Moon in Aquarius Personality Traits

Your natal Moon sign reveals that your emotional personality borrows from the Aquarian’s generosity and compassion.

Moon in Aquarius

If you are born under the Moon in Aquarius you are in luck, this combination is one that talks about flexibility, the power to bend the world to your needs and a generally carefree attitude about many things in life.

The main principle seems to be that problems come and go, what matters is your own person, how you tackle them. This is a visionary, one who sees the future as hiding great potential, that has to be grasped at any costs.

Moon in Aquarius in a nutshell:

  • Style: Humanitarian and Stubborn;
  • Top qualities: Straightforward, Enthusiastic and Adaptable;
  • Challenges: Rigidness and distant;
  • Advice: Don’t censor so much of your personality.
  • Celebrities: Marilyn Monroe, H.G. Wells, John Lennon, George Clooney.

Change or no change

The Aquarius, being a fixed sign, is usually classified as a rigid and closed-minded sign, amongst his other astrological peers.

However, when the Moon resides in it, there’s something new brought to the table, in that this native is under the guidance and the beneficial influence of the celestial body who can, at key moments in life, mellow this fixated behavior.

This little aspect changes everything, as it makes these natives become more open towards the new, and not reject it altogether from the start.

They do feel the need to have a form of routine in their lives, as a support in trying times, but their high-strung curiosity, and the enthusiastic personality also, make them desire for change, albeit in small doses.

The influence of the Moon is most evident in their sudden change in behavior once they have to make a critical choice under pressure. And that is where it becomes evident that they are by far rigid and tradition in mind.

Strange and weird is what they can be called, mainly because they tend to have incredibly intellectual and mysterious interests, ranging from supernatural phenomena to the way interstellar space bends due to the action of gravity.

These passions are also at the source of their open-minded attitude, and also why they tend to stay away from traditionalists who can’t accept any other view than their own.

It’s the ideas not the emotions

Whoever is born at the time the Moon passes through the sign of the Aquarius will find themselves growing to be quite the visionaries, with countless new, and quite unusual ideas popping up seemingly from nowhere.

And they will have to put these ideas to the test, make them a reality, otherwise, they’re just going to turn into a regret, and pester them forever.

Rational and logical, these natives tend to behave with a sense of objectivity, thinking more about how things should be constructed for the best result, rather than how they feel about that certain pattern.

This is where we most realize that the influence of the Moon is toned down by the special manner of thinking of the Aquarius.

Feelings and emotions take second place here, on the first place being the heightened innovative drive, a booming futuristic gusto that many would drool over.

Now, according to the position of the Moon in their astrological space, there may be some interference with Capricorn or Pisces features, thus enhancing the straightforward character like the former or the dreamier approach of the latter. Either way, the Moon in Aquarius predisposes to a very flexible and unpredictable personality.

What hides beneath their detachment

The individual with the Moon in Aquarius will prefer to keep to himself, and not immerse in many social events, or go out often with friends.

Sure, there will be some casual fun to be had, going to a movie, or having a coffee with the partner, but that’s pretty much it.

Putting themselves amidst crowds of people? Not likely, because they innately believe not many would understand them, or rather, that they can’t fully appreciate their complex mindset and sets of skills.

Egocentric or not, these people do feel like there’s a disparity between their understanding, their perception of the world, and that of others. A different view of the world is responsible for their unsocial, or rather detached behavior.

Even if on the surface, it may appear that they believe themselves to be superior to most other people, hence the tendency to stay away from the common rabble, it’s actually something of a more complex, and deeper implication than that.

These natives have an innate anxiety, a type of fear that gnaws away at their confidence, hence a type of inner revolt that materializes in the real world as a superiority complex.

This fear revolves around their belief that they may say something wrong, or do some stupid things, and people would laugh at them, or reject their friendship.

Family relationships

Family matters and the way someone born with the Moon in Aquarius perceives these relationships will depend greatly on their astrological formation.

For example, if the Moon’s influence is more potent, they will most probably have a very proactive relationship with their mother. They will see her as a source of inspiration, a model in life which they should follow.

However, if the Moon’s influence tends to lack, being less filled with vitality, then their relationship might be strained, more often than not because of the behavior of the mother which in turn reflects in the reactions of the son or the daughter. Inner contradictions and regrets might also be present as a result.

In spite of all these potential problems that might appear in their family, the Moon Aquarians are nevertheless very generous people, their kindness spreading to pretty much anyone who asks for help. Altruist and humanitarian, such an individual is interested from an early age in societal fairness being just one step ahead of the collective effort.

These natives will often find themselves doing community work, volunteering to help needy people, just for the simple act of help, and not because of some other material or social status rewards.

Positive highlights

Firstly, these natives are incredibly charming and physically attractive. They can seduce anyone they choose to, given they know how to do it. But they are most times very busy employing their very futuristic and visionary personality, always thinking ahead, and trying to put in practice their big plans so they don’t necessarily have the time to become emotional in love, like the Moon would push them.

Living in the present is secondary to them because they want to change the world, make it a better place for people to live in. And this is how we reach their humanitarian reflexes. Poverty, war, hunger, these are all world problems that humanity deals with, and it’s on their to-do list. With immense passion and determination, they will work wonders towards the betterment of society.

On a personal level, they are very open-minded and democratic in thinking. Any native born with the Moon in Aquarius will jump to the rescue of their peers, with optimism and faith, but also rather practical and grounded in their approach.

The downsides

The other side of the Moon in Aquarius means coldness and a distant attitude, even towards those close. There are some unsociable tendencies that these natives may have to battle with for the majority of their lives.

We could possibly say there is no one more adept to raising that invisible barrier between them and those around, than the individual born when the Moon was in Aquarius.

But they might actually have a bit of an excuse because, due to their intense visionary personality that goes to create plenty of innovative, and non-conformist ideas, the majority of people would look upon them as weird and strange.

They would surely be misunderstood, or even perceived as a danger to the status quo of the society. Therefore, they prefer to stay isolated, cooped up in a world of their own making, a special bubble to protect them from the putrid remarks of others.

The emotional nature of the Moon will produce tantrums and a particular unreliability in these individuals, perhaps due to their liberal attitude over most life aspects.

Furthermore, they can get very determined about a certain idea, and there’s no convincing them that it might not be applicable. Once they’ve thought about something, it’s going to happen, no matter what.

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Written by Denise

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