The Moon in Aquarius Woman: Get to Know Her Better

She will probably do well in domains that require one to be inquisitive, curious, rational and look upon the world from a materialistic viewpoint.

Moon in Aquarius woman

Generally, the Moon in Aquarius woman is one of the few natives of the zodiac who enjoys spending time with herself, building her own future, striving to become better, and she does this with nothing but the power of her own will.

She prefers doing things this way because she knows what to expect. This doesn’t mean that she is antisocial or introverted. On the contrary, she is a very sociable and communicative person who knows how to approach and befriend other people.

The Moon in Aquarius woman in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Independent and original;
  • Negatives: Cunning and obsessive;
  • Soulmate: Someone who is freedom loving and understanding;
  • Life lesson: Abandoning the need to censor parts of her personality.

This woman has wonderful groups of friends which she treats all the same, but she doesn’t get too cozy in them because she believes this will restrict her freedom to act.

Her loved ones are very important to her

The Moon in Aquarius woman will help all those who need it, just like a good Samaritan, a humanitarian philanthropist whose sole mission is to bring about world peace.

She’s generous, kind, adorable, and never asks for anything in return. However, she doesn’t realize exactly how helpful she is sometimes because even when people thank her, she doesn’t know how to react, nor does she become blush with pleasure.

It’s not that she’s not empathetic or humane, but she’s very humble and doesn’t believe she deserves such gratitude.

This native will probably do well in domains that require one to be inquisitive, curious, rational and look upon the world from a materialistic viewpoint.

Moreover, she can be very persuasive and diplomatic with her words because she’s naturally sociable and communicative.

It wouldn’t be surprising to find out that she participated in a lot of debates during her college years. Even though she can get aggressive and stick to her own beliefs when it’s necessary, she prefers doing things the peaceful way.

Also, traditions don’t really cater to her tastes, and she tries to escape their confines, but she can’t fully do this.

Women born with the Moon in Aquarius perceive the world with an objective mindset and prefer to take a decision based on evidence and sufficient data to support their principles. Emotions and subjectivity will often lead to mistakes and failures, so they avoid using them.

But, in their pursuit of neutrality and an unbiased life, they sometimes forget that some people deserve another treatment.

Their loved ones are more important and should receive more attention from them. It can be very annoying and disappointing to notice that your lover treats you the same as she does the neighbor next door, at least in some regards, but this is who she is.

She doesn’t subdue herself to her emotions, ever, and this means that you shouldn’t expect her to be overly-romantic, affectionate, or cuddle with you, as her partner.

Only when she discovers the one true special person does she allow her feelings to bloom and create a wonderful relationship. In general, though, all her relationships start out as friendships, and this continues still, even later on.

She doesn’t like exaggerated romanticisms like cuddling, kissing for too much, and most importantly, she doesn’t want to give up on her normal behavior just because her partner might be jealous or feel attacked.

Her freedom is essential and she will never let it go, for any one. In return, she will be devoted and remain loyal to her lover, mostly due to her firm principles and virtues, although she might go sideways from time to time.

The Moon in Aquarius woman stands tall as the most rationally inclined native, the most cerebral, and evidently the most reasonable one. She’s not a big fan of showing her emotions in public, nor does she really like showing emotions at all.

Rather, she observes and analyzes them introspectively, deconstructing and restructuring them as she sees fit, sometimes even eliminating them altogether.

The good thing about her reasonable and rational perspective is that she will remain calm during times of great emotional duress when the most of us would roll on the ground crying her head off.

She will always try to find a practical and logical solution to any given problem, and their reliability is unmatched.

The open-minded lover

Being with a Moon in Aquarius woman in a relationship is a whole new experience that you’ll wish never ends, that is if you’re not the introverted type who likes his routine so much that you don’t accept anything new.

She brings out the best in her partner and encourages him to think in a different way, to be more open-minded, to develop himself greatly as time goes on.

For those who aren’t content with just living a boring lifestyle, then consider finding such a woman to spice things up.

In a love affair, this woman will meet her share of troubles because there are few people who can really understand and accept her seemingly psychopathic attitude.

She looks like she wouldn’t care at all about the wellbeing of other people, at least emotionally so. And she appears cold, robotic, functioning only on objective facts, manifesting a certain disinterest in socializing with people.

For those who are sensitive and very emotional, like Pisceans for example, perhaps you should consider someone more emotionally-approachable than her.

She will want to meet an open-minded person who can roam the world with her, and not get bogged down in the traditional regulations that society imposes on everyone.

She likes her freedom as it is, and she’s mostly able to keep her emotions in control, so she wants a relationship based on mutual trust, devotion, loyalty, and the search for freedom.

Straightforward and honest right from the very beginning, the Moon in Aquarius woman will likely have a much more stable and long-standing relationship than others.

Watch out

You should pay attention to their attempt at keeping other people at some distance, either through words or actions. They prefer having their private space untouched, and they are mostly restrained when it comes to social events.

Sure, they can be communicative and have many friends, but few are able to come close to them.

The Moon in Aquarius women will stick to their own plans and dreams regardless of the obstacles met on the way. It doesn’t matter who shows up to ruin their plans.

It does happen that they keep on pushing forward with the same idea, even though it may be wrong to do so, or they may not be correct in all regards, but it’s meaningless.

They can focus for too long on their own dream worlds and principles, and don’t even realize that they have responsibilities in the real world that they have to take care of.

Although generally reliable and hardworking, the Moon in Aquarius women can lose their focus on some occasions.

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