Cancer Sun Virgo Moon: A Practical Personality

Deeply affectionate, the Cancer Sun Virgo Moon personality feels best at home, in the arms of a harmonious family, and will try to develop everyone spiritually.

Cancer Sun Virgo Moon

Cancer Sun Virgo Moon people enjoy any type of routine and want order more than anything else. Because they’re neurotic, they may end up suffering from stress-related issues.

Taking care of themselves is very important for these people. When they witness chaos, too much noise or things are changing at fast speeds, they grow to be very nervous.

Cancer Sun Virgo Moon combination in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Sage, confident and scrupulous;
  • Negatives: Insecure, mechanical and hostile;
  • Perfect partner: Someone who they can advise and help improve;
  • Advice: They should avoid showing irascibility and impatience with their loved ones.

A harmonious connection between their mind, body and spirit needs to be at all times established for them to feel at peace.

Personality traits

You will never see the Cancer Sun Virgo Moon natives making harsh decisions because they prefer to think things through.

It doesn’t matter if about work or their personal life, they will obtain their confidence the hard way. There’s no one to respect rules and the law more than them.

They are analyzing creatures who love to take their time to think. But it’s OK for them to follow their instincts. However, they still shouldn’t be impulsive.

When it comes to love, they want someone who supports them and understands that they’re sensitive. These people are never hurried because they like to think before acting.

Planning and analyzing are things they are very good at. The more they’ll experience in life, the less reserved they’ll grow to be and the more wise or aware of their surroundings.

They know that deciding in a hurry is definitely not something that will bring them any good because they are the wise type who needs to think intensely. They know what people require and desire without talking too much.

No one can beat them at being dutiful and having a good work ethic. Their responsibilities will be dealt with, their morals respected.

That’s why people will grow to depend on them. Not to mention how much others will trust these natives. Having a sense of justice, the principles of Cancer Sun Virgo Moon individuals are strong.

They believe in tradition and have great appreciation for big values. When it comes to giving a hand, there’s no one more open to doing it than them.

These natives are the not the personalities to get lost in pleasure. On contrary, they’re the workaholics of the zodiac. When they will help, they won’t forget about their needs.

They are more self-aware than others. As far as their ideal job goes, they would be great teachers, counselors, doctors and government agents.

Anything that would require them to use their intelligence. Not to mention how much their organizational skills and intuition would help them in the business field. But they need a disciplined environment in order to succeed.

The symbol of their Sun is the Crab, the most focused one on family and friends. Sensitive themselves, these natives want to help their loved ones to be happy. Expect them to cook, care and feel for the people in their life.

They appreciate compliments and they want to be noticed for their efforts. And they don’t mind being taken care of either.

Their sign is associated with maternity, so it’s very likely they will be the ones who lead in the family. Famous for their moods, they get their emotions according to the lunar phases, the Moon being the one that rules over them.

While supportive, romantic, passionate and cautious, Cancer Sun Virgo Moon people can also have a highly developed imagination and a well-developed spirituality.

If they will be appreciated for the art they’re creating or the faith they’re having, they’ll be very happy. It’s important they have their own interests, so they don’t become dependent on the ones they love.

It’s true there’s nothing more enjoyable than being nurtured by them, but they need their own life after all. These natives have to understand they can have all their energy absorbed by a project or a person.

That’s why it’s essential they think of themselves first. They will often wonder how others can love them. And they will be the only ones distancing themselves from their loved ones.

They should be aware that love starts with the love of oneself. They should just go out there, get a massage, wear whatever they want or take a walk. They will wake their inner child and feel like they have new forces immediately after they’ll be done.

It’s great that their signs complement one another. And that their common traits get magnified when coupled. Not to mention they’re more cautious than other Virgos and more attentive than most Cancers.

Sincere and humble, Cancer Sun Virgo Moon individuals will hold on to traditions and be conservative. While the Cancer is a person of emotions, kindness and care, the Virgo judges, is practical and analyzing.

Combine these traits and you get perfection. Many will admire these natives for being steady and composed. But they will struggle to remain optimistic and all the time cheerful.

It’s not normal for them to get angry because they have balance and are serene. In everything they do, they’ll use the logical approach. And when it comes to their goals, they’re ambitious and confident.

Because they perceive feelings easily, they will understand people and consider their needs, and this will make them appreciated by many.

Competitive lovers

Cancer Sun Virgo Moon lovers crave domestic life and to nurture. Their main purpose in life is to take care of others. They hate seeing people in pain.

Their partner should expect kissing, being cared for and many meaningful conversations. But they can get overwhelmed by their emotions and insecurities.

They also think a lot of the worst that could happen. When they’ll be smothering with their partner, they are most likely terrified of losing him or her.

Moon Virgos need for things to be broken around them so that they can fix them. True perfectionists, these natives are kept happy by improvement.

They show their love to their partner by criticizing and expressing their wish to make the relationship better.

When they’ll talk about the fact that they doubt themselves sometimes, you can be sure they are feeling comfortable with their partner.

Ruled by Mercury, they have a need for communication. Their downside emerges when they become nagging and too worried. The concern that they’re not good enough can paralyze them.

The Cancer Sun Virgo Moon man

The Cancer Sun Virgo Moon man has the common traits of these two signs very accentuated in him. He’s conventional, cautious and modest.

The emotional Cancer is combined with the discriminating and practical Virgo. People like him because he’s always in control and uses emotions when reasoning or caring about someone.

While he struggles to seem confident and cool, he’s in fact panicked and doesn’t trust himself. This guy usually doesn’t make a decision until he has carefully thought of the situation.

And he usually comes up with the right choice. When he’s young, he’s much more cautious and insecure.

But with age, his confidence improves because he would have gained more knowledge and life experience. The way this guy rationalizes and analyzes is rare.

He definitely has a talent at judging, but not as long as he rushes. The more he will take his time to think, the better appreciations he will make.

Not to mention he will get a chance to feel the people along the way. He likes to be of help and would do a great job in the public sector. Not to mention how well he gets along with authority because he respects the law, every tradition and code of conduct.

The Cancer Sun Virgo Moon woman

As she’s perceptive, levelheaded and experienced, this lady will overcome any obstacle in life. She was probably a wise and mature child. As an adult, she’s adaptable, and this will help her a lot because she’s too sensitive anyway.

Imagine if she couldn’t put up with a situation, how lost she would feel. Her Moon’s analytical abilities accentuate the Cancer’s emotions in a good way.

The Cancer Sun Virgo Moon woman is timid, thoughtful and strangely emotional. But the Virgo Moon will only give her strength and endurance to make others happy.

This lady has a big heart and is good with everyone. She will always have a kind word for anyone, regardless of how hurt and down she may have felt before.

Sooner than later, she will determine that helping others is what she wants because she likes feeling needed.

When it comes to spending money for herself, she doesn’t like to invest that much. But if she needs to make a present, she’s more than generous.

It’s essential that this lady gives herself more to others. Only this way, she’ll be able to enjoy life because she likes being affectionate and she doesn’t expect anything back.

Her standards for her partner are high and she likes to help him. People who make her feel bad won’t have a place in her life. She will most likely join a religious group or cult because she’s spiritual.

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