Full Moon in Aquarius: What It Means And How To Take Advantage

Full Moon in Aquarius is centered around your role amongst your peers and around using your creativity to benefit others.

Full Moon in Aquarius

When under the influence of the Aquarius Full Moon, everyone has the air of an initiator about them, of someone who could actually bring real change to the world around.

It may not be at such a grand scale, but it’s going to happen anyway, in their group of friends, or concerning work, a project they’ve begun with their colleagues.

Some ideas they may come up with could prove to be revolutionary, something that no one else could have anticipated.

The Full Moon in Aquarius is everyone’s occasion to make themselves remarked through endeavors that help their peers and that strengthen communities.

While some people prefer to remain on the same level and avoid change for as long as possible, letting routine muddle their lives, Aquarians can’t even fathom doing the same and they will lend this feature to the Full Moon in their sign.

During this time, people will try their best to get out of any labyrinth of stagnation, intellectual or spiritual, that they might be in.

And to achieve this, they will look for people with the same kind of mindset, the revolutionaries, the ones who don’t abide by the social rules, who won’t accept being trapped in the vicious circle of tediousness.

One wishing to take full advantage of this Full Moon will have to leave behind those empty reflexes that lead them to a routine kind of lifestyle and take up the mantle of the innovator.

During an Aquarius Full Moon you should:

  • Resort to creative activities with self-focus;
  • Help others and volunteer;
  • Step outside of your comfort zone;
  • Make new friends;
  • Raise awareness about a cause.

When is Full Moon in Aquarius?

The Aquarian Full Moon takes place at the end of July and start of August, when the Moon passes through this Fixed Modality sign, bringing with it a steady-minded approach and a concern for stability in all life matters.

People are now less likely to unleash their emotions in a petty argument. It’s all about tranquility, calmness, and a feeling of inner balance that goes beyond what most can achieve.

On the other hand, when the Moon begins its travel throughout the astrological space of the Aquarians, these natives will feel just like they have to release all those pent-up emotions. It doesn’t have to be done aggressively, but rather in a productive manner.

Keeping in mind that the Aquarius natives are very sociable and communicative, and they want nothing else than to spend their day surrounded by friends, taking part in fun and exciting social events, the Full Moon will instill these characteristics in everyone else.

The Full Moon makes people become excited about social events, makes them way more talkative, and keen on going out. It increases their spontaneity, their spirit, and most of all, the confidence to get out into the world and fulfill their every desire.

The Aquarian Full Moon acts as a catalyst for the self-illumination that takes place when one recognizes what truly matters in their lives, and the potential that they have.

Comparing individual, egotistic efforts, to those aimed in a generally altruistic scope, helping the many, instead of helping themselves, under this lunar influence, people manage to perceive the benefits and flaws of their thinking.

Therefore, through this revelation, people have a chance to become more self-aware than before, more responsible for their actions, and quite possibly a little bit more generous and kind.

Humanitarian endeavors bring about much inner satisfaction and immediate gratification, for those who can appreciate them. Similarly, this is the time to break from the routine and try new things or abandon old habits that you already know are bad for yourself.

The visionary activity of the Full Moon in Aquarius

As per usual, the Full Moon instills a lot of innate power into the ones it touches with its rays, and the Aquarians do have a lot of energy at their disposal to use as they see fit.

You should direct this to further your own career, make the best of what you’ve got, and eventually reach the very top of the social ladder. That’s one option.

The other is to focus your efforts on the common good, on the idea of a general altruism. Neither one is wrong, and should not be perceived as being part of a good-bad dichotomy.

Humanitarian actions are, although, seen as being morally superior, and one under the Full Moon in Aquarius should think about this.

Aquarians are visionaries beyond everything else, guys who won’t resign themselves to the order of the world if it’s not to their liking. They will try to alter it to suit their taste or live with their own rules, for as long as possible.

But, generally, these are not straight-out anarchists who rebel against the status-quo, but rather innovators, the ones who change the collective mentality through conversation and intelligent arguments.

The Aquarian Full Moon seems to be the perfect occasion for the natives in other signs to borrow from this life perception and to make things a little better around them. This is a moment of transformation and reform, of gaining independence from archaic ways of thinking whilst still remaining compassionate to our peers.

Important to remember

The Aquarians are best known for their non-conformism, their anti-routine reflexes, always going against the status quo, against the normal flow of the world.

They are friendly and like to think they’re doing this for the good of the many, of their friends and family, but sometimes, they may get overly-emotional, taking things a little bit too far. No matter what, though they are still the same enthusiastic, exciting, and pleasing individuals as ever before.

The above seems to be in a nutshell what you should keep in mind about the transformation the Aquarius Full Moon aims to provoke in everyone else with its influence.

This Full Moon also has the potential to turn people inwards, to help them focus on the great potential that’s lying in their grasp, waiting to be fully unleashed.

During an Aquarius Full Moon you will put too much thought into your actions, and might end up overthinking most of the times, which leads to surreal simulations of the future, problems that wouldn’t otherwise appear.

If your Sun sign also has some overly-rational and realistic undertones, like those of the Virgo or the Capricorn, you would be surprised that even yourself will have some emotions cloud your judgment under this lunar influence.

This Moon activity definitely has to do with what makes us human, and with decisions taken with the heart, with emotions at the forefront. It has to do with kindness, benevolence, the interpersonal relationships with other people, and the way they’re perceived.

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