Leo Sun Pisces Moon: A Magnetic Personality

Dreamy but determined, the Leo Sun Pisces Moon personality may display a relaxed and cool attitude on the outside despite all the internal efforts.

Leo Sun Pisces Moon

People born under the Leo Sun and the Pisces Moon combination are the most fascinating Leos. They are charming and noble, which means they are also compelling people.

These natives know themselves very well, they have an alluring aura and a magnetism that makes others curious about them. Their Pisces makes them caring, affectionate and giving. At the same time, the Leo comes with ambition, empathy, aggressiveness and an interest in leading others.

Leo Sun Pisces Moon combination in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Honest, enthusiastic and charitable;
  • Negatives: Moody, distracted and aggressive;
  • Perfect partner: Someone who is just as honest and expressive as them;
  • Advice: They should not allow their rich imagination to feed their worrisome nature.

It can be said their signs are opposing each other. When made to choose between matters of the heart and the material aspects of life, these natives will go with what feeds their ego.

Personality traits

Leo Sun Pisces Moon natives can be very idealistic and optimistic. Their creativity and imagination can have them living in a very vivid inner world.

They most likely love to read books and fantasize about what is happening in the stories they’re hooked to. It’s also possible they will write themselves.

There’s no one better at daydreaming than themselves. These are the type of people who imagine different realities and all kind of situations.

When it comes to their ideals and generosity, Leo Sun Pisces Moon individuals are pragmatic and astute. As young adults, they were romantics for sure, also expressive and highly sensitive.

But their innocence slowly disappeared with age and after they have discovered the world is a cruel place. They have concluded they need to adjust if there is for them to have success.

However, they will work very hard to have a comfortable life and a good social position. Many will not see how ambitious and determined these natives are inside because they display a relaxed and cool attitude on the outside.

When they want to convince others of something, they are subtle and definitely not the most direct individuals. That’s why they could have great success in business and when they’re trying to charm people with their softness.

Because they’re elegant and have good taste, they would do a great job as artists. Demanding with themselves, they will usually have the power and scare others when they’re using it.

What can make them nervous is their own imagination. Many of these natives are terrified of the unknown and can imagine things that aren’t real. That’s why they need to have an active social life.

Solitude can’t bring them any good. Their imagination should be used in more constructive purposes. For example, they could become actors, designers or painters. They wouldn’t do a bad job as doctors either.

It doesn’t matter what they will do, they will keep steady work ethics because they are honest, loyal and trustworthy. And they want nothing else from others either.

Their Leo enthusiasm will be used in different charitable projects. But they won’t be giving until they have satisfied their need for a comfortable and luxurious lifestyle.

Some of their problems and ambitions may not even be real or achievable. However, what they will want is to always stand out from the crowd. That’s why they are so dramatic and looking to improve their image.

What makes them tick is the attention of others. They want to be accepted for whom they are. This will make them have a good relationship with the world and succeed.

But they need to always be spiritually connected and not lose sight of their inner feelings. Peaceful situations make them thrive.

Empathetic, Leo Sun Pisces Moon people will feel what others are going through and try to be as inspiring as they can be. The more they will help people connect and succeed, the more they will feel confident in their own forces.

They change the way they look at themselves and shine according to how they manage to unite and motivate people. Only this way, they will find the happiness that lies within themselves.

Their Moon in Pisces suggests that they need to sometimes let go if they want to find peace. They are loners who need to contemplate and to meditate.

Leo Sun Pisces Moons feel there’s no one better to understand them than themselves. And this is what makes them sensitive. Their intuition will help them see things that others can’t.

When it comes to their friends, they will be very selective. These natives can’t hook up with anyone who doesn’t understand they can sometimes be indifferent and forget about their close ones.

It’s not usual for these Leos to stick to a routine and use methods that are no longer conventionally accepted. They take action by themselves and don’t mind acting according to what their inner world needs.

Intuitive lovers

Remember that Leo Sun Pisces Moon lovers are dramatic creatures. Their partner won’t have to wonder about their feelings because they’re expressive.

When it comes to showing their love, they will buy expensive gifts and make grand gestures. While honest about their emotions, they will never try to impress people they don’t care about.

When these natives have fallen for someone, they want the entire world to notice their feelings and the fact that they are now with the person of their dreams.

Pisces Moon natives are very sensitive and gentle. Their intuition can lead them to understand many subtleties.

If they are to make it in this world, they need to retreat in their imagination land and escape the harsh reality. If you want to impress them, give them some flowers or plan a vacation for you two.

The Leo Sun Pisces Moon man

The Leo Sun Pisces Moon man is delicate and easy to impress. He usually sees the best in people and doesn’t take any trips to the dark side. But the harsh reality can make him feel a little self-destructive.

He’s the happiest when he creates something for the humanity. This guy simply loves being constructive with his ideas and imagination. And he often comes up with clever concepts that can help and inspire others.

It’s possible the Leo Sun Pisces Moon man will fantasize often and not see the world as it actually is. Another thing that he does is imitating the people that he cherishes the most. It’s possible he will try to lie and deceive just to get what he wants.

When it comes to routine and everyday activities, he’s not at all of any good. He would rather read a book and live in that fictional world. Noble at heart, he can sometimes use his persuasion to improve his image.

Those who agree with him will get to see how generous he can be. But those who contradict him will be kept to a distance. This Leo struggles to get the power and to gain a good reputation.

People can’t mess with him. He will continue to do what he’s doing until he will have the respect of others. In order to make people believe he’s the best, he will be honorable and fully responsible.

The Leo Sun Pisces Moon woman

This woman is all about two different signs and personalities. This lady will act like a royal from the Leo side but will be changeable and shy from the Pisces’. But all in all, her personality is enjoyable and kind.

She’s being honest when she’s trying to make others happy and secure. Aware of her surroundings and always up to something, the Leo Sun Pisces Moon woman will always want to listen and to be of help.

Sensitive and in tune with her emotions, this girl will give sound advice that makes others want to come back to her for new suggestions. She’s passionate and can’t detach herself easily.

And when someone is being sincere, she can’t resist falling in love. Dishonesty tires and makes her unemotional. Intuitive and aware of her talents, this lady will always try and live up to her high ideals.

She can’t lie because honesty is what she appreciates the most. And it will be difficult for others to deceive her because she immediately spots bad intentions.

On the outside, she seems impulsive, direct and vigorous, but inside she’s very delicate and romantic. It can be said she has a philosophic mind. But because she’s so deep, it’s possible she’ll often get moody and under the weather.

That’s why she needs many friends to keep her happy. Being with as many positive people as possible, she starts to see the world with better eyes, even if she had gone through some tough situations that made her lose her optimism.

When the Leo Sun Pisces Moon woman sets her mind to something, she’s serious and focused. No one could make her change her path and ambitions. And this is a good thing, for it helps her gain success whenever she needs it the most.

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