The Moon in Virgo Woman: Get to Know Her Better

She may have this tendency to worry about all sort of things but doesn’t allow it to completely ruin her mood.

Moon in Virgo woman

The way in which the Moon in Virgo woman deals with the outside world is through observation, interpretation, simulation, and finally the solving of the various problems encountered.

She is very tolerant and kind-hearted with everyone she meets, at least in the beginning phases when she has to maintain a certain diplomatic appearance.

The Moon in Virgo woman in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Cautious and observant;
  • Negatives: Impatient and materialistic;
  • Soulmate: Someone who is competitive and very social;
  • Life lesson: Putting her organisational skills to use more often.

Some may be introverted, some may be extroverted, but something that unites all Moon in Virgo women is this tendency to look at the outside world from a rational and critical perspective, with an eye keen to observation and analysis.

Lovely and organized

Even though this woman tends to keep to herself mostly, being cautious of whom she reveals her inner emotions to, there is something about her that completely makes up for this inhibition.

She is innately generous and kind to her fellow humans, and she receives a great amount of inner satisfaction by helping others, by offering support to the needy.

She is also very organized and likes to keep her household in perfect order, as she does with her own organism, eating only the healthiest food.

What takes from the joy of living is the constant urge to worry about the most insignificant of things.

Because she’s naturally shy and introverted, the Moon in Virgo woman prefers to take a step back when it comes to social events, and wait for people to come to her, to initiate a conversation and get to know her.

Once she establishes that someone is worth it to be her friend, she releases all those inhibitions and starts showing some emotional responses.

People might get the wrong impression that she is intentionally trying to evaluate them, to observe if they rise to her level, but the thing is, she’s only acting natural.

She tends to observe and analyze everything she sees, and it’s no different with humans.

In general, she is innately endowed with this desire to check things out, to discover the true meanings behind certain words, attitudes, reactions, to analyze the world in its entirety.

With the Moon in Virgo encouraging the same type of behavior, this desire turns into an urge, an actual need to fulfill this want.

She is also very happy with nurturing this need, with taking a few steps back and analyzing the outside world.

Inner satisfaction awaits her after just a few observant and meticulous remarks. If no one appreciates or validates their intellectual fervor, they become irritating, annoying, and critical beyond compare.

The native born with the Moon in Virgo is endowed with great emotional depth, and a craving for stability and security, will try her best to offer support to those going through a hard time in their relationships.

And she couldn’t be any happier than when she finds out her work actually is helping other people. Either working with children, developing a life-saving vaccine, or just fighting against the spread of political correctness, she will find it immensely satisfactory if someone develops as a result of her struggles.

She is often very preoccupied with the wellbeing of her family and loved ones, either as a mother, spouse or wife.

She does tend to make use of her analytic skills even in a relationship, and this could be a good thing after all because she finds out exactly what she has been looking for all this time.

As such, she wants someone who has a strong genetic make-up, a good financial situation with success in the making, and he must also be willing to take care of her.

You might think that she’s an egocentric woman who just wants the money, and then leave, but the thing is, she’s very realistic and has some common-sense expectations that she wants her partner to fulfill.

She needs to be her perfect self before anything else

Being perfectionists through and through, the Moon in Virgo woman is critical to herself first and foremost.

She will literally tear her skin off if someone notices even the slightest imperfection in her attitude, or that she has made a mistake.

She wants to fulfill and touch upon her ideal image of a perfect self, and if anything happens that spoils that image, it’s all gone to hell. Sure, you can be honest with her, but do it in a diplomatic, sensible, and empathetic way, so as not to hurt her feelings.

This form of self-criticism acts as some kind of self-development technique, through the elimination of bad habits and the promotion of good ones.

Moreover, they are even more keen on going up against challenges, against those better than themselves, only as a way to further hone their skills and become better.

Competitive and combative spirit, these are elevated to a whole other level as a result. Jealousy is another result of their tendency to exaggerate with the whole self-criticism, and worst of all, it’s unexpected and confusing.

If this is strange to you, then you would be correct, it’s very odd, but this is how a Moon in Virgo woman is naturally like.

She feels unfit, unable to adapt and overcome the societal and interpersonal expectations set by some individuals.

They can become very anxious, agitated, and irritated as a result of failure, and her partner will have to be there and support her unconditionally, show her that there is a world, quite a good one actually, outside of the whole victory-defeat vicious circle.

If she gets into one of her critical states, you would better watch out and avoid her ire, because she’s not going to distinguish between friend and foe.

It would be ideal to avoid it altogether, but if that’s impossible, try to safely get through it. You would do good to show them how they can use this criticism in doing good, in a more efficient and productive way.

Watch out

The Moon in Virgo woman tends to have pretty low expectations, and her dreams are anything if not sterile, lacking in any real desires.

As such, she will often be an underachiever with a high potential. But, if she doesn’t use that potential in productive and intelligent ways, instead letting it to rot, nothing’s going to change.

Moreover, she tends to get very tense and anxious if she has to get out of her way in doing something. Her comfort zone is represented by the routine she has established, the simple day-to-day habits that link one to a stable lifestyle.

If she has to give those up, she will slowly destroy herself. Even more, because she’s shy, introverted, and self-critical, most of her romantic relationships will end up in shambles because she couldn’t fully establish a deep connection with her lover.

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