Mercury in 8th House: How It Affects Your Life and Personality

This placement of Mercury makes people know exactly what to say and when so this saves them a lot of hassle in life and helps them have an advantage on others.

Mercury in 8th house

Those born with their Mercury in the eighth house are especially endowed with a natural curiosity that makes them want to know exactly what’s surrounding them, how it all came to be, how the people around them do what they do, and so on.

They’re natural investigators, analyzing anything and everything, down to the very last details, only to satisfy their curiosities.

Mercury in 8th House summary:

  • Strengths: Communicative, persuasive and attentive;
  • Challenges: Judgmental, gossipy and impulsive;
  • Advice: They should not share what is being said to them in private;
  • Celebrities: Natalie Portman, Emma Watson, Kylie Jenner, Prince Harry.

Of course, what ultimately matters for them is the truth because they won’t be happy having reached a conclusion only to find out later that it’s only a lie or the result of fake attitudes.

Meticulous people

If you’re not the type to enjoy random rambling about the most curious of subjects, endless debates on existential dilemmas, and pretty much non-stop bantering, then the Mercury in eighth house natives are not for you.

They don’t hesitate to beat around the bush when there’s something to be said, and even when there’s no need to say anything, they will still have to do it either way.

In other words, they absolutely love to engage in conversations, to have funny talks and to discover new ways of seeing the world, to get drunk on the power of words.

What’s more, they are very much interested in sexual matters, kinky ideas, and would be too keen on having such conversations.

The Mercury in 8th house natives are very serious when it comes to communication, insisting that it’s one of the most important elements of a good lifestyle, a successful business, and pretty much anything in-between.

Knowing how and what to say in some contexts can save you a lot of hassle, and they want to take control of their own impulses as much as possible, to be able to discipline themselves completely.

Moreover, they are also quite adept at reading other people, seeing their motivations and why they do things, their secrets and vulnerabilities.

They are very ambitious and meticulous people who know what they want to do and focus entirely on that. Nothing can make them stray from the established path.

Moreover, the Mercury in 8th house natives seem to be endowed with occult powers of observation and supernatural insight, a weird and special trait.

Anyway, they seem to be able to feel things, to know that something will happen before it does.

They know stuff, seemingly out of nowhere, and they act on it with complete certainty. Their awareness reaches unprecedented levels.

They know how to impose their will so that others listen and realize that it’s the only reasonable choice to listen and obey.

Persuasive and manipulative, these people believe that everyone has a reason for why they did something, and that reason stands at the forefront of anyone’s decisions, conscious or not.

Know that and you can control anyone. They are curious about this and will investigate it thoroughly, with rising interest and efficiency, all in order to form the perfect strategy.

The positives

What’s good is that these natives never lack for attention or friends because basically everyone will gather around them, waiting to see what’s going to happen next, what they’re going to do or say.

Human curiosity wins in the end. Their mysterious agenda and demeanor bring a lot of people together, and this effect is amplified by their natural confidence and firm attitude.

However, and this is most importantly, why they are very good at discovering the secrets of other people, they are especially careful in keeping theirs hidden and away from prying eyes.

What happens as a result is that the people are even more intrigued and unconsciously attracted to them.

The mysterious and seemingly supernatural insight can make them the perfect research material for those who want to find out more about the world, those that want to understand the human psyche.

The Mercury in 8th house natives are very interested in witnessing the dynamic spectacle of moving bodies, the intellectual and verbal debauchery of every-day life, the mechanisms behind it all.

They not only use all the accumulated knowledge to make plans and build future prospects, but it also grants them an aura of authority, of a knowledgeable person, someone that you just have to listen to.

Professionally, if you want something to be done in an organized and systematic manner, a research or an analysis, they are your people for the job.

The negatives

It’s a really good decision to keep themselves out of the spotlight with regard to their emotions. If they don’t reveal themselves as much, they won’t be as vulnerable and weak anymore.

It’s something people should do more often, as a matter of fact, because there are plenty of individuals out there who want to hurt people.

This is what they do, and protection is needed. However, in a relationship, this is no longer a good decision because you would think that the partner is someone whom they trust enough.

It’s going to be very confusing for said partners to know what they’re thinking. Ideally, they should become more open towards people they trust.

The eighth house is also known as the house of death. This means that these natives are in contact with the other side, with the forces of the occult, which they can use to cause harm to others, involuntarily, evidently.

Out of spite or anger, they might be left thinking that the other person should suffer or something bad should befall them.

Surprisingly, this actually becomes a reality, and it’s more than likely a result of that random desire. Sending negative vibes is a thing, especially in their case.

The Mercury in 8th house natives might tap into the dark energy that surrounds their house and become a sinister version of themselves, especially in their relationships.

Possessiveness is taken to the extreme, emotional manipulation, the tendency to check on their partner out of unfounded suspicions, these can happen more often than not as a result of this dark energy oozing from Pluto, more likely.

Let’s also remember that they are naturally more inclined to investigate and search for answers, to find the truth. With presuppositions leading their efforts, it’s already going the wrong path.

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