Mercury in 6th House: How It Affects Your Life and Personality

This placement of Mercury directs people towards making the right choices for their lives, even though this is often proved later on.

Mercury in 6th house

Those born with their Mercury in the sixth house of their birth chart go well beyond what other people can hope to accomplish in intellectual pursuits.

More precisely, they are incredibly versatile, analytic, and systematic in their approach, being able to make sense of incredible amounts of information in the least possible time, with the best results.

Mercury in 6th House summary:

  • Strengths: Attentive, meticulous and hardworking;
  • Challenges: Dominating, negative and procrastinating;
  • Advice: They should be more protective of their free time;
  • Celebrities: Barack Obama, Will Smith, James Franco, Kate Moss.

Usually, they are the brains behind the brawns, the master puppeteer behind the curtain, controlling the comings and goings of the whole play. Criticism and skepticism are two of their most important traits, but they might worry a bit too much. Hence, overthinking plays a big part in their lives as well.

Great judges of character

These people with Mercury in the sixth house may be endowed with critical and organizational aptitudes that greatly help them in their professional fields, but other than that, it’s kind of a downside.

This is to say that they may get sidetracked and obsess for too much time on some projects, to the point that they forget about taking care of themselves.

Perhaps taking a step back and enjoying some free time will do them good. Even more so when we think that they are very sociable in general and quite good at organizing social events or parties, escapades.

Just as the other Mercury natives, these ones place a great significance on learning, studying, accumulating knowledge to be used further down the road.

The expanding of one’s intellectual capacity and the breadth of wisdom, this is a goal in and of itself, one that the Mercury in 6th house natives proudly pursue.

They are very hardworking and ambitious, as they are very attentive at how they deliver the work. Nothing less than perfection is allowed, this being the way they value their work and the appreciation of other people.

Moreover, they tend to be very clean and care about health, eating naturally and keeping themselves in top shape.

When they’re good, they’re critical to the day-to-day operations and quite perfect in what they do.

They can look beyond what most people see, peer into the profundity of the analyzed object, see the details, learn about their structure, organize and arrange all the data, make valuable appreciations based on these details.

This attention for the small things spreads in their personal lives as well, and knowing that they care about health and hygiene, guess what happens?

That’s right, they obsess about the smallest hints of sickness. Nervousness and irritation get to them faster than stress and tension from overworking.

The positives

What’s good, splendid even, is that these Mercury in 6th house natives work a lot, and this is an understatement. They are literally one of the most responsible and hardworking natives of the entire zodiac.

They will never abandon or fall due to pressure, but instead, they will struggle, analyze, organize, and finally finish their assignments.

However, this takes quite a lot of time and energy which could have been used to go out, have fun, enjoy life.

Their friends miss them quite a lot. Social problems will appear, but their creative and adaptative personalities will find solutions to this as well.

Their professional expertise is based on this ability to analyze and organize data, to acquire information and knowledge in the quickest and most efficient way.

Intellectually, there can’t be anyone smarter or more in-synch with their intuition and reason than these natives. It’s very useful that they have a mathematical intelligence, one that creates logical connections between elements, thus making it easier to work with them.

Moreover, the Mercury in 6th house natives are very good communicators as well, able to share complex ideas with ease. However, they are much more suited in a challenging and fast-paced environment where one has to make decisions on the fly.

Actually, the most problems that they struggle with are those coming from their own inner conflicts and inadequacies, all the packed-up unnecessary clutter and the tension.

They have to take a step back, leave everything as is, forget about work, about responsibilities and obligations, and just take some time off, relax and find some comfort in the idea that everyone needs rest from time to time.

They are good people with good hearts, smart and intelligent, ambitious and perseverant, so everything will play out just fine in the end.

The negatives

What happens is that Mercury in the 6th house natives often concentrate too hard on achieving perfection, the best results, doing everything as good as possible, and this leads to long-term unhappiness, dissatisfaction.

Sure, people do appreciate their efforts and perseverance, but when it truly comes to the matter at hand, to what it really matters, this pales in comparison to their own mental stability and fulfillment.

It might be satisfying to have their efforts validated and to be appreciated, but knowing when to stop and spend some time with family and friends is equally, if not more important.

They should learn to speak about their problems, share their griefs and sadness to people who can understand and support them.

By being so obsessed and focused on doing a perfect job, they will open themselves to emotional instability, unhappiness, depression, and massive confusion.

This doesn’t only make it harder and harder to lead a healthy lifestyle but it also affects their professional productivity. They need to think about themselves as well, about all the pressure that they’re shouldering, a self-made choice.

They’re going to start researching how they can develop their bodies, increase their stress tolerance, learn everything they can about how the human mind works, and how to best use it.

Paranoia, incessant worrying and overthinking, hypochondria, unreasonable uncertainties and anxieties, unnecessary stressing and the freaky obsession with hygiene and cleaning.

These are the most basic problems that they will have to deal with. The 6th house Mercury natives have a lot of working to do on themselves, to refurbish their entire inner world in order to reach a satisfactory level, to dispense with all the future problems, all the stress, and fears.

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