Mercury in 11th House: How It Affects Your Life and Personality

This placement of Mercury improves the ability to talk with anyone about anything because one becomes more charming and convincing and has plenty of fresh ideas.

Mercury in 11th house

The Mercury in 11th house natives are especially effective in dealing with other people. They know how to talk to them, how to explain and transmit their ideas in easy to understand ways, and they are generous in most situations.

They can adapt their speech to pretty much anyone, regardless of culture, level of understanding or other differences. It’s one of their special abilities, to be able to communicate with people from all walks of life.

Mercury in 11th House summary:

  • Strengths: Eccentric, intelligent and curious;
  • Challenges: Dominating, picky and manipulative;
  • Advice: They shouldn’t let themselves affected by others’ opinions;
  • Celebrities: Rihanna, Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, David Bowie, Zayn Malik.

Endless ambition

These people are one of the most communicative and sociable natives of the zodiac. They are literally able to talk to anyone about anything and reach a consensus, most of the time.

At least, if the interlocutors are able to bring new and fresh ideas, innovative perspectives on the subject, they will be thrilled and enthused to no end.

This is what they find fun, interesting, and entertaining, to engage in challenging conversations where they can accumulate more knowledge and satisfy their curiosities.

In order to achieve their aspirations, they will try to diversify their interests, to gather like-minded people around, and to engage in social activities more.

The inspiration is out there, and it just has to be found, and also accepted as such.

They think about things that most other people can’t even wrap their heads around.

Simple, yet profound subjects like freedom of speech, individual choice, morality, humanitarian aid, all topics related to the development and well-being of the rest of the world, with emphasis on the general good.

With respect to their individual goals, they are ready and keen on talking about them to friends and close ones.

With great vision and endless ambition, it won’t be long until results will start appearing.

Their ideas are unorthodox and out of the box, all the more reason to believe that they’ll strike big when success eventually knocks on the door.

Those born with Mercury in the 11th house will deliberately want to associate themselves with intelligent people, engage in social activities and groups that will help them with achieving their goals.

If the atmosphere is competitive and challenging, then it’s a way to the top in their mind. Nothing is more important than learning, accumulating knowledge and the necessary know-how required to solve problems, take opportunities, and turn them into gold.

Skill, the power of will, a lot of effort, and an intelligent approach will always win out against mindless slaving around.

Their curiosity spreads forth, encompassing anything that’s even remotely close to their goals. They manage to extract something to learn from anything, even the most difficult problems or toughest challenges.

Irrespective of the way they see the world, one thing will not change though, the principles that enliven their way of life.

The positives

They want to discover new ways of doing things, new perspectives and viewpoints, to be able to come up with multiple ideas when thinking about achieving their goals.

And they expect the same of their friends and close ones, the reason for which they’re looking for intelligent, creative, and open-minded people to befriend.

This is a sure way of getting the most useful advice and relevant appreciations of their ideas.

They have a lot of like-minded friends who act just like a tight group, supporting each other and having the same beliefs.

The Mercury in the eleventh house natives want to help people, as many as possible, to change the world for the better, make information accessible to the general public.

These people are attracted and intrigued by the simple social comings and goings of other people, the principles of association and communion, how they get by and work with each other.

Group psychology, sociological insight, this what they’re looking for, as a way to further develop their plans and hone their future prospects.

Nothing is more pleasing than pinpointing and actually using these principles to efficiently bring themselves on top of the game, to come up with increasingly better ideas as a result of competitive struggling.

These natives thrive when there are more people around them because they can bounce their ideas off of interacting individuals who can appreciate, refute and constructively criticize them.

They are multitasking and will not fret when put face to face with stressful situations and tense challenges.

They can only get better and develop their skills, maybe even come up with a few fresh ideas to implement in their long-term plans.

As for the end-goal, it’s comfort, of course, which effectively translates to a stable material situation.

Money, personal wealth and success, will come to them naturally, without any need for luck, destiny or other outside factors. Everything depends on their own powers.

The negatives

Because their minds are filled with countless ideas and plans for the future, possible outcomes and simulations, it’s harder and harder to keep focused on organizing their thoughts, efficiently interacting with others around them.

They often get sidetracked and say stupid things or don’t pay attention to instructions. This air-headed and irresponsible attitude can only lead to future failures and disappointments, a loss of their trustworthy impression.

Moreover, just because they have a lot of friends doesn’t mean that it’s a good thing. On the contrary, it can be detrimental to their ascension because some of those so-called friends are tricksters in disguise.

Fortunately, they are a bit cynical and very rational, so much that they deeply understand this reality.

They avoid large groups of people and don’t open up to anyone until they have proven themselves.

Because the Mercury in the 11th house natives care a lot about the appreciations and opinions of other people, they want it to be an honest and straightforward analysis, not a fake one.

Communication does include the tendency to engage in gossiping, talking behind people’s backs and otherwise faking your own emotions and thoughts.

This is one of the problems that these natives have, a major flaw if you ask some of their friends, and something that they should work on.

It’s not really done with ill intent, but rather because of the high curiosity that’s just asking for satisfaction.

It’s nothing they can do about that, only control themselves and stop talking shit about people.

This 11th house is one associated with success, material or otherwise, and these natives get to choose how they live their lives.

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