Aries Sun Virgo Moon: An Inspirational Personality

Determined, the Aries Sun Virgo Moon personality is not bothered by high risks and responsibilities and wishes to have an impact on other people’s lives.

Aries Sun Virgo Moon

The Sun in Aries and the Moon in Virgo can be a strange combination, because the Virgo influence is obsessed with order and carefulness whilst the Aries influence is creative and predisposes to lack of control.

Natives with this astral combination are known for living in the moment and for preferring to relax on their own.

Aries Sun Virgo Moon combination in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Witty, original and resilient;
  • Negatives: Challenging, judgmental and impatient;
  • Perfect partner: Someone who will offer them stability and trust;
  • Advice: They need to understand that their contradicting nature prevents them from being liked.

Personality traits

With the Aries Sun Virgo Moon people, you can expect head and instincts working in conjunction. These people will always calculate the risks and assess correctly. They are wise and never lose their way when they have a good plan.

But they need to realize life doesn’t always come with guarantees. However, their efforts will always be rewarded.

They have a contradicting personality because of the signs in which their Sun and their Moon are positioned. It is likely that the natives with these signs in their birth chart will be inflexible, very determined and not at all emotional.

Active, aggressive and often argumentative, the Aries Sun Virgo Moon individuals will analyze any problem from more than one point of view. It can’t be said they enjoy going out or that they are the geniuses of the zodiac. While reserved and quiet, they are still capable of making friends and forming relationships.

But they will always be rigid and difficult, not to mention precise and a little bit pretentious. It’s very hard to make them happy because they want perfection more than anything else.

While they seem confident and sure of themselves from the outside, they are not at all like this on the inside.

As bosses, they are always prepared but not appreciated because they are tough. Intuitive and perceptive, it’s easy for them to guess their loved ones’ feelings and thoughts. They will fight to make others happy because they are attentive and considerate.

One thing they need to pay attention to is their way of being difficult with others’ vulnerabilities. The fact that they’re judgmental can be dangerous, because they will act like they know everything and they’re the most moral people on Earth.

Keep in mind that judging needs to be made by own standards is important for these people. But they usually identify their own problems and get to the truth easily.

These people won’t cease to be active and wait for the circumstances to be perfect in order to take action.

When they decide to do something, they won’t be bothered by high risks and responsibilities. Virgos have some emotional needs, but Arieses are impulsive and bold enough to always have a great impact wherever they may be going. This is why their own comfort will often be left behind.

Achievers, Aries Sun Virgo Moon people will always put their plans in motion. They may not be the most original and creative people, but they surely know how to use their knowledge in the most effective way.

They won’t overlook any details of a problem. Because they are so precise, others will find it difficult to work for them.

They also have a tendency to express their unhappiness very openly. Many will see them as harsh, and they are often unfair with themselves, too. But it’s difficult to notice this about them because they are always hiding their true feelings.

Emotional sensitivity and powerlessness won’t be detected in these people; the more they pretend to be OK, the stronger they will seem in other people’s eyes. For them, emotions are a sign of vulnerability. That’s why they may seem disinterested, but not passive.

Judgmental and analytical, it would be better if they went for the scientific method rather than the creative one. Their mental strength gives them authority and the capability to look good as executives.

But if they want success, they need to pay attention to details and the scientific method. Only facts will help them reap the benefits of their work. Scientists, lawyers or doctors: you can find them doing any of these jobs.

They are also good businesspeople, but they need to be properly educated and trained if they want to be successful doing any of this. If they can’t go to school, they should study on their own because they have the necessary curiosity.

These people will never want to stop learning. They will always want more knowledge, fact and details. Working with all of these things will help them see more viewpoints and possibilities.

Love characteristics

Aries Sun Virgo Moon natives can be selfish in love; and this is a fact, not a judgment. Arieses need to establish their identity before doing anything else. They identify their partner’s needs only through these people’s reactions to what they may be doing or saying.

Their ideal lover is someone challenging and independent. Spending too much time together with their other half can make Aries Sun natives feel claustrophobic. They will soon lose their temper and leave the relationship.

Moon Virgos are only interested in perfection. And this is not at all good for the situation in which their romance is chaotic and messy.

People can’t be controlled and perfect, so the Moon Virgos will probably be constantly disappointed. At least they’ll support their partner to self-improve.

Ruled by Mercury, these people need communication very much, but they only open when they are feeling comfortable around someone. The negative side of this can be the fact that they are nagging and can get easily hurt.

The Aries Sun Virgo Moon man

The Aries Sun Virgo Moon man is cool, criticizing and analytical; he can also be suspicious. In love with routine, this guy will want to control everything; if he could have his family punch cards when they are coming home, he would be the happiest.

This man acts like he is doing these jobs all the time anyway. He lives his life under a strict code.

Like a real boss, he will always ask the “Why?” question. He won’t let employees take care of his responsibilities because he’ll be the one with authority and the executive position.

A hypochondriac, he will carry medicine with him everywhere. Not only he won’t trust too many doctors, he will also self-diagnose.

As a husband, he will always question what his wife is doing. His lady will have to explain everything. This is how he feels he’s in control in a relationship: by understanding why his partner has done things the way she did.

At a party, you can easily recognize him because he sits alone, twisting his hands. He simply doesn’t like crowded places.

The bold Aries in his chart will sometimes take charge and make him wild, but it won’t last too long. What’s good about him is that he will never leave a mess behind or forget about important events.

The Aries Sun Virgo Moon woman

The Aries Sun Virgo Moon woman takes her time before being attracted to anyone and needs to study a man before going out with him. She’s very strict with others, and she will lecture her partner all the time.

But whoever loves her will want to stay close because she’s romantic in a strange way. Loyalty and devotion are the words that characterize her love life best. She likes to give massages and to admire her partner from behind the scenes.

Some people will be intimidated by the reserved nature of this woman. Proud, she will convince her colleagues to work harder. Not the most popular lady in the zodiac, she won’t have too many friends.

But sometimes she will be extremely open to make new friends, especially after she’ll go out for lunch with someone from work a few times.

When people ignore her, she will think it’s her fault; and she may be right. This girl is best at seeing others’ defects and not hers, and she won’t want to be told this.

Serious, she doesn’t usually have too much fun. Don’t plan to have children with her, because she’s not that interested in this.

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