Libra Sun Virgo Moon: A Creative Personality

Idealistic but logical, these people are capable of producing real change in the world.

Libra Sun Virgo Moon

Libra Sun Virgo Moon people can be very reserved and timid. But behind this exterior, they really want to express their feelings and their thoughts. When seeing defects and chaos, they simply go crazy.

They are also known as worriers because they think their dreams won’t become a reality. Their Moon makes them very interested in health and wellbeing.

Libra Sun Virgo Moon combination in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Expressive, gentle and dynamic;
  • Negatives: Fixed, victimizing and manipulative;
  • Perfect partner: Someone who will help them move past difficult life situations;
  • Advice: It’s essential for them to try and relax more.

They will be curious how their body reacts to different nutrition and how their muscles twitch after each exercise. Hypochondriacs, it’s possible they’ll suffer from paranoia and physiological issues.

Personality traits

Libra Sun Virgo Moon natives are great hosts and amazing caterers or managers of events. They can charm people with their pleasant attitude and at the same time, they are very organized.

People who’ll attend events they have put together will talk for a long time about the great party they have been at. And they will want to go again, to another one.

These Libras are blessed with discipline and discrimination. When they have a plan, they will get it done to the very last little detail.

Their practicality can’t be matched. They get very upset with chaos and when dirty things. But they need to stop thinking it’s the end each time they come across a little bit of chaos.

While they hate confrontation, they are perfectly able to stand behind their own beliefs and values. They won’t hold a grudge when someone will disagree with them.

It doesn’t matter how much opposition they’ll face, they’ll continue with their strategy and succeed at what they are doing. While great listeners, they also have the ability to see both sides of a situation.

Their advice will always be useful, but it’s essential they get more involved in others’ problems. Being more emotional and less cold will be closer to their true self anyway.

As said before, these guys’ inner wish is to express themselves and their opinions. But they are too shy to do all this. Even when struggling to be appreciated, they will still be reserved.

They need to understand that being themselves is the best way for them to go. Their combination is one of logic and criticizing spirit of the Virgo mixed with the refined taste and sociability of the Libra.

It means these natives are logical and thoughtful creatures. If not asked for their opinions and their views, they will never speak or be too open. But when asked to talk, they will no longer be able to stop.

They will have many things to say because they’re analytical and great at reasoning. What they have concluded about different subjects is usually correct and based on facts.

These people’s work reveals their signs very well. When they want to integrate in a group, Libra Sun Virgo Moon people can compromise their own ideals.

They like being around influential people because it makes them feel important. They should use their creative and intellectual talents to give back something to the world.

But they would also be efficient writers, social workers and doctors as they’re logical and insightful. When the situation is tensioned, they become agitated and confused.

As Libras, they need a lot of balance and serenity. They will find their own peace only if they will look inside themselves. That’s why they would be greatly helped by meditation.

They can see behind forms and reach an equilibrium when the situation seems lost. They will decorate their office and home very tastefully because they need the space where they are spending their time to look good.

Just like all other Virgo Moon people, work makes them tick. Their colleagues will appreciate them for being honest, dedicated and hard workers. But they shouldn’t allow themselves to become workaholics.

If they will take an interest in as many domains of activity as possible, they’ll be able to say they have “done them all”. This would make them less nervous and anxious because they would know what’s all about with everything.

Libra Sun Virgo Moon individuals have great potential and a mind that discriminates. They are popular because people feel they sincerely take interest in their problems. Big humanitarians, these natives want to serve as much as possible.

And they will make a difference in the world. When they’ll present information, they’ll be diplomatic and criticizing. But people won’t feel inferior when talking to them.

Doing some art is something they absolutely need to do. And their most close friends and family need to know this about them. Their emotions and thoughts can be put into great artwork that will change the world’s perspective.

Getting past difficult times

Libra Sun Virgo Moon lovers can get along with anyone, no matter how hostile the circumstances. They are ruled by Venus, which means they can see beauty in everything.

These natives want a partner because they are the best when they are with someone. But their lover has to understand they hate conflict more than anything else.

If they want to live a balanced life with their other half, these natives need to accept there are also unpleasant moments in a relationship.

Virgo Moon people have to serve others. They are the most secure when they’re making someone feel good. If they have a lover who can deal with their moodiness, constant worrying and need for perfection, they will become the most attentive partners there could be.

Their downside can be seen in their OCD and excessive worrying. Because they want perfection all the time, they can act strangely under stress.

The Libra Sun Virgo Moon man

This man can analyze and talk about anything for a very long time. He takes a while to make a decision. He should not pay attention to his first impulse. It would be better for him if he would plan things ahead as he’s very good at weighing all the pros and cons of a situation.

The Libra Sun Virgo Moon man is usually sincere and direct. Not at all macho, he will talk about his feelings and expect others to do the same. He wants a partner with whom he can be neat and tidy. And he hates being alone.

As a parent, he will be all the time around his children. This is not the type of parent to take a break. Passionate about health and wellbeing, he will visit very organic shop.

You could meet him there. It doesn’t matter how emotional he feels inside, this guy will always keep his cool. He’s not romantic, but this doesn’t mean he won’t cook his lady dinner.

While meaning well, it’s possible he’ll bring her a cookbook, and she will think he doesn’t enjoy what she’s making for dinner every night. And that’s how he’ll end up eating out.

If invited to criticize someone, he’s the happiest. Every artwork and event can’t be scrutinized with his objective mind. He prefers to be hunted rather than to hunt.

If you know him from work, the better. But don’t wait for him to remember names because he’s very focused at what he’s doing for a living. He won’t want to party that much. Not that he’s not sociable but he simply likes quiet nights.

The Libra Sun Virgo Moon woman

The Libra Sun Virgo Moon woman can analyze everyone and everything to the very little detail. She always worries about how things should have been done. And this can make her miss all the fun in life.

This woman could get annoyed by a typo or by the way the drapes are arranged or better said, not arranged. Because she’s so neurotic, she’s the least charming Libra Sun combination.

This lady is committed to make the right choices and to have order in her life. Not the most spontaneous person, she’s a good strategist, though.

If you have her as a boss, take some stress pills because she wants no mistake. She’s not very creative at work. Not to mention insecure.

If you are the type who second guesses and wants perfection in everything, then this is definitely the woman for you. She will tell you about the stain on your shirt, about the fact that your mother gave a too big tip at the restaurant and that your boss surely has noticed you’ve made a mistake.

Her attention span is simply incredible. She needs someone compassionate and loving. But too much romanticism can make her wonder if the person she has chosen as a partner is alright.

As far as the gifts for her go, she prefers something practical over flowers. Decent and modest, this girl doesn’t like all the attention to be on her. She prefers to act from the shadows. Be patient with her, or she’ll think of you as impulsive and superficial.

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