Mercury in 2nd House: How It Affects Your Life and Personality

This placement of Mercury makes people choose their words carefully and think things through before saying something.

Mercury in 2nd house

Those born with their Mercury in the second house of their birth chart have an innate economic sense so they are likely meant to be bankers, financial advisors, or work in sales.

They know what is most profitable, how to get to that sweet spot, what to ask for in a deal, and they know the value of money. They know it represents the great machinery that drives the world and know how to oil the gears essentially.

Mercury in 2nd House summary:

  • Strengths: Pragmatic, resourceful and kind;
  • Challenges: Indecisive, moody and shy;
  • Advice: They need to refrain from giving up so early into something;
  • Celebrities: Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Oprah Winfrey, Queen Elizabeth II.

They choose their words carefully

The Mercury in the 2nd natives are not unlike those of the first house in that they prioritize their studious abilities to the maximum degree, to the apex of their possibility.

As much knowledge and information their brains holds, that’s how much they’ll accumulate. There’s really no limit to this curiosity and insatiable thirst for knowledge.

Even more, this time, they will use it toward material end-goals as well. As we’ve said before, these people are innately aware of how money transactions work, how they can put themselves out there to take a hold of the pie. Communication, as ruled by Mercury, plays, yet again, an essential role in this endeavor.

They know how to approach most situations and what to invest their money in so that the rewards are double the initial sum. They observe the market stocks and make a decision based on the changes and the probable income of an investment.

This time, these natives are not great talkers, or they aren’t that impulsive and spontaneous. They choose their words carefully and think things through before saying something.

This is what makes them able to make money out of thin air, as if it grows in trees. They are practical, pragmatic, clever, and they use that famed intelligence to build themselves an empire.

Reason and logic are their weapons against any challenge and problem. Also, they remain focused on one single thing until they have dealt with it.

The positives

With Mercury in the second house, people are incredibly adept at seeing the details, reading between the lines and paying attention to the essence of a certain element.

What appears complex and incomprehensible to most people, they do it like a walk in the park, simplicity itself.

This is why they give off the impression elusiveness, mystery, a total enigma, and it’s the other way around as well.

These people also don’t understand how others can’t do the same, how they can’t systematically arrange the data out and proceed to solve the problem.

Entrepreneurs, this is the future of these natives because they put every single strand of mental energy toward the economic and financial comings and goings of a business.

Even more, they can be people of great imagination and inventiveness, changing the face of the world with their innovative and grand ideas. Ideally, this is going to make them filthy rich as well.

They can be teachers, accountants, teachers, public speakers or business entrepreneurs, all in the span of a few years if they put their mind to work.

Even though there are multiple differences in Mercury in the 2nd house, depending on other placements, in general, these natives are concerned with their material safety.

They want to have a personal sense of self-worth, a value in the world, to a stable and safe lifestyle. Materialism comes too easily for them.

It’s entirely within their power to get to a certain understanding of their own identity in relation to the world, their sense of belonging and self-worth when interacting with other people.

This will also be of great help on the path toward independence and intellectual evolution.

They need to realize that material and physical objects, those obtained through hard-work, monetary gains, aren’t the ones in control.

They are only extraneous objects, tools, not goals by themselves, they are the means to an end.

Obviously, they prefer thinking, doing intellectual work, rather than physically working.

Using their brains is indeed more taxing, most of the times, as it exerts a lot of mental energy in shorter times, but it’s much more productive and lucrative than working in constructions, for example.

Building an empire seems like the most logical choice. Of course, this doesn’t mean that they will simply roll over and die because of the lack of physical activity.

Exercising is one of their prized interests. Discipline and intelligent design will help create a healthy schedule.

Moreover, they use the money to further deepen their abilities and accumulate more knowledge, at least that’s the main goal. This makes it entirely possible for them to become incredibly smart and cultivated.

The negatives

They hate it when people rush them to do something because they know they can’t fully concentrate and focus.

It’s going to be done in a hurry, full of imperfection, and moreover, they are their own persons, not someone’s lackey.

However, when they have to make a decision at the moment, they don’t step back or abandon the boat.

Instead, they dedicate themselves totally to analyzing the logically reasoning the ups and downs of the given options.

Controlling everything is impossible, so they make do with what they have on hand.

Usually, we as humans find it excruciatingly hard to choose between things that we care about, objects of our interest that captivate and enthrall us.

It’s very difficult to consciously make that choice because, by choosing one thing, we automatically give up on something else.

And this is not something that they can live with easily. However, in life, they will have to make a lot of such choices, so they need to steel themselves, to prepare in advance.

They have to discover what really matters to them in order to ease this process.

They tend to be too stubborn, to build a rigid and unchangeable mindset for them in order to face against the toughest challenges, and this is obviously bad in the long-term.

They give up on flexibility and adaptation for stability and comfort. Sure, it’s a sort of immediate gratification that plays out just fine in the present, but what about the future?

What if is there’s something that completely turns their life upside down, all the painfully constructed foundation?

They have to start from the beginning, and it would be good if their mindset were a little more flexible.

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