The Moon in Virgo Man: Get to Know Him Better

He is quite the talker and has a very special sense of humor although it takes him time to figure it out.

Moon in Virgo man

The Moon in Virgo man is very thoughtful and observant, always looking at the fine details, trying to understand them at the most minute of levels.

Creative, restrained, and willful, yet also very spontaneous when something intriguing appears in his field of view, this native has many opposing characteristics.

The Moon in Virgo man in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Astute and organized;
  • Negatives: Jealous and cruel;
  • Soulmate: Someone who has a rich imagination and is uninhibited;
  • Life lesson: Allowing others to win his trust.

This man knows what the big picture should look like and he tries to construct with the given resources, pursuing his goals. He tends to be overly critical, especially with himself, since he observes every single flaw that makes him fail sometimes.

He’s a very flexible native

This Moon in Virgo man will find his full satisfaction when everything is perfect. Personally, he wants to have a fulfilling relationship with someone who understands him, a passionate woman who knows how to spice things up in bed, and knows how to receive the affection he will give daily.

Professionally, he wants to have his life already stable and organized, with a steady income, and a balance in his bank account.

The thing is, he’s a very flexible native who can adapt to whatever the partner needs. Aggressiveness? He can do that. Romanticism and lovey-dovey behavior? Yep, he can go that way as well.

You wouldn’t expect it, but this native is a very introverted and shy one, always taking the back route to be judged as less as possible.

Only during his adulthood does he get enough self-confidence and trust in himself to take on life as a true man would. Intellectually, he’s studious, smart as a whip, ingenious, and perseverant above all else.

He is also quite the talker, although he doesn’t do that well with women, meaning that he doesn’t really flirt that well, but he has one of the funniest senses of humor in the entire zodiac.

One thing that can be said about the native born with the Moon in Virgo is that once he focuses on a goal, he doesn’t stop until he attains it fully. That goes both for his professional and personal life.

For example, if he wants to learn something too, to become proficient in a new domain, he won’t give up until even the experts acknowledge his potential.

Analytical, observant, meticulous, and principled, he goes about his day doing exactly what he’s planned to do. Socially, he’s a very communicative and friendly individual, enjoying the attention of a great number of people.

He might be just a little too generous for his own good, because he sometimes overlooks his own responsibilities, and he might even be willing to compromise too much in order to make others happy.

If it happens that he has promised something, the chances are he won’t stop from keeping his promise, even if his life is in danger.

Moreover, he has to learn to be more confident and stick up for himself, as there will be a lot of people who will try to stifle their advance or steal their opportunities.

And the fact is that once you have a Moon in Virgo organizing your company, working on the management part, the production rates will climb through the roof, efficiency will increase exponentially, and so on.

He’s the type of guy who attracts women to him with no effort. His magnetic charm and professional success are really what women will mostly look for.

Unfortunately, he’s still plagued by the image of the ideal woman, the epitome of what he could ever ask for in a partner, perfection in other words.

He’s also prone to introspection and self-critique, the latter being one of the reasons why women also leave after a period of time together. Almost no one can resist the temptation to smack him in the head after such a bout of self-loathing.

This Moon in Virgo native is very uninhibited and unrestrained in his imagination, always coming up with the most uncommon ideas, which are often a result of his skepticism and rationality.

He is, after all, analytic and observant of the natural world, so he won’t exactly subdue himself to religion that quickly. He doesn’t deny spirituality though, and he manages to combine both science and mysticism into one totality.

Moreover, he knows what he wants from life, what kind of lifestyle would please him most, and the type of partner that he would want to live his life with.

His organizational and managerial instincts are so strong that he tries to bring order and balance to pretty much everything, everywhere, every time.

At home, he’s the one doing the dishes, cleaning the house, dusting the carpets, cooking for loved ones, and rearranging the furniture to better fit their taste.

Without him, the whole structure would collapse within minutes, and he cares about the little things that affect health. The people in his life should understand that he isn’t there just to fulfill their desires and run errands for them.

It would be ideal if they gave him the time to look after himself as well. After all, it’s very easy for him to get stuck in a routine of helping others, nursing them back to health, and so on.

Sensuality is important to him

This man wants his partner to follow her own purpose, to think for herself, to be affectionate and loving when he gets overly-serious and focused on a project.

Also, she should be very tolerant and flexible when he starts criticizing, because that will happen, and it won’t only be about introspective critique.

It will be quite hard to resist the temptation to argue back but remember that he only does it to correct some flaws.

One more thing about the Moon in Virgo man is that he will observe his partner, see if she’s worth the trouble and the risk.

Before fully committing himself to a relationship and revealing his inner emotions, his woman will have to prove that she can handle it all.

She must be perseverant, confident, bold, and also diplomacy to resist his many tests.

Sensuality and sexual charisma are equally important, as he will want to taste the forbidden fruit and experience the most intense and passionate feelings together.

He may not be so open from the get-go, and his partner will have to wait for some time.

The Moon in Virgo man will only feel satisfied and fulfilled after he has completely finished a project. He won’t ever try to take it easy or slack off because he knows that only by being serious and responsible could he ever have a chance at attaining the perfect life he craves for.

There are many obstacles and tests and the way will be fraught with difficulties, but with patience and meticulousness, the end of the road will offer the most satisfying rewards.

Romantically, his partner will have to be serious about the relationship because he doesn’t want to have another adventure or a one-night stand.

And don’t ever think about forgetting that you gave your word. He respects people who respect their promises.

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Written by Denise

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