Monkey Man Monkey Woman Long-Term Compatibility

These two can have the most interesting conversations and form an adventurous pair all the time.

Monkey man Monkey woman compatibility

When it comes to love, the Chinese zodiac Monkey man and Monkey woman make for a passionate and charming couple. passionate and very charming. They can have the best of times when together, especially because they both like going out.

CriteriaMonkey Man Monkey Woman Compatibility Degree
Emotional connectionStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
CommunicationStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Trust & DependabilityDoubtful
Common valuesStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Intimacy & SexAverage❤ ❤ ❤

What’s good about the Monkey man and woman and their connection is that they’re very intelligent and can have the most interesting conversations.

Problems in their relationship may appear because they’re too eager to be in the centre of attention. However, if they spend a lot of their time exploring new things and learning, they can be very happy together.

The fact that they tend to have more fun on their own than with their partner can also be a problem, not to mention both of them are rather unfaithful than loyal. Therefore, they need to make their relationship a priority.

Because they both love their freedom, it’s very likely that they’ll be together without getting married for a very long time, without getting bored of each other. They won’t spend too much of their time at home, as they both love to go to parties and to meet new people.

It’s good that they also support one another when it comes to career and making their dreams come true. Problems can sometime appear with money, as neither of them doesn’t know how to handle it.

However, this doesn’t make them less good companions for one another. The Chinese horoscope says the love compatibility between two Monkeys is high because both partners like to have fun and are very free-spirited.

This means they enjoy each other’s company and go out a lot together. More than this, they don’t ask for loyalty and commitment from one another, which is very good for their sexual life too, as they get to feel freer and to let go of any inhibition, knowing they don’t owe anyone anything.

An intellectual connection

What they both want from their relationship is to be fun and to have them doing new things all the time. Since they’re Monkeys and love being in the centre of attention, they may fight when having to make big decisions on their life together, like for example, when buying a new home, changing jobs or having a baby.

However, most of the time the Monkey woman and the Monkey man support each other and what makes each of them happy, hobbies and interests included. As a matter of fact, the Chinese compatibility horoscope says they adore one another, even if they’re not mushy when showing their love.

Their connection is rather intellectual, so it’s not unlikely for them to meet at book clubs or museums. In the beginning of their relationship, they will talk a lot on the phone and face-to-face, as they’re both great conversationalists.

Being skilled and good at their jobs, they will finish work fast and meet afterwards. Both loving their freedom and being creative, they will talk a lot about the concept of independence and many of their interests.

If the Monkey man and the Monkey woman happen to be friends, they will spend a lot of time traveling together because they both love being on the move and seeing new places.

Their fighting will be about where to sleep and what to eat, so nothing too serious. On the contrary, it can be said their arguments are more on the playful side, not at all struggles to get the power. In case they will need some money, one of them may come with the idea to participate at contests or to enter karaoke shows.

The other will agree, as Monkeys are natural performers who love the stage and having all eyes on them. When it comes to the bedroom, these two seem to have great chemistry, but neither of them is giving sex too much importance, seeing they’re more preoccupied with intellectual matters. When expressing their physical affection, they’re rather athletic than passionate.

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