Rabbit Man Monkey Woman Long-Term Compatibility

These two seem to be very compatible because neither of them is too big on emotions and they take things lightly.

Rabbit man Monkey woman compatibility

When dating, the Rabbit man and the Monkey woman will be very attracted to on another. Their relationship will evolve and be based on mutual respect. However, the connection between them can also be very hostile, as they have barely anything in common and usually realize that sooner than later. At least both love discussing theories and using their heads rather than their hearts.

CriteriaRabbit Man Monkey Woman Compatibility Degree
Emotional connectionAverage❤ ❤ ❤
CommunicationStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Trust & DependabilityStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Common valuesAverage❤ ❤ ❤
Intimacy & SexStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

While the Rabbit man doesn’t like changes and being surprised, the Monkey woman is his complete opposite. She may think he’s too rigid for their relationship to develop further, but if she happens to be wrong, she will admit it without doubt.

Both of them are very creative and think fast, but the Monkey woman is the type who doesn’t hesitate to manipulate others in order to get what she wants. As a matter of fact, she’s the trickster of the Chinese zodiac, the person who would go to any length to obtain benefits and who puts herself first more than anything.

At the same time, she’s very charming, this being the reason why many of the ladies in this sign are successful in sales. It can be very interesting to watch her working because she possesses many talents.

Finding a job or a partner is never a problem for her, but she always loses her interest in someone or something very fast, just because she got bored. The person who loves her has to like playing games and to leave her guessing all the time.

It’s easy to see what she wants through the games and the scams she’s always playing. When seeing that someone understands her very well, she grows to have a lot of respect for that person.

However, she would never even talk with a person she thinks is beneath her, especially when it comes to intelligence. When in love, she does everything in her power to please her partner and is very devoted, almost to the point in which she’s no longer selfish, as she usually is.

Because she thinks everyone is a trickster like her, she finds it very difficult to trust other people, this being the reason why she needs to spend a lot of time with the Rabbit man before committing to a relationship with him.

In the meantime, she will greatly benefit from his wise advice. As soon as she has started to trust him and to no longer play games, the connection between these two can grow to be very strong.

Because the Rabbit man is moody, he can greatly benefit from her tremendous optimism, not to mention she will encourage him to reach for success with more ambition.

When his luck gets combined with her intelligence, things can turn out to be great. Besides, both the Rabbit man and Monkey woman have many interests and are quite good entertainers.

The Monkey woman is also versatile and usually accomplishes what she has set her mind, without too many efforts and with a clear mind. While the Rabbit man is not as resourceful, he’s also always looking for nee experience and can be very enthusiastic about their relationship.

If together for a long time, these two can stimulate one another to do all kind of activities. More than this, they seem to be very compatible because neither of them is too big on emotions.

Keeping each other entertained

They wouldn’t breathe in each other’s neck, not to mention they would never allow passion to make them lose their heads. Whereas the Goat is looking for intimacy and the Ox for unequalled loyalty in love, the Monkey woman and the Rabbit man prefer to live in peace and to not have too many demands from each other.

This is why their relationship can seem distant and even casual at a first glance. However, it isn’t. It’s just that neither of the partners is too demanding, especially as fat as feelings go.

The Monkey woman will always make the Rabbit man laugh. The more time they will spend together, the more he will give her all his attention. Their talks will be about the world and how some people are doing things the way they do.

However, this is where things stop, as they can soon discover they don’t have other subjects of conversation. He’s also very reserved and much quieter than she is, so she will always lead in their relationship.

It’s very likely he’ll start to rely on her and her strategies, especially when having to make a decision and to deal with some difficult times.

However, in an emergency, he may want to take the lead because she can be destructive when allowed to do what she wants. Besides, he can offer her his patient perspective that can make their relationship more manageable.

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