The Libra Woman In Bed: What To Expect And How To Make Love

The sexy and romantic side of the Libra woman as revealed by sexual astrology

The Libra is an intellectual just like other Air signs in the zodiac. That’s why for her sex is something that should be filtered through the mind.

When between the sheets, the woman in Libra first assesses her own and her partner’s needs and after that she provides.

She loves pillow talks and seductive foreplays. The Libra woman is not aiming for less than perfection in her love life.

She’s a skilled lover and she appreciates when her partner is giving and attentive. Beautiful and feminine, this woman is also sensual and sensitive.

You’ll recognize her from others because she has pink lips and accentuated curves. She is romantic and in the same time strong.

Also, she doesn’t fall easily for someone. As a good judge of character and situations, she will tell you the truth in a form that is not offending or aggressive. She seeks affection more than anything else.

A romantic at heart, chasing physical sensations in bed

When in bed, the Libra woman makes the partner feel like he’s the best in the world. But this means she needs someone who’s experimented in the art of lovemaking.

As a matter of fact, she only likes men who know their way in the sack. This is a woman who needs a strong partner. She likes being in control when making love and she has a harmonious style.

It’s not easy to approach her, but as soon as you have done it there is nothing to stop both of you from enjoying the time of your life.

The Libra woman has high standards when it comes to her bed partner, especially if the relationship is serious. She views sex as something not only physical, but also mental.

She likes being enamored and she leaves things to be anticipated when in the bedroom. Knowing how to control your body, you’ll feel like flying when making love to this lady.

You will be seduced by her beauty and you will go places no one has ever been before. With a natural charm, the Libra women are among the most beautiful ladies in the zodiac. They turn heads wherever they may be going and they don’t need to make any efforts in order to attract men.

Sociable and friendly, the girl in this sign will have many friends with benefits. Click To Tweet

She likes it when the partner overwhelms her with small romantic gestures like a whisper in the ear or a kiss on the neck.

In the bedroom, she’s a fan of hugging, kissing and oral sex. Don’t hesitate to offer her long foreplays. She’s more of a lovemaking girl, not a sex one.

You need to pay her a lot of attention if you want to keep her happy with her sex life. Compliments and small gifts will make a big difference in how she cares about your relationship.

The Libra woman gets attached as soon as the physical encounter has taken place and she tends to get possessive with the partner even though she’s the one with a large circle of friends.

Passion is not something new to her. She will give her dearest to know the relationship she’s in is complete and satisfying.

Don’t be afraid to suggest your Libra lady trying new things in the bedroom. She’s open and she has this wild side that is occasionally revealed to the partner.

She may be the one who suggests getting you naked and tied up. Don’t be surprised if she’s the one coming up with this idea. This is a woman who doesn’t have any inhibitions regarding her body. She is the type to run naked around the house.

Very analytical and easily bored in bed

While she likes to play the role of the woman who is hard to please, she is in fact easy to manage. Her sex drive is known to be very strong, next to the Aries woman’s.

If you are married to a Libra, you should consider yourself lucky for she likes sex more than any other signs in the zodiac.

Libras are known for their fine taste and their wish to own high-quality, artistic possessions. When you are wooing the Libra woman, make her gifts like expensive perfumes and beautiful paintings. She will see how sophisticated you are too and she will decide to keep you for a while.

After you have established yourself in a relationship with her, she will become fiery and passionate in bed. Teasing and also being teased is one of her favorite things to do in the sack.

The signs with which she is the most compatible in the bedroom are Scorpio, Sagittarius, Leo, Aquarius, Gemini and Aries.

She loves being touched around the buttocks area and having sex doggy style as the rear end is one of her most erogenous zones.

If you know how to follow her rhythm, the Libra woman will give herself to you completely. She hates violent people and she needs a lover who understands and feels her. This is because she often doesn’t express what she is feeling.

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She will suffer if you don’t manage to reach her satisfaction as a sexual partner, but she won’t say a thing about what she would like you to do.

She will be afraid of being insulting and she’ll believe you no longer care for her as you don’t have any idea how to make her happy.

When you two are involved in the foreplay, she will examine your every move and technique to see if you want her as much as she wants you.

She has an analyzing mind and she will take any chance to study you further. In case she gets bored of you at some point, she will be mannered in letting you know about her feelings.

You’ll need to be imaginative with her in bed or she will definitely get sick of the same routine and look for someone else. If you can, install some mirrors around the bed.

It’s one of her favorite things: to see herself in the mirror when having sex. She doesn’t like vulgarity and people who are too emotional.

Seduce this feminine, open, intelligent woman with your manners and social standing. She is an achiever herself, so you’ll have to prove yourself worthy of her. She won’t teach you how to make love as she likes men who are more experienced.

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