Mercury in 5th House: How It Affects Your Life and Personality

This placement of Mercury will encourage people to hide their intentions and prefer to only talk about their accomplishments, when the time is right.

Mercury in 5th house

Those born with their Mercury in the fifth house of their birth chart are especially endowed with a lot of creative prowess and innovative urges. They want to create art, to change the world through their unique and peculiar perspective, to bring new viewpoints to the world.

Clearly, they are born to do this kind of thing because they thrive in competitive environments. Moreover, they express themselves in an eccentric and confident manner, showing the true potential that they possess.

Mercury in 5th House summary:

  • Strengths: Versatile, organized and sociable;
  • Challenges: Controlling, suspicious and negative;
  • Advice: They shouldn’t be that criticizing with themselves;
  • Celebrities: Prince William, Khloe Kardashian, Russell Brand, Antonio Banderas.

Their path to fulfillment stands atop a mountain of attempts, failures, victories, but they will get there eventually.

Devilish tricksters

Mercury is known as the planet of intellectual interests, communication, and power of expression, which effectively means that those with this planet in the fifth house won’t stay still for one moment.

They will want to expand their views on the world, to accumulate as many ideas as possible, which they’ll use to fuel their creative drive.

They are especially good at acting, covering up their intentions and taking on a persona with complete ease, mimicking a completely different type of personality.

Lying is, of course, something that comes naturally. They can come up with cover-up stories or background introductions on the spot.

However, manipulation is just a step away, and most people can’t notice when it happens.

They can talk a lot, especially about what they like doing on weekends, what they find fun and entertaining.

Quite playful and childish to no end, they find comfort to be the ultimate goal, a hedonistic approach through and through. What pleases their senses is essential to survival, and not only.

Falling in love is a complete metamorphosis for these great talkers. Suddenly, their diversity gets toned down and focused on the object of their affection, their partner.

Going forward, their children are very likely going to inherit their imagination and creative impetus, that artistic inclination.

These Mercury in the 5th house natives are devilish tricksters who like to play with unfortunate people, to make fun and have one hell of a time at their expense.

Besides being very good friends to have when in need, as well as being extremely good at expressing their thoughts and sharing ideas, they have this playful demeanor about them that will either annoy the crap out of you or lift your mood.

Moreover, romantically, they won’t be any happier than when they can use their expressive and creative side to impress their lover.

If the other person appreciates and likes this intellectual perspective on the world, they will cheerfully applaud.

The positives

These people love to tell stories and to see the smiles of their friends, to make them laugh and create funny situations.

With wit and intelligent jokes, they manage to drive away the gloom and promote happiness wherever they go.

They have a particular way of speaking that puts the interlocutor at the center of their attention, in the middle of the action, the sole receptor of their interest, which is obviously flattering and pleasing.

This is why they are good flirters who have their picks of plenty of men or women. They are anything but boring and dull.

Their mind is expansive and open to the new avenues that knowledge brings about.

Adaptative and flexible in scope, those with Mercury in the 5th house are incredibly creative, and what’s more, they use these talents serve a grander cause, to educate and enlighten others, children in general.

Their interests and pursuits are mainly tied to the world of art, literature, activities, and domains where they can use that brilliant mind, the endless curiosity, and the volcanic vitality.

They are unstable, dynamic, freedom-lovers, eternal wanderers of the wide world seeking inspiration and fun.

These Mercury in 5th house natives can only give expression to their greatest creative potential if they focus it on a grand cause, something that will affect the course of society or help the ascension of a social class, something altruistic and humanitarian.

Thinking about it in perspective, their intuition and boundless imagination allow them to make profound connections and find innovative solutions to all sorts of problems.

As for how they spend their free time, it’s usually with their hobbies and passions, relaxing and relishing the comfort of a good lifestyle.

Reading, playing mind-games with their neighbors, watching documentaries, are all preferred activities.

The negatives

They need to watch over their discussions and playful attitude because even though the jokes are appreciated, sometimes they might hurt people, being too personal or acidic.

Crossing the line is not a good thing, even though they are the ones being offended, they should still try to be diplomatic in order to maintain the façade of friendship.

Moreover, their tendency to exaggerate when telling stories carries over in their personal dealings. Lying is thus one of the many ways that they justify their motivations, actions, and so on.

The Mercury in the 5th house aspect points toward a high intellectual potential that can be used in a myriad of ways, each more interesting and innovative than the other.

However, this is left to the choice of these individuals. Whether they want to pursue creative interests and passions or they want to use it professionally, to support other skills, it’s up to them.

Irrespective of this choice, one thing is sure, that these natives are incredibly motivated and light-hearted, very flexible and adaptative.

Dangers and challenges are not only welcomed but also stimulating, one more reason to up the stakes and try even harder, put even more effort in.

They love playing mental games, and will often go back on their words, all of it being a solid joke.

If they feel insecure and unsure of their own abilities, they will try to numb this feeling of inability by turning egocentric and self-centered.

This transformation dulls the feeling of helplessness and hopeless sadness that takes over them in the critical moments of self-doubt.

The need for validation and outward appreciation make themselves ever-present in their lives.

For example, they may stay fixated on a certain idea without ever finding the courage or inspiration to go further with it, to actually put it in practice.

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