Monkey Man Pig Woman Long-Term Compatibility

These two must not allow themselves to feel overwhelmed by their emotions and argue unnecessarily.

Monkey man Pig woman compatibility

The Chinese zodiac Monkey man will love the Pig woman for being feminine, whereas she will appreciate his intelligence. The Pig woman needs to be given a log of love and affection, also to be sure that her partner is going to be next to her all her life.

CriteriaMonkey Man Pig Woman Compatibility Degree
Emotional connectionAverage❤ ❤ ❤
CommunicationAverage❤ ❤ ❤
Trust & DependabilityBelow average❤ ❤
Common valuesBelow average❤ ❤
Intimacy & SexAverage❤ ❤ ❤

They can have a stable union, but only for as long as the Pig woman is ready to understand how complicated the Monkey man is. In return, he has to get over the fact that his lady can be boring and too honest.

The Monkey man doesn’t like the Pig woman’s generosity and doesn’t feel impressed by all her giving. If these two want to be together as a couple, they need to overcome their differences and to invest some efforts in order to make their relationship work.

The Pig woman is determined to make a lot of money in order to have a luxurious lifestyle, so she may benefit from the fact that he’s crafty and productive. However, she won’t appreciate how he’s taking advantage of her love.

He can be very charming, so he has many admirers. However, his complex personality can sometimes be too much for the simple Pig woman. While the Monkey man and Pig woman can have many conflicts, they’re at least sure to never fight too seriously. What they need to is paying attention to one another’s positive traits.

Conflicts between them usually appear because they have very different personalities. While the Pig woman is emotional and sentimental, sometimes even moody, the Monkey man is superficial and wants to experience things first hand.

He refuses to have a routine and to pay attention to what he may be feeling. This indicates the romantic connection between them can be very difficult, especially if the Monkey man is very distant and doesn’t want to be more profound for his Pig lady, so that their relationship has a deeper meaning.

He may eventually decide to leave her, as he feels overwhelmed by her strong emotions. Besides, he isn’t able to express his feelings, which can greatly disappoint her. They don’t only have different personalities, but also values and goals.

Sensible beings

The Monkey man is sociable and more focused on material success, so he takes advantage of any opportunity. He doesn’t mind breaking the rules and manipulating others in order to obtain what he wants.

On the other hand, the Pig woman is very honest and has a lot of compassion. She would never hurt anyone, so she doesn’t like in any way the way her Monkey man is acting.

As a matter of fact, it makes her feel hurt and offended. In return, he may see her as an idealistic fool with too many morals, not to mention he can easily get bored of her naïve ways, especially in the long run.

The Pig woman needs to be taken care of because if she isn’t, she can end up being taken advantage of by people with bad intentions. This is because she trusts too much.

She can seem ridiculous to the Monkey man, who’s very cautious when having to deal with other people. More than this, she can be moody and have moments when she wants to be all alone, which is something the Monkey man simply doesn’t understand.

He’s the type to spend a lot of time with friends and to convince others to solve his problems. Besides, she feels things very deeply, while he doesn’t care about anything, leading her to think he’s insensitive and capable of hurting her.

However, in the end, the Pig woman and the Monkey man can adapt to one another. The Pig woman needs to try and be more interesting and self-confident, whereas the Monkey man needs to pay her more attention.

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