will lead his life into destruction.

These natives are very focused and concentrated once they have something in mind. Their plans are the most important, and they will always seek to achieve them against all odds.

Moreover, they can be very aesthetically sensitive, while most people see them as true hen mothers, the generous and kind big brothers.

They will probably try to do politics and work with the people, because these goals make them feel alive.

After all, they are very good friends, and they will do everything to help you, to change your mood and make you smile, because they will always be the soul of the party.

The rational lover

If you want to seduce this man, you have to be very a subtle and gentle, with an elegant and charming attitude, and with a mysterious and playful personality.

This combination is going to enthrall him entirely, but make sure that you are not very insistent, he loves to be the leader, and he is also impressed when you read his thoughts.

This may appear as a hard job to do, but if you observe him a bit, you will end up doing that in a professional way. Be perceptive, because he is also perceptive and he will fall in love with you immediately if he will be convinced that you are twin souls.

This zodiac sign has his own special way to love, and he does it in a very gentle way, expressing himself through gestures and actions.

He combines the emotions with a rationalistic approach which, in this combination, actually complements each other due to his romanticism.

When it comes to intimacy, this native doesn’t have any inhibitions with this, because he was born to be open minded, and his love for adventure will make him a brilliant sexual partner interested in all that means hot subjects.

Once you seduce him, and you are together, you have to know that your work doesn’t finish here, because, in order to keep such a living heart, you have to dance in the same way as he does.

Just follow the same steps, because for him common interest and small compatibilities are like air. He can’t breathe in a relationship without them. Be open to his soul and ready to start a journey full of adventure.

Be a seeker of treasures, and he will love you for eternity in the most substantial way possible. Focus your conversations on philosophy, science, world issues and social problems, and he will be a hundred percent sure that you are the one.

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Written by Denise

Denise is an experienced practitioner of astrology, interested to discover and share with everyone how astrology can inspire and change lives. She is the Editor in Chief at The Horoscope.