The 8th House in Astrology: All Its Meanings and Influence

The eighth house deals with matters that are at the hand of destiny and reveals how one copes with their sexuality, with transformations and things beyond their control.

Eighth house

Home of the sign of the Scorpio, the 8th house is all about metamorphosis, sexuality, death, and also rebirth. Because it comes after the house of partnerships, it addresses relationships between two natives and their power to make changes in their personality, after deciding to act in the interest of the other.

It can be difficult to analyze and interpret the planets and signs gathered in this house, but looking at the placements here may indicate how natives are manifesting their sexuality and what they need to learn from life in order to evolve.

The 8th house in a nutshell:

  • Represents: Ambitions, transformation and sexuality in life;
  • With positive aspects: A mysterious attitude that is attractive to others;
  • With negative aspects: Sudden changes in life, motivated by feelings;
  • Sun sign in the eighth house: Someone who is mysterious and who lives life intensely.

Matters of life or death

Having the most power in the Western zodiac, the 8th house is all about what prices people are paying for their own comfort and happiness.

This is a house that teaches natives how to sometimes no longer fight for what they want and just give to others, this being the reason why it is also all about sex, death, taxes to be paid and the resources people want to share.

As a matter of fact, death is the final way to let go of things. When it comes to sex, this can become more passionate and focused on giving, depending what planets and signs are gathered in this house.

Taxes and sharing should be done in an honest way here. Those who can understand this house are accepting the fact that death will ultimately come and that people are metaphorically dying every single day.

In order to master matters of this house, natives need to be giving with others and the entire world. It would be pointless to fight the influences coming from here because this would only lead to disaster.

Being the last house of relationships in the Western zodiac, natives receiving strong messages from here are deeply emotional and can understand the human psyche more than others because this is also the house of secrets and the place where the ultimate transformation, which is death, is taking place.

Those who want to find themselves and their real emotions, or what secrets their soul is hiding, should definitely check their 8th house.

It would be pointless to get scared of what lies here just due to the fact that this house represents death. Every obsession, instinct and compulsion is strongly related with the core personality of any person.

The eighth house comes to deal with issues that are at the hand of destiny and seem very difficult to resolve. The dangers met here are addressing power struggles with other individuals.

Being the host of emotional stability and deep emotions, it takes courage to deal with what’s present in the 8th house. People having heavy planets here will have to heal themselves by knowing their own soul and liberating themselves from the demons in their mind.

This is also the house of the occult, so it deals with many mysteries and makes individuals more attracted to crime solving, psychology, vengeful, jealous and controlling.

Here, all the power of shadows and changes taking place at a deep emotional level are being gathered. Some have probably had more trauma than others when it comes to life.

No matter what they may have experienced, people will always have to deal with the harsh truth that their past experiences have made their soul bitter and that they’ll be forever haunted by what has broken their heart, until they’ll be ready to openly deal with what happened to them.

As soon as individuals are ready to experience with their dark side or some of the ugly things being done to them, they’ll manage to acquire all the power in the eighth house, even if this has to be handled carefully, by being forgiving, focused on healing and reflection.

This is the house where people can reinvent themselves and just connect with their own soul. According to what placements are here, natives will be more or less attracted to the darkness, even if terrified of it.

Their intuition will guide them to open their eyes in the dark and to face what monsters they may have in order to become free.

A birth chart with plenty of planets in the eighth house

Some people are experiencing relationships at such a deep level that they’re becoming themselves overwhelmed by their own intense feelings, power and the pain they can provoke.

It can be said natives with a strong 8th house are both lucky and cursed. Being able to feel every influence from their past and present relationships, it’s normal for them to go through pain more often than others.

However, they can also understand why their loved ones are making mistakes or feeling sometimes deserted, which means they have a lot of compassion to accept people the way they are.

Usually, the 8th house requires a lot of peace and for the natives to be happy, but also for them to let go of being selfish. Those who want to relieve the pain present in this house will have to be generous and as understanding as possible.

Often times, people with a strong 8th house are fascinated about psychology, witchcraft and astrology. They want to understand the human psyche and the emotions involved in relationships, this being the reason why they should become teachers or social workers.

Understanding why things are happening the way they do and how the big schemes of life are working can make them stronger.

These natives believe things are happening for a reason and are very good at seeing the big picture.

The 8th house also represents the way individuals, no matter their Sun sign, are looking at sex and how their past relationships are influencing their life.

For example, if they had a conservative upbringing, they’ll think of lovemaking as a sin and something that’s gross.

It’s possible for some of them to have a lot of casual sex, which means they should change their ways or their relationship with their other half will definitely fail.

Those of them who are enjoying a monogamous life will manage to make things more exciting in bed for themselves and their partner. The idea is, in the eighth house, everything is possible.

What to remember about the 8th house

Ruling over transformation and rebirth, the 8th house also indicates how many financial struggles natives are going to have. This is not a house of salaries because the 2nd one deals with these issues, but it does cover money that have been given and that are owed.

Here can be found: gifts, bonuses, inheritances, credit, investments, money from child support and from commissions. The more people with a good business idea will study their 8th house, the more success they’ll manage to attract.

This is also the house that indicates how prosperous the partner of a person can be, not to mention how much it helps with equal chances and getting it together after bankruptcy.

Death and rebirth are important parts of anyone’s life because they’re not necessarily addressing physicality, they’re also about changing careers, being involved in new relationships and even changes in appearance.

Rebirth and regeneration will arrive each time a new phase is starting to take place. When it comes to shared resources in the 8th house, these are all about taxes, being supported from a financial point of view by others, inheriting and receiving alimony.

However, this is not only the house of financial support, but also of the emotional and spiritual one. While all relationships are sharing the previously mentioned matters, they’re also functioning on their own and can develop from within.

Therefore, no matter how expansive, connections with others are limited, most of the time, by society. Again, when thinking of this house, taxes and joint financial accounts are coming to mind, together with rebirth and death.

Because transformation is always taking place here, rituals become a necessity for natives with a strong 8th house.

As a matter of fact, rituals of change can take place in groups of people who are all focused on the same things, these things being looking into their own soul or in the past in order to discover whom they really are. This is the house of metamorphosis and secrets as well.

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